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We wanted to make an article showcasing some of the most searched queries of our real estate questions page, however, it would be no fun to just list them and talk about it. You know us, we’re all about the challenges of writing in fun fresh ways. So, here’s the concept behind this one:We’ll try ...
Unfortunately, death is part of life. From time to time we find ourselves having to say goodbye to people (or even animals) we have grown to love and respect. Sometimes it’s traumatic, sometimes not, but at all times it feels sudden. Death, however inevitable, is always a shock, a reminder or how...
You know how when you make a decision thinking it’s all you need to do to solve something, but then the decision spins into another decision to be made, which spins into yet another decision to be made and so on and so forth?Well, it comes a time in every person’s life where he/she decides to buy...
I’ve been putting off writing this one for quite a while because you know what? Enough with pairing Men and Women in a fight, as if we were supposed to be opposites. We are equals; no need for that. However, ever since I wrote an article about She Sheds, I’ve gotten some male messages saying “Coo...
Is it your first time hosting a holiday party or maybe you’ve done it before but you noticed your party-planning game has been stale and you need some holiday party ideas? If so, this article is written for you! In it, we will discuss how to throw the best holiday party whether you are throwing t...
Here we are with my famous “versus” articles. This time, because Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner, our main event is Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. Well, we assume most (if not all) of you know what is Black Friday, but considering anything “cyber” is only 30 years old, Cyber Monday is ...
We’ve talked before about how real estate agents have to deal with unreasonable home buyers and sellers and even described some typical toilsome clients agents bump into when selling or buying a house. But although our name might lead one to think otherwise, at we don’t focus ...
After a life worth of work and hustle, everyone deserves to put their feet up and relax a bit. To live the golden age with no worries, a lot of tailor-made activities, and in the companion of people your age that can relate to all the things you’ve seen and lived through. You’ve earned those stri...
Some real estate investors have grown to be quite famous outside of their niche, most notably Donald Trump, who went on to become the 45th President of the United States – can’t get bigger than that, right?  But there’s the other side of that too: our industry is historically such a nice place to...
 Next September 4, the city of Los Angeles is turning 237 years old. Los Angeles has a lot to celebrate and the USA as a whole has a lot to be thankful for. One of the most popular (and most populous) cities in America, for over a century the city of Los Angeles has been home to the biggest playe...

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