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I came across this amazing picture a few days ago and even though I've never seen something quite this unique it got me thinking, how or to who would you market this amazing feature. Would you even make it a main marketing point or focus on the rest of the home? For me personally I would market ...
When I started in real estate December 2008 digital contracts and signature were just coming out and very few agents used them. I was a member of the Las Vegas board of realtors and they were using Docusign which came in handy while working with out of state clients. I always preferred paper cont...
How powerful is it to have videos on YouTube or at least videos somewhere on the internet? I recently learned that YouTube already reaches a larger audience age 18-34 then ANY cable television network. Talk about a great marketing opportunity that is virtually free and has the power to reach more...
I found this illustration a few weeks ago and it really remind me of my life and how I built my business. Many of my friends now look at me and are amazed that I run a real estate team in two cities, and that I am not stressed about bills, or that I can take a vacation a few times a year. Every s...
Sometimes I am still amazed at my journey of ending up in real estate. To start of a bit about myself first, I was born and raised in Germany until about age nine. My dad had been assigned the task of setting up a branch of the company he worked for in Chicago, IL, and here I was not speaking any...


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