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It's time to give back! We've been so blessed over the past year....(What the heck you talking about Dawg???) Well...before you think the Dawg's been dippin' in the sauce a tad bit early, let me remind you of the fact that most likely you still got some kind of roof over your head, you probably g...
It's over...or is it? The Governments housing stimulus plan of the tax credit ended April 30th with more of a whimper than the roar of a victorious game plan. Several communities including my hometown of Naperville have enacted their own stimulus plan to keep the faint-but-present pulse of the lo...
Tick-tock....tick-tock...Time is running out on the First time home buyer Tax Credit....T minus 20 days 02 hours 04 Minutes and 35 seconds give or take as I type these words (04/09/10 21:56:25).... Get your motor running... it is now or never...or is it? April Is Fair Housing month, marking the 4...
OK...So you (or someone else..) told me that last month (or was it the month before...I forget...) that the market had bottomed out and that we now need to burn off the excess inventory and things will be all back to Happyville in Real Estate World. Well......sure. I've read something about 'rock...
So ....As I watched the million of dollars pumped back in to the economy via Superbowl Commercials (Loved the mini Kiss Dr. Pepper spot...Hate the Jimmy Johns spots....NOT FUNNY AT ALL!) I thought about what January sales data showed us...that the new year kinda sucks. Buyers have taken the revam...
Well....here we are...brand new year! Since we seem to rate our accomplishments by the year in which they occurred, I tend to look at January as the "Zamboni" cleaning the ice...clearing the slate for a brand new year. With that in mind...how shall we look at real estate? Will real estate on the ...
According to the Illinois Association of REALTORS® latest report, statewide total home sales (which include single-family and condominiums) in October 2009 reached 10,986 homes sold, up 24.2 percent from October 2008 sales of 8,846. The Illinois median price in October 2009 was $157,000 down 7.6 ...
Well, well...nothing like speculation to throw a wrench into things...but as I type this the only remaining hurdle on extending the Home Buyer Credit is if our Prez can't remember how to use a fountain pen...but as little credit as I give 'em, I think signing his name should be a 'gimme'. .... AN...
(This is the final installment in my saga of trying to get help from my lender for the "Making Home Affordable" program which by definition I qualified for) ************************** To review, I've been blogging about my attempt to see if the "Average hard working Joe" could take advantage of t...
I Had just left you with an update on my quest to get in the "Making Homes Affordable " program...Again, for the record, I'm doing ok...not rich by any means, but by the good grace of our Lord, my bills get paid. Thank you Lord!<>< Nothing to report this month...as you remember from last months p...

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