technology: Tech Tip Tuesday - Cyber Dust App - 11/10/15 11:42 AM
A app I recently download on my phone called Cyber Dust. It was created by Mark Cuban who many of you may know from Shark Tank.
Though I have just recently started using it, I see two big potential uses, one for marketing and one for working with clients.
1. You can sent secure pictures, messages or even files to other people that will delete on their own. You can not take screen shots of anything even with the phone so after the file, text or picture is gone it is gone forever. Cyber Dust could be a new secure way to talk to … (3 comments)

technology: Forget the Facebook Dislike...Facebook is Letting ALL Emotions Out! - 10/08/15 07:40 AM
A few weeks ago Facebook's Mark Zuckeberg announced to the world that Facebook will finally work on a 'dislike' button. In my blog about it I voiced my concern on the implications of such a button for business pages. It is one thing for customers or clients to dislike something if you provided bad service, but a dislike button could also open up the doors for abuse from one disgruntled customer or a disgruntled former employee.
Forget that old news!
Today the social media giant began testing 'Reactions' a set of emoji style buttons you can use to express how you feel about … (29 comments)

technology: iOS 9 Is Officially Out - and it is a MUST Download update! - 09/16/15 07:12 AM
I seem to always end up doing a post about the latest Apple iOS updates & today was the official release of iOS9. The concensous seems to be the same all around the internet, it is a must have update.
iOS 8 was released with a lot of bugs, some of which never got fixed even through the 10 updates that followed. After 100 days of beta testing iOS 9 has some great new features people have been asking for, is very stable & even increases battery life by up to an hour (iPhone 6 at least).
Biggest New Features:
Increase battery life … (10 comments)

technology: Apple News Format - A Great Marketing Opportunity in iOS9 - 09/09/15 06:29 AM
I have always been one to stay a step or 2 ahead of the technology curve. It is what sets Winter Group apart from some of the competition in the markets I work in.
Today as with every September was Apples big reveal of the new iPhones, a new ipad called iPad Pro, and some features coming out in iOS9. I always enjoy digging a little deeper into the developers section to be prepared on what is coming and what possible new marketing possibilities could be coming.
One thing that stood out to me as a great opportunity for marketing your real estate or … (5 comments)

technology: Apple iOS 8.4.1 - Should you update or wait? - 08/13/15 10:28 AM
Since I did a blog on the last iOS 8.4 update, why not make one for today's release of 8.4.1
This is an update you can most likely wait on as it is almost entirely to fix issues and bugs with Apple Music.
TechCrunch did a quick article on all the specifics which you can read here.
To save some of my storage I think I'll skip this update and wait for iOS 9 or whatever Apple may choose to call the update for the new iPhone. If history is any indicator of when that will be, between September 4-10 is a great guess. 

technology: New Features for Facebook Business Pages! - 08/05/15 05:05 AM
Facebook is always adding new features to it's advertising platform and this weeks additions are actually quite good!
You can read more about it on the Facebook developers page or for a simplified version here is a great article from
Here are the two big new features:
1) If a client or customer complains on your business page, you can now take the conversation to a private chat instead of keeping the conversation going on the public page were everyone can see it.
2) This is the best!!! If you advertise on Facebook, potential customers can start a private chat with your business page right … (3 comments)

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