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The Rose Lady writes about anything and everything that are important issues in our daily life. Of course, roses is one of them.
A gripping #HistoricalNovel of #love, #duty, #betrayal, and #redemption during the #RoaringTwenties. Get your digital copy of Saving Wentworth Hall on sale now at #ComingOfAge #Love #Intrigue #Booklovers #Romance #...
 Looking for a perfect gift for a gardener friend of yours or family members who love roses?  Look no further. “Stop and Smell the Roses” is just the right present.  For real estate agent, it is a perfect prop while you show your listing. Place it on the dining room table where your clients can s...
While the Dutch was settling in western Long Island North Shore in the 1600s, the English were taking claims to what is now the Suffolk County on land next to Great South Bay. East Islip, a hamlet in the Town of Islip on the South Shore of Long Island was one such place. Originally referred to as...
I was a real estate agent before I turned into a writer. I miss real estate but for now, this is what I do during my spare time. I am now a caregiver to my husband who has lost his kidney function and is on home dialysis everyday for the rest of his life and needs me most hours of the day. So whe...
Goodreads Giveaways ends tomorrow, Sept. 10. Don’t miss out. Enter to win:…  Book: The Iron ButterflyAuthor: Rosalinda R MorganGiveaway ends tomorrow, Sept. 10, 2015Availability: 4 copies availableGiveaway dates: Jun 12 – Sep 10, 20...
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  A BLESSING FOR THE THANKSGIVING MEAL   Bountiful God,   You have blessed us in many ways,   In the beauty and richness of our land,   And in the freedom we enjoy.   You have given us even greater gifts   In our family who loves and cares for us   And in the grace which allows us to know and bel...
  The POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul group gives you the opportunity to share the miracles in your life during this fall season with a creative writing challenge . Join in on the challenge with the  FALL SEASON OF MIRACLES CONTEST | Positive Attitude for the Weary Soul Group   My oldest bro...
  I was just on Facebook this afternoon and saw a comment on Darryl Davis.  I cringed on people using “would of”.  I think they meant “would’ve” or “would have”.  Then another comment says “Thank you for your guideness.”  What is that?  Is that a new word?  I looked it up in the dictionary and th...
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