san diego real estate: 6850 Alderwood Carlsbad,CA 92011 - 02/18/10 02:28 AM


san diego real estate: 2536 La Costa Avenue Carlsbad,CA 92009 - 02/18/10 02:27 AM


san diego real estate: 7289 Calle Conifera Carlsbad,CA 92009 - 02/18/10 02:26 AM


san diego real estate: 7 Tips for Crack Real Estate Negotiators - 08/12/08 04:06 AM
If this is the worst real estate market (for sellers) in recent history, then surely it creates some of the best buying opportunities in a lifetime as well. 
We are seeing smart money aggressively buying in our San Diego real estate market, and hear reports of the same elsewhere.
The properties are being bought as primary homes, as fix-and-flippers --or are being held as longer term rentals.
We receive inquiries about these homes almost daily; but more recently, we are being consulted about strategies for buying real estate at bargain prices. These buyers may or may not have to sell their … (57 comments)

san diego real estate: Pricing Rollbacks to 2002? - 08/01/08 10:46 AM
 San Diego real estate offers ripe opportunities for discovery and  information indigestion digestion.
We have seen San Diego real estate prices plummet in its suburban communities of Chula Vista, National City, Escondido, San Marcos, eastern Oceanside, Fallbrook and others.
 After all, these communities (and other like them throughout the country) are full of newer subdivisions--many of which were financed with EZ loans and fictional incomes.
Established San Diego neighborhoods with lower turnover have been largely been immune from steep price declines or so I thought--until recently.
We recently had a showing of a vintage and lovely 1927 home on a large corner lot in Point Loma that was offered … (4 comments)

san diego real estate: Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate Market Report: Partly Sunny - 02/28/08 09:04 AM

San Diego’s high end coastal North County is surviving the real estate storm fairly well–at least compared to the rest of San Diego County.
We’ve had a surge of buyer interest in Rancho Santa Fe real estate lately, and the folks at First American Title were kind enough to share some of their recent San Diego market research with us.
Rancho Santa Fe has the highest home prices in San Diego County, and also consistently makes the top ten lists of priciest homes in the United States as well.
Many affluent home buyers want the peace, land and privacy afforded … (2 comments)

san diego real estate: Are Lenders Redlining Entire Cities? - 02/19/08 02:40 PM
Redlining is a term that describes the unethical–if not illegal–practice where lenders “red line” a neighborhood or community, making it very difficult for buyers to purchase in these afflicted areas.
I have recently heard from a couple of direct lenders in San Diego,  Countrywide Home Loans and Bank of America, that most if not all of San Diego County real estate is in the “red zone.”
Qualifying for current “red zone” status simply means that the subject property is located in a “declining market” area. The impact of this colorization is significant to both the San Diego real estate market as … (32 comments)

san diego real estate: San Diego Realtors Seeing Double...Offers - 02/07/08 10:52 AM
The San Diego real estate market has been swirling with dismal reports about short sales, foreclosures and inventory gluts.
The markets are particularly bad in San DIego suburbs like Eastlake, Otay Mesa, San Marcos and Oceanside–where so many new subdivisions were built in the last six years.
Buyers swarmed into these communities, lured by granite countertops, stainless appliances and liar EZ loans. Most buyers assumed they would be able to sell at a profit as soon as the builder’s next phase was released.
Fallout from this real estate mess has left no community unscathed. Even the Rancho Santa Fe real estate … (10 comments)

san diego real estate: The Market Bottom: How to Find It - 01/16/08 02:42 PM

We have no shortage of buyers in our San Diego real estate market.
Most are just sitting on the sidelines waiting for what feels like a market bottom.
It is a scenario that is probably duplicated in real estate markets throughout the country.
Through a period of trial and error, we have learned to attract serious and qualified buyers utilizing value range marketing, with very enticing bottom pricing. Utilizing value range pricing, we establish a price range which will be acceptable to the seller.
Here are three recent and successful examples:
Case I: We listed an older 1900 square foot home … (3 comments)

san diego real estate: It's No Joke: Real Estate Bargains in Rancho Santa Fe - 01/15/08 01:58 AM
It may be hard to consider any Rancho Santa Fe (92067) real estate a bargain, when single family Rancho Santa Fe homes start at $1.15 million and currently peak at $29.9 million.
Moreover, only 16 of the current 167 active listings in RSF are priced under $2 million.
Hardly the bargain bin of real estate.
Rancho Santa Fe, nestled in the eucalyptus groves of North San Diego County, is perennially listed as one of the wealthiest zip codes (92067) in the nation, and is generally seen as being almost bullet proof when it comes to market downturns. 
Still, with some diligent searching,  … (4 comments)

san diego real estate: How to Unlock Equities and Defrost the Market - 01/10/08 12:37 AM

