buyers: Bold Predictions for Real Estate 2019 - 01/04/19 08:51 AM
Bold Predictions for Real Estate in 2019:
The National Market and Our Local San Diego, CA Market
Doom & Gloom? No! The market is looking great and stable! More inventory is coming, prices are stabilizing, and rates are still incredibly low. Good time to buy and sellers can still get a good price as the market is still moving relatively quickly nationally; the economy is strong and unemployment is low.
Prices and units sold are going to about the same (flat) locally in San Diego as 2018 and see a slight increase nationally. San Diego’s price point is higher than the national average to … (15 comments)

buyers: Do Some Dating Before You Propose Marriage! - 09/30/17 12:27 AM
Value Proposition Part 3 of 4
(A September Active Rain Challenge) 
From  Value Proposition Part 3 of 4
Key Point #1: The Q&A and The Orientation from:
Brain Surgery: Do You Hire The Cheap Surgeon or The Skilled Surgeon? 
A valuable component of my Unique Selling Proposition is the Buyer or Seller Orientation Meetings I setup with new clients or returing clients to simply ask them questions and LISTEN to their answers.
By the way, it's important with couples, to have them answer these questions separately and discuss the results. Having a written questionnaire they fill out in separate conference rooms e.g. produces some important and revealing contrast in values that need … (4 comments)

buyers: "I'll Wait For Prices To Drop" San Diego, CA - 07/02/17 09:48 AM
"I'll Wait For Prices To Drop...Before I Buy"
July 2017
It must make sense to the buyer saying this, it certainly is a logical explanation to an emotional decision. But, shall we break down this "logic"?
You're Still Paying A Mortgage: I plan to continue paying my landlord's mortgage, rather than investing in my own. There's No Savings: I plan to risk rates rising (as they have begun to do in 2017) so that even if there is a plateau in pricing, the money is more expensive to borrow, thus,there's no drop in monthly payment, even if prices level off. It's The Law: … (9 comments)

buyers: Hooray! The Seller Said Yes! Now, Tell The Buyer No, No , NO! - 06/24/17 07:33 PM
You just got your offer accepted, congratulations!
Now get ready for the No, No, No's of Escrows!
Here's what Buyer's should not do after an offer is accepted.
NO FINANCIAL SECRETS! Secrets kill deals, because what you do not tell me or your lender will be discovered by Underwriting or Title ie. alimony, liens, bankruptcy, previous foreclosures and short sales, child support, etc. PLEASE, no secrets: now is the time for full disclosure to your Realtor & Lender so we can help you and not be blindsided. In some cases you'll need to talk to your CPA or attorney. Disclose all debits: loans, HELOCs, … (12 comments)

buyers: FAQ #4: How Do I prepare To Buy A Home? - 06/11/17 09:02 PM
FAQ #4: How Do I prepare To Buy A Home?
Would it surprise you to learn that this is a question asked by repeat buyers almost as often as first time buyers? How Do I prepare To Buy A Home? Because it's been 5-14 years since they did or because this is in fact, their first time buying a home. The market is changing every 3-6 months, so whatever your experience last purchase, I guarantee you it will be quite different this go around; new buyers need not worry, they have no preconceived notions.
The average First Time Buyer is 31 years of age while the … (3 comments)

buyers: Making Sure Those That Fight For It, Get A Piece of It Too! - 05/08/17 08:18 AM
Our military protects the American Dream.
I help people acquire it.
Since 1999, I'm proud to help those that serve & protect 
the American Dream, live it too!
I passed my test, so I may continue to Serve Those Who Serve us!
I'm proud to say that I've been getting residential real estate training for serving  our active duty and retired Military for almost 14 years now. Because of all the base closures in The Bay Area, I never got to work with many military clients. Moving to San Diego, CA fixed that! 
Over the years I've taken Military Relocation, Military Sensitivity Training: language and lifestyle. I've trained on rank/rate, pay … (5 comments)

buyers: Amateurs and Hypocrites Don't Use This, But Professionals Certainly Do - 05/08/17 07:28 AM
Agents FAQ: Do you use a Buyer/Broker Agreement in Your Business?
aka in CA, the Buyer Representation Agreement Exclusive (CAR Zip Forms BRE).
Oh yes, the great debate. I do enjoy this one too. I'm 100% polarized and non-negotiable on this one. It only helps agents and their clients, but somehow many see it as "offensive" and they argue hard for their limitations against using this one...but why? Amateurs and Hypocrites Don't Use This, But Professionals Certainly Do; see they'll lock-in a seller on a Listing Agreement, yet become high and mighty about "never using one" for their buyers...but why? Are there exceptions to this, of … (7 comments)

buyers: Can You Show Me Other Broker's Listings in San Diego, CA? - 03/10/17 03:51 AM
"Can You Show Me Other Broker's Listings?" is a common question I get. I'm always surprised by two things...
That I always assume my buyers (and sellers for that matter) know this. That they do not realize this. Assumptions are dangerous in sales, especially real estate.
Mr & Mrs. Buyer, I will show you any property on the market, meeting your criteria and budget, for sale through the MLS, websites, off market for sale, new construction, for sale by owner (cooperating) and even ones that are not for sale but I convince to consider selling for you!
Mr & Mrs. Seller, I do invite all brokerages and … (3 comments)

