real estate agent: The Truth About Lying in a Real Estate Listing: A House Hunter's View - 05/21/12 03:34 PM
We all know what "quaint", "cosy", "gem", "first time on the market in 25 years" mean in real estate ads.
But how far do you go to try and make your latest listing sound attractive to potential buyers?
I'm writing this not as a home stager or home staging trainer. I'm writing as someone who personally bought 7 homes in various cities. I lived in and staged all of them which is how I got into home staging.
I'm always on the look out for my next house so I'm an active reader of real estate ads, visitor to real estate … (17 comments)

real estate agent: 7 Ways Real Estate Agents Shoot Themselves in the Foot - 02/21/11 01:56 AM
Rita Fong wrote a great blog post How come some agents can't close a deal?, which attracted a ton of comments from real estate agents. Some acknowledged that there are agents who just aren't that good at what they do, others pointed out that some clients really don't know what they want. All true of course.
Since I've worked with a ton of agents (good and bad) in 4 different cities along the way of buying and selling 7 different homes (I lived in all of them), I wanted to weigh in with my perspective as a CLIENT, hoping it will … (10 comments)

real estate agent: Camera buying tips for home stagers and real estate agents - 12/23/10 02:34 AM
As a professional home stager or real estate agent you really need to invest in a good camera for a top notch staging portfolio or listing shots that attract home buyers. Choosing that important piece of equipment can be a daunting task, though, especially if you don’t know much about photography.
When you go shopping for your camera, don’t go to a department store. Go to a proper camera store where that’s all they sell and the people you deal with are experts in digital cameras, not washing machines and microwave ovens.
Explain to the sales person that you’re a home … (1 comments)

real estate agent: A short cut to pay day for real estate agents? - 03/27/09 08:11 AM
I can't imagine spending weeks on end driving clients around to see one disappointing property after another. One peak inside and you know you probably wouldn't buy any of these houses either! Yet there you are flicking on the lights and stepping over the clutter, hoping against hope that someone will actually make a decision and you'll actually see a payday in a few months.
I can't imagine spending money on desk fees, fliers and advertising month after month, no closer to unloading those listings despite the price reductions. Knowing these are dead listings, yet having to put on a cheery … (7 comments)

real estate agent: Home staging doesn't work - 03/15/09 11:22 AM
"Home staging doesn't work," says the group of real estate agents sitting before the home stager trying to talk about her business.
It's amazing to me how many agents are still resistant to having their clients' homes decorated to sell. I challenge anyone to spend 4 minutes watching this video and then tell me that it wouldn't be easier to sell the staged property than how the home looked before. Which version of this property would you rather show on your own website when promoting your services?
Some facts to note before watching:
this Westport Connecticut house has sat on the … (10 comments)

real estate agent: Real Estate Agent Loses Client for Dropping Purse and Getting Lost - 02/25/09 02:20 AM
I read a blog post today by Clint Miller called "Death of a Salesman" listing the subtle and not so subtle ways a real estate agent can kill a client relationship. Often ignored basics like: being inaccessible, being dishonest and ignoring simple manners.
It's sad these basics have to be stated, but here we are with about 1.3 million Realtors in the US and approximately 98,000 in Canada so there's bound to be a lot of riff raff.
There are thousands of reasons for a client to fire their agent, or not recommend them to others, especially in a competitive market. … (9 comments)

real estate agent: Photography Tips for Real Estate Agents - 01/12/09 12:17 PM
According to a 2008 real estate trends report, more than 80% of all home buyers start their property search on the Internet. After narrowing down the tens of thousands of possibilities based on price range, location and number of rooms, the next thing prospective buyers look at are the photos. First impressions are especially important in a slow real estate market, so real estate agents are more concerned than ever before that their listings’ photos stand out and attract showings.
It's not only how well the shots are lit and whether they're straight and in focus, the content of the shots … (95 comments)

real estate agent: Put your game face on and get out there and build your business - 12/02/08 12:47 PM
Every entrepreneur experiences a period of time where confidence levels drop only to be replaced by soaring levels of fear and insecurity. The secret to making it through those days, weeks or even months of feeling insecure is to put on a brave face and keep going anyway.
Stepping out of your comfort zone to build your own business takes more than just “know-how”; you also need courage, determination and a very good game face.
I imagine even President-elect Obama has moments where he thinks, “What have I gotten myself into?”  It's not like he can push a giant “pause button” … (7 comments)

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