Bob Dyson is a real estate legend who recently launched Sotheby’s real estate offices in the San Diego, Palm Springs and Las Vegas markets.
He has kindly agreed to share some exciting news about a new real estate exchange program that is set to rock the San Diego real estate market mid-January.
This program will do much to liberate locked-up equities in homes throughout Southern California.
But I’ll not steal his thunder….
by Bob Dyson
How I See It: Let’s Liberate Home Equities
With all the alarming issues facing us in Real Estate ownership and all the turmoil in Real … (2 comments)

san diego real estate: It Never Rains in California? Guess Again! - 01/06/08 04:58 AM
We braced ourselves in San Diego for the torrential downpour and the high winds that have battered San Francisco, Sacramento and Santa Barbara.
Instead, at least in the coastal areas, we were blessed with a fairly constant and gentle downpour. It will be enough to green our gardens and hillsides for awhile, but many of us were hoping for a greater accumulation of rain, but not enough to endanger the areas burned in last fall’s fires.
Unfortunately for San Diego Chargers fans, the gentle rain is expected to continue this afternoon. Rain coats and ponchos are advised for the 71,000 fans … (18 comments)

san diego real estate: San Diego and Detroit: Sister Cities? - 01/04/08 07:14 AM

Say what?
In 2004, San Diego real estate was ranked as the least affordable in the United States. Thousands of San Diegans, priced out of the coastal market, moved to Temecula, Murietta and other outlying and inland areas where homes were more affordable.
These days, according to the National Association of Homebuilders, San Diego has slipped to 16th place in California, with an improved 10.1 percent affordability for median income earners. That is just a whisper above San Bernardino-Riverside and Ontario Counties’ 10.2 percent.
This is phenomenal news, because San Bernardino County has traditionally been home to some of the … (6 comments)

san diego real estate: Errant Golf Balls and Peacock Poop - 01/04/08 06:59 AM
This morning I sat in on a blogging webinar hosted by Kevin Boer and Pat Kitano. They covered some great stuff, but I had to chuckle when Kevin asked the students to write about how California’s errant golf ball disclosure came into being.
An errant golf ball disclosure may seem like an incredible waste of paper and resources, but that’s what happens when we live in such a litigious society.
There are anywhere from 50 to 150 pages of disclosures that are an integral part of each California real estate transaction. The one I always have fun pointing out to clients … (8 comments)

san diego real estate: Tax Relief for Strugging San Diego Property Owners - 11/25/07 11:25 AM
This has been a tough year for America’s Finest City. There has been destruction of homes by wildfires and landslides. Then there’s the San Diego real estate market which has taken a needed serious slide that has resulted in a record number of foreclosures and short sales.
But all is not gloom and doom for San Diego County property owners.
Those whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the 2007 fires and La Jolla landslides–and who suffered at least $10,000 in damages–should file a claim with the Assessor’s Office within twelve months of the damage occurrence.
This tax relief also extends … (9 comments)

san diego real estate: 3276 Mount Carol, San Diego, CA 92111: SOLD! - 11/19/07 02:22 PM
Clairemont, Clairemont, Clairemont+ 
San Diego, San Diego, San Diego=
I have never been able to figure out why Clairmont is not one of the hottest locations in San Diego County. It is close to Mission Bay and local beaches; close to freeways, close to downtown San Diego, and a 4-iron to Tecolote Canyon Golf Course.
Add quiet streets, spacious Mid-Century homes with large lots, and you have to wonder about upside potential....
We have just listed a 3-2.5-2 vacant and split level Clairemont beauty that offers two living areas, fireplace, moderately upgraded kitchen--and enormous potential.
Were I the buyer of this Clairemont home, … (12 comments)

san diego real estate: The Luxury Closet - 10/19/07 04:46 AM
In our coastal San Diego luxury real estate market, buyers are practically manic about their closets–and especially the ones in the master suite.
And what are luxury home buyers seeking in closets?
They are most pleased when there are separate closets for each–or if single, separate closets for the seasons. The compleat closet in the luxury home will be spacious, well lighted and masterfully organized. It is a room where we prepare ourselves to meet the world–or simply the day.
Closets hold our clothing, our personal treasures, our shopping triumphs. Its status in homes has been elevated to be far more than functional … (29 comments)

san diego real estate: Lenders: Pre-Negotiate Your Short Sales! - 10/17/07 03:01 AM
We are trained and skilled negotiators. 
Give us a chance, and we could probably get hostages released from terrorists, convince a teenager to leave his tongue unpierced (perhaps)–or successfully negotiate a sale leaseback of the Brooklyn Bridge. 
As competent Realtors, it’s what we enjoy doing, and we are passionate about negotiating on behalf of our clients.
Most successful transactions have been hammered out when we account for and respect the needs of both the home buyer and the seller.  When we understand what each party really wants, we can begin to negotiate a successful resolution.  And though each party to the … (23 comments)

san diego real estate: Sotheby's Debuts in San Diego - 10/06/07 03:00 AM
Owners of luxury real estate in San Diego should be celebrating because of the long-awaited arrival of Sotheby’s International Realty--and the active return of Bob and Loraine Dyson to San Diego real estate.
It’s been a long time coming, but luxury listings in San Diego County will now reach the plasma displays at Sotheby’s Auctions throughout the world. Passing by the Sotheby’s real estate desk, an equestrian property in Rancho Santa Fe might tweak the interest of buyers attending a contemporary art sale in London–or an Asian Art auction in Hong Kong. A Del Mar oceanfront estate might capture the bidding … (10 comments)

san diego real estate: San Diego a Bargain for Foreign Investors - 10/01/07 06:08 PM
A client we’ll call Josef decided to retire to Encinitas a couple of years ago. He was ultra-specific as to what he wanted in his North San Diego County luxury home. He demanded  a home with a pool, spacious outdoor entertaining areas, enough bedrooms to accommodate a couple of guests, a large office and a serious kitchen for cooking. He also wanted no houses looking into his windows or back yard.
And why did Josef want Encinitas? He wanted to be close to San Diego beaches, close to La Costa Resort and wanted perfect weather that was second to none. Josef … (28 comments)

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