buyers: Preparing Your Home: The Physical Property Inspection in San Diego, CA - 02/25/17 07:35 PM
Preparing Your Home for a Physical Property Inspection in San Diego, CA
The evaluation of your home’s systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, solar, sprinklers, (limited) appliances, etc.) and structural components (roof, foundation, walls, windows, etc.) of your home and its general condition as it relates to the occupants' health & safety.
Buyers often ask me, “How will we know the true condition of this home? How do we know it’s not a money pit?”
My answer is of course: “It starts with a property inspection, which may lead to expertise inspectors: roofer, plumber, electrician, chimney, termite, mold, swimming pool, etc.”
Sellers often ask me, “Should we inspect … (1 comments)

buyers: It Takes 4 To Score - 01/24/17 08:27 PM
Four Steps Before you Search for Your New Home
 Good Credit (or cash) Since your home loan will likely be your single largest debt, the best way to get the lowest rates and most favorable terms is to maintain your lines of credit, reduce debt, don't open new lines of consumer credit and (bonus tip; don't quit your job unless your new job is in the same industry for better pay, but a 2+ year job history is preferred).  Save for a Down Payment. The more you put down the lower your loan. VA loans are 0% down (but doesn't always work in competitive … (7 comments)

buyers: Buyer Questionaire - 01/21/17 06:20 AM
Buyer Type: Relocation / Military / First Time / Move Up/ Retired                  Orientation Date:
Current Address:
here are you moving from? (Own / Rent?)
Need To Sell? / order of events if so:
Work ____________________Where & What Area of SD:_________________________ (commute).
Loan Type:   VA   FHA   Conventional  Cash
Lender Info:________________________________________________________________________________
Deposit & Down:   EMD: _______     Cash at close: _______         Financed Amount : … (7 comments)

buyers: Navigation Tips for Today's Market - 01/20/17 09:12 PM
Many people are going to buy or sell real estate this year to take advantage of low rates before they rise and to lock in on a home before the pop up further in price due to the inventory crunch.
Here's a Few Tips for To Consider Before You Begin:
Timing; stop trying to time the market. I see so many people try to anticipate the market or come up with crazy theories on why they should wait.The right time to buy or sell is when you are ready; your life is calling you to do so. Better school district, living closer o that new … (1 comments)

buyers: It's A Process: Buying A Home - 09/17/16 12:24 AM
Buying A Home
Its a process to take with a trusted advisor: Your Realtor

You Need A Realtor: Get referrals from happy homeowners to a Realtor. (Did you know not all sales agents are Realtors)? Sales agents are paid by the seller when they close a deal, so buyers do not typically have many if any fees to pay their agent. Interview: Realtors and decide on the best fit for you. Key factors; TRUST! Are they competent? Can they negotiate? Do they know the neighborhoods you plan to hunt in? Do you gel with his or her personality? Do they seem to … (3 comments)

buyers: How Big Is It? - 04/09/16 12:31 PM

AHHHH Yeah! It's BIG!
I just finished reading two well written blogs by Mimi Foster (I recently discovered her blog so I'm on a binge right now, I know). She penned two very well thought out and detailed lists we should be relating to our clients, to validate our fees & value to them. "Not all agents will do this for you, but I will." Mr Seller & Mrs. Buyer. Please check out her blogs from October 2015:
What REALTORS do for Sellers
What REALTORS do for Buyers 
I got me to tyhinking, have you ever stopped to consider how BIG your business is for so many other people … (2 comments)

buyers: San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders - 12/10/15 06:53 AM
San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders
I've included the contact info for utilities in San Diego County below...
San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders: Sellers, leave your utilities on until the close of escrow. The buyer needs to perform inspections and walk-throughs that will require power, gas & water.
San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders: When your tenants move out prior to selling or during your marketing or escrow process, remember to transfer your utilities over to you and leave your utilities on until the close of escrow. The buyer needs to perform inspections and walk-throughs that will require power, gas & water.
San Diego Utilities & … (1 comments)

buyers: The Truth Behind Mortgage Quotes - 09/13/15 02:53 PM
ORIGINAL CONTENT BY Jason E. Gordon NMLS 259027 reprinted with permission.
Jason Gordon is a trusted friend, networking partner and my #1 direct lender of choice. He and I are faced with the same challenges when it comes to new business: "how to not be treated like a commodity!?!"
We both try to sell like doctors: deliver the good news and the bad with a professional manner, offer solutions when it is bad news and develop relationships over time that allow us to serve our clients and their referrals better over the years. Think about it, the better your doctor knows you, the better … (0 comments)

buyers: Focus on the Practical, Not the Pretty! - 01/15/12 04:37 AM
Great advice for many common circumstances:
         Home buyers need to look at the practical first: condition of the property, location, commute time to work, schools, parking, lifestyle vs. floor plan, crime stats & sex offenders database, etc. You can always update your home as budgets allow. You can't change the neighborhood or the view so focus on what is out of your control first, because that is what you'll be living with permanently. The “pretty” (paint & flooring, etc.) is easily changed, crime, freeway noise or the neighboring condo directly opposite your living room window are permanent.                                               … (2 comments)

buyers: Buyer Got A Yes, Now Tell Them NO! - 07/05/10 08:00 AM
What Not to Do After the Offer Is Accepted (Mr. & Mrs. Buyer). Some of this advice I give my buyers, stems from lessons learned from past mistakes.
For example, if your deposit, down payment or entire purchase is coming from a stock portfolio-you are not ready to buy until you are ready to cash out and place your funds in a checking or savings account. I had a client in early 2001 who refused to do when purchasing a $600K home. His down payment was 60K from his stock portfolio and 48 hours after he got an accepted offer; the market … (6 comments)

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