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As an SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist), I have become very interested on issues that affect the seniors.  One of them is a reverse mortgage.   For seniors who are house rich and cash poor, this is the perfect solution to get some cash, enjoy your retirement and not worry about mortgage payme...
  Spring is almost here and it means Hicks Flower Show is underway.  Hicks 18th Annual Flower & Garden Show is slated for Feb. 29 - March 9 with free parking and admission.  There will be spectacular gardens on display and lectures galore.  There will be booths for horticultural groups and manned...
This might not involve real estate but it's an event in my area and I will be performing with them.  Every so often, we have to take a break to maintain balance in our life.  Real estate business is so stressful that we need to turn the other way sometimes just to recharge.  I'm taking a break fr...
I posted this blog yesterday but I only got one response.  I'm sure the timing is off and you missed it.  For some veterans on AR out there, how do you define referral on AR?  In the circumstance below, are these alerts consider referral.  Thanks for your help "I'm new to AR and the last two days...
I'm new to Active Rain and the last two days I got three referral alerts.  One from an agent selling a house about 12 miles from my area with a referral fee of 0%.  The other two are from one agent selling two houses in an area about 8 miles from my area with a referral fee of 2%.   Both of them ...
  When I went into real estate business eight years ago, I was told by my broker to do farming and send postcards.  I did them for two years and never got a lead.  Then I changed office.  I did it again on a new farm and three months later I got a good lead - $1,500,000 listing fell on my lap.  T...
  As we celebrate Presidents' Day today, I thought of writing something about the home of one of our famous presidents.  Sagamore Hill is the home of Teddy Roosevelt located in Cove Neck, just few miles from the village of Oyster Bay.  Sagamore is a title of the head of an Indian tribe.  I am pro...
  In a lot of instances, it does.  Curb Appeal makes dramatic first impression.  It's the first thing a customer see when we are showing houses.  First impression is very important especially on high end properties.  Customers for luxury home properties expect a lot for their money.  If a house i...
  I went on an expired listing presentation and the seller said he wanted to do a short sale this time.  I have not done a short sale in my 8 years in business as a realtor.  He said a sales agent told him he can get some money even if he sells his home lower than his mortgage.  His mortgage is $...

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