activerain: The Riches in The Niches I'm Finding In RCS-D / San Diego, CA - 07/31/18 09:52 PM
The Riches in The Niches I'm Finding In RCS-D
I feel funny entering my own contest, but some insisted, so here I go...
Ironically, my July Contest: Your Riches Are In The Niches! was my entry in the May 2018 Contest hosted by Debe Maxwell, CRS: ActiveRain Challenges & Contest Ideas - What's Yours? 
We were challenged to come up with a contest premise that would allow us to learn from others in The Rain. I thought to myself, “I have done this at least 5 times during my careers, why not see what others would do?” I was thinking of when I needed … (4 comments)

activerain: No Guarantees: Passion & Purpose (Revisited - PFS 006) - 07/24/18 07:33 PM

It was a thrill to turn my "most famous" blog post into a Podcast recently!
                                                                                  Views       Comments     Likes    Clicks
This is the post that earned me my first commission check from my blog!
It went viral and caught fire throughout SoCal Coldwell Banker, my brokerage at the time. 
I closed a $550,000 escrow as a result of a referral that … (2 comments)

activerain: July Contest: Your Riches Are In The Niches! - 07/01/18 05:11 PM
Riches In The Niches - It’s JULY CONTEST TIME! Topic summary - Pick The Niche That Will Get You Rich!Premise: You get to keep all of your present skills, education and experience, but you have to start your real estate business completely over today. You have no database, no leads, no prior sales; it's ground zero, day one!The Nuts & Bolts - Entries will be judged on what was chosen for your niche, how your niche will be marketed and branded. You must explain what lead you to this choice, the "back story.” Was it a personal reason, a passion?  Did education lead to your new niche?  Experience?  What special … (61 comments)

activerain: An Active Rain Contest To Win With and Learn From - 05/05/18 09:36 PM
Topic idea - Riches In The Niches 
Best Idea Contest : Entries will be judged on what was chosen for their niche, how the niche will be marketed and branded. They also must explain what lead to this choice, the "back story": personal reason?  passion?  education?  experience?  special skills?  other?   
Topic summary - Pick The Niche That Will Get You Rich! 
Premise: You get to keep all your present skills, education and experience, but you have to start your real estate business completely over today. You have no database, no leads, no prior sales; it's ground zero, day one! 
Choose One Niche Only i.e. one client type, or one property type, or … (29 comments)

activerain: I'm Certain There's Uncertainty! - 04/25/18 05:14 PM
I got a kick out of this list, a list only a seasoned, quality agent could pen. We do see so much, we do know so much. But, we still have them days too. Always know your value, be able to communicate and never let anyone rob you of it. I think Liz and Bill Spear did a great job on this list, it's worth a read, I've read it twice it's so nice!
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

The longer I'm in real estate the more certain I am about certain things.
I'm certain there's a buyer for every home, no … (5 comments)

activerain: Reaching Out to ActiveRain's: Michael Thornton of TeamCHI - 03/19/18 02:09 PM

Prior to 2017, Michael used to a regular poster (dare I say daily poster), a regular in the Q&A and a pretty positive presence in ActiveRain. Given Kathy Streib made a great suggestion about reaching out to people that "vanished" (my words); folks that have not posted in 6months or more, Michael of TeamCHI - Complete Home Inspections, Inc. came to mind right away.
I phones Michael today and we had a nice 20 minute conversation. He's doing well, still running Team Chi Property Inspections. I was surprised to learn that prices for inspectors don't seem to vary much across the U.S. as Michael's prices in Tennessee are almost the … (3 comments)

activerain: #500 Celebrated; It's About Engaging People, Not Posting Articles - 11/19/17 11:46 AM
My 500th came in 11/18/2017
Blogging is more than just posting articles; it's engagement with your audience, networking partners and local market.
What a difference 10 months makes! 
     November 2018                                          February 2018

