motivation: Monday Motivation - 12/21/15 10:47 AM
A video that I have just began to understand and it has already taken me to new levels. Especially during this season when a lot of people slow down, especially in the real estate business. 
The last few weeks I've worked every single day to get to that next level. With the exception of the 24th I will keep working everyday this month also.
Working every single day while others take a great is the single best way to get ahead, and reach success.
*For those that know Gary Vaynerchuck, some bad language is in his video so be advised!

motivation: Monday Motivation For Business by Winter Group - 10/26/15 06:57 AM
This weeks Monday motivation from Winter Group hits close to my heart. I am going to share something crazy, I have failed more times than I have succeeded. The key to success is to never give up. 
Every millionaire, billionaire, or successful person has probably suffered more failures within a few years, than most people experience in a lifetime. What they did, and what I do, is take each failure as a lesson, and aim for something even greater. 
Real Estate may not be as big a risk to start in as your own company, but it still has a lot of risk. … (6 comments)

motivation: Monday Motivation For Business by Winter Group - 10/19/15 01:51 PM
Winter Group believes in hiring other entrepreneurs because people with the entrepreneur mindset have a drive that very few people do.
They want to push past being average, past being good and take their product or service past what anyone thought was possible.
It took me along time to push past many fears I had, I think quite often what if I would have started earlier, built a brand on my name earlier. I always listened to friends that talked me out of it until I realized my dreams is what I have to work towards everyday no matter how crazy they are. … (4 comments)

motivation: Monday Motivation by Winter Group - 10/12/15 09:21 AM
Today's Monday Motivation from Winter Group Las Vegas is a very simple truth of success in everything HARDWORK!
Very few people are going to do what it takes to reach the top of their field. Everyone wants the success, fame, and money, but very few are willing to put in the work!
The truth is simple, anyone you look up to, be it an expert in a field, sports figure, member of the Forbes list. You can most likely look at their history and see them work harder then anyone else.
It is the simple truth to success that very few people want to put … (11 comments)

motivation: A Little Monday Motivation On Business - 10/05/15 03:23 AM
This weeks Monday Motivation comes in very few words by Google's Co-founder Larry Page.
This is the one thing that can have you be the agent that gets all the referrals. Built a brand that not just delivers the quality of service you promise, but wow your clients past what they expect. 
If you can do that, in the long run you will have an amazing career and business.

motivation: Monday Motivation: See Yourself In The Future - 09/21/15 08:33 AM
A little Monday Motivation for everyone. 
This is another video that means a lot to me because I remember days when neither my girlfriend or I had anything. When we started in business together we would put everything we had into the business both work wise and money wise.
We did this because we knew our own business was the only way to an amazing life. 
Working hourly to pay a mortgage, a car, credit cards was not the life we wanted. We wanted freedom and were willing to sacrifice everything to in the young years to make it happen.
Without the vision of an amazing … (15 comments)

motivation: Monday Motivation: Work Hard & Success will Come - 09/14/15 05:35 AM
Another week is upon us and to be successful we have to keep learning, working and growing just that little bit.
Some of you may have already reached your goals or what you consider success, but we fall very quickly if we don't keep working.
Enjoy the video and be motivated to reach some new goal this week, even if you don't see success yet the work we do today will lead us to greatness in the future.

motivation: Monday Motivation - Failure May Lead to the Biggest Success - 08/24/15 10:43 AM
A quick video for your Monday Motivation this week.
Since being in Middle & High School I have always on my own studied successful companies or people. I used to skip school work to learn how people succeeded in the world. 
From the start I think I saw that the people that were told NO, went on to be the biggest success stories.
I have had some pretty big failures, but I never gave up and even though I am far from my goals, compared to others I went to school with I consider myself a success.
Hope you enjoy this weeks video, stay positive, stay motivated & … (11 comments)

motivation: Monday Motivation - 08/17/15 10:05 AM
This video hits home for my journey in life. I moved around many times and could never find success. 
Every move felt like the start to success, but ended up being another struggle not long after.
Until I changed my mind, I stopped focusing on the past & even current. My main focus became the future and how to get there.
That has made the difference in my life and my success. It has allowed me to not just be happy in the future, but in the present.
Enjoy the video, work hard this week and reach your dreams!

motivation: Thursday Thinking - A Little Motivation." - 08/06/15 08:47 AM
"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same."
-Colin R. Davis
A lot of people talk about the road to success people have taken, very few talk about the road to failure many of those same people took before the success.
I myself have traveled many road in Real Estate alone, some have been failures. The key I learned is that the road to failure, opened to a new road that brought bigger success then even what I had planned. Without traveling the road to failure, I would have never discovered the bigger success.
A lot of people … (8 comments)

motivation: Some Big Monday Motivation to Reach Success this Week! - 07/26/15 02:45 PM
I simply love this video! Whenever I feel down, have trouble getting work done, want to skip today's workout I watch it. 
It is so hard to say no to yourself if you really look at life and see what is out there to be had with the work.
Hopefully you'll get motivated like myself to live life to the fullest everyday.

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