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Thomas invites you into his business, life and beloved city of San Diego, CA. He authentically shares about his life in San Diego as a husband, father, real estate business owner and still a tourist of San Diego! He enjoys living and working in the UTC/La Jolla, a popular community near UCSD and one of San Diego's best Real Estate Markets. Enjoy the posts, share your feedback and please comment on his pearls of wisdom and nuggets of gold.



 Did you know you can have a lazy lawn? If you water your lawn too frequently, the roots won't need to stretch out and down for water. When it's hot, your lawn will dry out right away because the roots are too close to the surface of your soil, making them more susceptible to the drier conditions...
 "I'm Seeking Balance"...You ever say that? Or the "as soon as I get this done..." statements we make? As soon as I get my database updated, I'll finally have balance in my business? " As soon as I get my son off to college...", etc.  Well, I used to make those statements too, until I realized th...
San Diego is a county of very distinct neighborhoods, micro-climates, micro-real estate markets and neighborhoods' history & personbalities. You really can't talk about San Diego as a whole, unless you're just describing one of the greatest counties in America to live in! We are America's Finest ...
 Life is what is happening beyond your mobile phone... Famously, a few years back, one of the first documented iPhone accidents was this woman walking through a mall, caught on camera strolling directly into the mall water feature with no clue. Check out this screen shot of the mall security vide...
I love discovering little tidbit historical facts, especially “local to my neighborhood” facts. It’s funny what you see and discover when you walk instead of drive. Even more so, when you leave your cell phone at home (or at least in your pocket) and keep your eyes open.   I’ve driven over this S...

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