Thank you
to my
my now
Active Rain followers!
#500 came in yesterday and
#501 just behind him.
So, thank you Jay Valento!
Jay is a Long Beach, CA real estate agent that  is the owner of the Red Wagon Team!
Based on Jay's profile, he looks to be a long-time
Active Rain member since 2008.
Talk to Jay Valento … (4 comments)

activerain: PODCAST # 116: Reminder Media Marketing Gold! for Real Estate Agents - 10/14/17 09:41 AM
Jonathan Denwood 
Episode #116
iTunes link
We interview fellow Active Rain blogger Luke Acree who is the President of ReminderMedia, a dynamic personality and sales fanatic, a marketing “evangelist”, and an expert team builder. I really enjoyed Luke's personality and energy; a solid guy with great ideas for Realtors.
Luke publishes American Lifestyle Magazine, a customization publication for Real Estate Agents, is a fellow ActiveRain blogger and has an amazing series of training videos on
Luke has worked with tens of thousands of agents over the years, helping them understand how to connect with their client database in a way that generates leads, secures repeat clients, and … (0 comments)

activerain: We Write In The Rain and There Is Right in The Rain - 10/01/17 08:24 AM
We Write In The Rain, We May Complain In The Rain,
But There's Much Right in The Rain
This is my (not done often enough) Spotlight on members that recently made me feel proud and fortunate to be a Rainmaker in the Active Rain. While I often agree with and or appreciate their posts, I don’t always agree with what they say and they don’t always agree with me, yet I sense mutual respect in our similarities and differences. Debate is where we learn, as long as we don’t get undermined by our own tunnel vision egos. I was impressed by these … (23 comments)

activerain: The Grapes of Math 2017 Summer Blooms and Crops 1.0 - 08/27/17 08:23 AM
The Grapes of Math 1.0
(The Compound Effect of Relationships) 
    Check Out:     The Grapes of Math 2017 Summer Blooms and Crops 2.0  
A friend of mine and fellow gardener, in 2007, gave me a dozen or so
Sauvignon Blanc grape seeds as a gift. Gardeners are always sharing tips, seeds and even labor at times. He encouraged me to plant them and enjoy the bounty of the harvest, but cautioned me it could take several seasons to see grapes; be patient. What he really gave me was a decision that day:
I could look at the pile of seeds in my palm, not see … (23 comments)

activerain: Your Network Builds Your Net Worth... If You Invest Action Into It! - 07/29/17 10:17 PM
I have multiple Networks which are gathered in my CRM.
There is of course my natural network, all the businesses I do business with naturally to fulfill my monthly needs like stores, dry cleaning, fuel, car wash, restaurants, etc. I make sure they know what I do and how I have a Working By Referral business model, which survives on ...REFERRALS!
I have my 3 main Realtor Networks I belong to: Buffini & Company , Active Rain and CRS, all with their own internal referral networks across the USA and Canada.
I mostly refer and get referrals out of Buffini & ActiveRain, determined by what … (5 comments)

activerain: It's Not Membership, It's Ownership If You Want The Good Life You Seek - 07/16/17 12:23 PM
I'm just thinking out loud again, brainstorming ideas on how to get more out of my time in ActiveRain, provoked by recent members posting about canceling their accounts ("because AR doesn't work") and or weighing their options on to remain a Free vs. Paid account holder.
I suppose I'm letting you in on the lecture I gave myself as I evaluated how I spend my time in The Rain. That's when it occurred to me, in order to get more from ActiveRain, I need to give more to ActiveRain first. It's the same advice I give my Business Alliance Group members owners; I can't show up wanting, … (36 comments)

activerain: Open Letter To The Student: Keeping it Friendly, Keeping it Real... - 07/08/17 09:52 PM
"Welcome to Real Estate, Welcome to ActiveRain". 
Keeping it Friendly, Keeping it Real...
That was how I greeted our "spectator-commentator" and new arrival to ActiveRain. Then my typical 2-4 sentence comment on his third blog post turned into a blog of my own, (Ever have that happen)? 
A student, not yet licensed was lamenting on how it was a shame that we need to be told to provide "good customer service" via the Agency Agreement Disclosure that lays out our Fiduciary Duty. I agreed with his point in spirit, that it is a shame some need this as an actual governor and we all need to sign … (31 comments)

activerain: The Grapes of Math 2017 Summer Blooms and Crops 2.0 - 07/02/17 06:25 AM
The Grapes of Math 2.0
(The Compound Effect of Relationships)
   Check Out:     The Grapes of Math 2017 Summer Blooms and Crops 1.0  
Networking is like earning compound interest, which according to Einstein, is the 8th Wonder of The World. Just by adding 10 “A+” or “A” caliber *Power Partners into your Sphere of Influence and you gain the potential of 2,500 connections, to people you can help with their businesses or personal needs and in turn may help you. (The average person knows 250 people according to a study done at Harvard University). Notice I said help not sell-to; your job is to establish rapport first … (18 comments)

