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Trying to think of a clever name for a blog/ newsletter can be a daunting project. So, I turned to some websites that had listed slang terms from the Wild West in order to stay with The Stage Coach theme. I came across many interesting slang words, but these two stuck out the most: Roughly translated, Diggings is the place you live or sleep and Plunder are your personal belongings so, Diggin's & Plunder" is where you live and your personal belongings - the two things Home Staging focuses on!



The owners over at The Concord project and I had been focusing on the kitchen over the last week or so.  I tasked them with finding the closing papers from the construction of their home in order to see what we could find in lieu of a proof of purchase for the kitchen faucet.  It's been seven yea...
Just heard word this weekend that an Occupied Home Staging Project that The Stage Coach helped with has gone under Contract!  With Two back up offers! On this project, The Stage Coach met with the owners, and they agreed to a Written Consultation back on January 19th.  On January 26th, we deliver...
We've all seen him on TV - he usually wakes me out of a daze when he shouts, "Billy Mays here!".  His commercials are intentionally loud and obnoxious. He's the man you love to hate.  And always leaves me asking, "Does that really work?"  A product called "Mighty Mend It" had really caught my att...
In this next clip from The Concord Project, we take a look at the clutter in the Master Bath room.  A few suggestions for decluttering, and how to implement "Dormitory Style Living".  It is pretty straight forward.    If you did not notice at the end of the clip, this room has been painted alread...
Just finished a long day at The Concord Project house.  Plugged my digital camera in to look at the photos I took while there.  And what a disappointment! Here's my work - the family dog had chewed up on corner of the sill.  And both of their dogs like to stand in the window and bark.  So, before...

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