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Earlier today I read a great blog post by Lisa Udy, entitled Want More Google Juice For Your BLog? Here's The Ticket.  In it, Lisa emphasizes how important linking is to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and gives some great ideas on how to build links, where to go to list your blog or website so ...
Twitter is one of the hottest blog topics these days.  Tons of people have signed up and are putting themselves out there through 140 character "tweets".  As has been discussed, and anyone who has spent a significant amount of time on Twitter can attest, after a while you need to start filtering ...
You've been faithfully blogging each and every week.  Quite some time has gone by and you've accumulated quite a wealth of information in your blogs on a variety of topics that a potential client might find interesting and compelling.  Finally the day comes...your phone rings and it's a new prosp...
This is a great CONTEST post by Sally Cheeseman to promote the Group - POSTIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul.  It sounds challenging, but there's some free points up for grabs, so give it a go!During the Spring Season we think of everything bright and beautiful. The flowers start blooming and the g...
I just read a great post by Jon Zolsky, What To Blog About...And How.  In it Jon shared some great basics and he got me to thinking about all the different variety of ways to format a blog post.  As I read some of the blogs on Active Rain, I'm amazed at the quality of writing and formatting that ...
Since it's St. Patrick's day, I figured I would share a little bit of history on the man behind the holiday. St. Patrick wasn't from the country that is now permanently associated with his name. He ended up there through an incredible series of events. When he was a young boy pirates landed in h...
As technology progresses, we're all being exposed to new ways to market out business that wouldn't even have been thought of several years ago.  One of the most dynamic of these ways is Video Marketing.  There's a variety of software out there that will allow you to shoot and edit video's from yo...
A referral is one of the biggest honors, and one of the most valuable things you can receive as a business owner.  It means that someone trusts you enough to connect you with someone that they care about (a family member, co-worker, or client).  If you are out there trying to establish relationsh...
A referral has been defined at connecting someone you care about to someone you trust.  This definition highlights some potential issues that you may have in referring your clients to other service providers, as well as issues that they may have in referring their clients to you. Since a referral...
I write a lot about Giving To Get, about how your generosity motivates those around you to be generous with you as well.  Perhaps you tend to focus on the "To Get" portion of that phrase.  Lots of people are willing to give if they are guaranteed to get.  Unfortunately that's not how it works.  M...

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