activerain: Before and After: An ActiveRain Exercise in Editing - 05/21/17 07:55 AM
Photo editing is definitely a skill-set I'm self taught in as it became necessary to improve the quality of my listing photos, before I could afford a professional photographer. I used to take all my own photos and was very careful to edit them prior to posting them, because my clients were going to see them and my target market was going to be marketed by them.
It drives me bonkers when I see bad photos in the MLS:
Bad light, messy backgrounds, improper crops, photographer in the reflection of the mirror. There are agents that literally upload their raw cell phone photos and think "that's … (11 comments)

activerain: I GOT THE CALL!!! - 04/19/17 03:58 PM
Wahooo! I GOT THE CALL!!!
Every ActiveRain Member hopes for this moment, I got that moment at 7:00 a.m. this morning! I got the call!!!
I had been teasing Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland  in an exchange about how I have not been blessed with her daily call yet, 8 years into AR.
I'd just got back from the gym when my phone rang and I apprehensively answered due to the early hour. Suddenly, there was a friendly and playful voice on the other end!
Well, let me share, she's a doll. We had a wonderful conversation and shared some opinions about our wonderful AR community and what not.
Then it … (11 comments)

activerain: Getting Your Offer Accepted in A Multiple Offer Market - 04/16/17 09:43 AM
Hot Market Strategies- An ActiveRain Contest
hosted by Debbie Reynolds 
 Getting Your Offer Accepted in A Multiple Offer Market
There are no tricks, but there are definitely steps I take and some of my colleagues agree on,
that many agents do not bother with.
#1 Call The Listing Agent
Be friendly, positive and invoke rapport.
What do they want?
Time Frames?
Rent Back?
What is important to the Seller(s) and The Listing Agent too.
What is there process for offer reviews?
Text or Call them when it's sent to assure it's not in their SPAM!
 Demonstrating organization and communication is key!
Cover Letter
The buyer who's buying the home - I share who their buyer is.
The Borrower; how strong they are … (10 comments)

activerain: 500,000 THANK YOU's to the Amazing ACTIVERAIN MEMBERS and My FRIENDS! - 03/25/17 07:49 AM
My sincerest THANK YOU for the 500,000K Rally this week Rainmakers!
500K, wow, now I win all that swag you all brag about so much, Waaahooo!
ActiveRain Company Car, That 2 Weeks paid vacation in Italy, That New Corner AR Office, all my dreams are coming true, OK Bob Stewart I'm ready!
Bob? Oh Bob???....BOB!?! 
The truth is, you have been helping reach 500,000 points for over 8 years.
None of us get to these milestones alone. Functionally, yes it takes Likes, Comments and Re-blogging to help get us there...
but in reality it takes relationships.
My favorite way to score points is earning a new "Is Now Following YOU"
on my … (55 comments)

activerain: Spring Cleaning (The Nelson Network) In The Rain - 03/19/17 10:54 AM
Thank You Debbie Laity (I think) for this March Contest!
Oh this manic obsessive brain of mind has been hard at work on my old posts because of your :
It's Time for Some Spring Cleaning With the Spring Cleanup Challenge
(14 font to honor your post Debbie) 
Laughing at some of my discoveries, oh-the misspellings, the photos that vanished, the sentences that I read and said "HUH? What was I smoking?" I didn't realize the obsession this would become, so again, I dubiously thank you Debbie. 
I started by deleting a few very old MLS Search posts that lead to nowhere. They were property search sites going to … (5 comments)

activerain: Far From "The Car" in America's Finest City - 03/13/17 04:12 PM
This is my March 2017 ActiveRain Contest #3 entry for: 
March 2017 challenge, Tell me the most unique or special place you have lived? by Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, Broker, Tacoma Washington 
The most unique home I’ve ever lived in was my car, in the parking lot of my high school.
I was homeless for a few weeks at age 16-17, my senior year. I left a mostly mentally abusive situation, some physical, for fear of what it was doing to me and what I was becoming as a result of it. It was not a planned departure, so I spent a few weeks living in … (51 comments)

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