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Trying to think of a clever name for a blog/ newsletter can be a daunting project. So, I turned to some websites that had listed slang terms from the Wild West in order to stay with The Stage Coach theme. I came across many interesting slang words, but these two stuck out the most: Roughly translated, Diggings is the place you live or sleep and Plunder are your personal belongings so, Diggin's & Plunder" is where you live and your personal belongings - the two things Home Staging focuses on!



It sounds like a strange question - but really, it isn't!  When you are taking pictures for your listings, do you leave the toilet seat up? I was looking at some listings near a home that is on my schedule tomorrow, and there was a picture of the commode with the seat up. This prompted my to post...
Thanks to Laura for posting this - I'm not wild about the Tax dollars being pumped into this project on one hand... On the other hand... Not having to drive out to New Braunfels would be a great asset... The spot they were discussing is about 20 minutes from our house on the back roads... http://...
Some one please direct me if my rant comments are incorrect - I'd love to know how you do the following: Send a direct message to a new Fan. When some one comes to The Stage Coach's Facebook page and becomes a Fan, why can't I send them a direct message?  I have to become a Friend if I want to po...
Each year, I send Christmas Cards out to clients: REALTORs, other Home Stagers, business affiliates, etc.  And I was going to thin the list this year.  Initially, only cards were sent to people who worked with The Stage Coach in 2009.  Since there were many cards left over, I went ahead and sent ...
[Warning! *Satire & Sarcasm*] For several years now, a local Home Staging company has been offering Free Vacant Home Staging services and promising they will turn "vacant homes into living models that sell." Their pitch is to move a family of Unicorns into the home and they will magically make th...
01/05/2010 a simple rule of thumb for determining cramped spaces.  It's really quite simple and I use it all of the time during consultations:  An area of the home, primarily those buyers would walk through, that measures less than 1 & 1/2 of The Stage Coach across is too cramped.  Considering myself ...

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