california: Pause, Plan, Pivot, Proceed! - 03/28/20 01:05 PM
Pause, Plan, Pivot, Proceed!
I’m sharing a philosophy I practice, born of deeply personal events in my life. I’m not preaching at you, nor do I seek converts; I'm simply sharing and I know you can think for yourself...chew the meat and spit out the bones.
I will not buy into the media sensationalized hype, I will not abide negative chicken little people and I will not cower in fear even, though I am aware of the seriousness of this virus and the state of the world. I believe the responsible thing to do is stay home, stay healthy and not hoard supplies. I understand … (26 comments)

california: Uncertain Times? Certainly Not! - 03/23/20 09:25 AM
Uncertain Times?  Certainly Not!
 Remaining positive and productive while staying informed.
I certainly am going to work out daily, as usual. Staying healthy is critical. I just won't do it at the gym. (5 mile hikes with my dog have been my exercise of choice 5x week).
I certainly will shower and dress for work each day. I just have a really short commute to my home office across the hall.
I certainly will limit my exposure to sensationalized, fear mongering news. I will stay informed through a balanced and trusted "mutual fund" of resources.
I certainly will work in my business per "usual". I just won't … (45 comments)

california: Are Real Estate Agent Activities Essential Services? - 03/23/20 06:39 AM
We are part of the big three immediate basic needs: Food, Shelter & Clothing. However, in California (and anywhere else in the USA a state's mandatory "shelter in place" order exists). it's important to know the California law does not, so likely your state doesn't either. Mitigate COVID-19 now for the 2.5 weeks we were ordered to and help us return to health and work sooner, otherwise we're looking at longer shelter in place downtimes. Please read her follow up post too: 
CAR Attorney: RE Agent Activities Not Essential Services Does anyone know if real estate agent activities representing sellers and buyers are considered … (15 comments)

california: An Open Letter To COVID-19 - 03/18/20 01:53 PM
An open letter to COVID-19   Abundance, Gratitude, Positivity, Inspirational, Resolute, Opportunity, Community, Connection; all words used by the Century Toastmasters today (video meeting) as each member offered up their positive solutions and best practices for today's "new normal COVID-19 world". Allow me to share the "good stuff" we discussed:  These are unprecedented times in the COVID-19 world. We will persevere if we remain calm, generous and resolved to do so, no matter our circumstances.We were reminded today that you have the power to turn this moment in time into a great memory! How?Reinvest in you; brush the dust off your … (32 comments)

california: Keep Calm, Wash Your Hands: COVID-19 San Diego And California INFO - 03/15/20 11:44 AM
COVID-19 San Diego And California
 As a business owner #SmallBusinessStrong, husband, father and good neighbor I'm staying positive, calm and keeping informed. The risk of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) for the general San Diego County population remains low. Take precautions, be safe and sane with common sense decisions. It's business as usual for me so far, in fact our real estate market is busier than 2017 when we had seemed to peak. This too shall pass (as did the previous 6 pandemics in the last 17 years). This too shall pass and then how will we remember our actions, behavior, competence … (12 comments)

california: Virtual Listings: Never Set Foot In A House Again! (PFS 005) - 07/01/18 09:42 AM

Have you ever worked with a Virtual Assistant? I started working with one about 4 years ago and now I work with 3. One of my best moves was hiring Talk about a time saver for all things listings! Now, my post title may be exaggerating a bit, but here you are reading about this amazing service that will dramatically cut down on your time spent at listings prepping them for market! Yes, you still go to the listing. Check this out...
I now can provide professional photos, video, drone, Matterport digital 3D floor plans and much more in a one … (4 comments)

california: PODCAST # 112: New Generation of Investors' Approach To RE Investing - 10/14/17 09:38 AM
Episode #112
link to iTunes
We Interview Corey Thompson of GBT Investments. who changed career path from oil man to becoming a professional property investor and how he become the Texas king and owner with his business partner help of number of lease to own houses and other properties . Corey gives us some great insights on how he built the business up over the past couple of years.
 "Here at GBT investments we strive to provide people a way out! We know that sometimes life gets in the way and that owning a property can often be more of a burden than a blessing. That's where … (1 comments)

california: Podcast Episode #099 Answers to the Housing Crisis w/ John DL Arendsen - 06/08/17 08:22 AM
Episode #99 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast 
John DL Arendsen 
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In this episode of the Mail-Right RE Agent Podcast Show #099, we have a fantastic chat with San Diego Surfer, Contractor, Real Estate Broker and Investor John DL Arendsen. John owns and operates: On The Level General Contractors, TAG Real Estate Sales and Investments and is affiliated with Crest Homes Factory Built Housing Developer and now AVAVA Britespace… Wheeew! That’s a lot of businesses, but, it lends to John’s expertise on this show’s topic of conversation; ADU’s or Accessory Dwelling Units and he also shares some insights on the “bad press” manufacture and modular … (8 comments)

california: Podcast Episode#097: We Interview Brian Buffini's Realtor! - 05/30/17 08:07 AM
Episode #97 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast 
You Can Have Masssive Success with the Fundamentals and Top Producer Jamie Hopkins shares with us some secrets to his success. Jamie Hopkins has the incredible honor of not only being one the original coached real estate agents of Brian Buffini ( Buffini & Company ), but he happens to be Brian's friend and trusted Realtor! We discuss that history and much more in Episode 97!
Click the link above to listen on iTunes or click the link below to watch on
You'd think Jamie would have a big ego and only work the luxury markets of San … (2 comments)

california: Bites and Bullets from Lunch - 05/13/17 10:42 PM
I had the amazing pleasure of having lunch 3 days in a row
with 10 Peak Producer Realtors 
from across the USA and Canada this past week
at Buffini & Company 's Peak Experience.
I thought I'd share some Soundbites and Bullet Points from my notes:
We can't confuse goals with tactics. (Losing 50lbs is a goal. Working out 4 days per week is a tactic). Be clear on your goals, so you have the right tactics in place to support them. You can only execute a plan, for the life you want to live. Real Estate is becoming overwhelmed with tech and more is coming. … (5 comments)

california: Don't Get Distracted by The Sideshow on the Way to the Main Event - 05/13/17 10:21 PM
You get from life what you'll tolerate.
Want more? Tolerate less...
"Success in the 21st Century comes down to FOCUS.
Protect Your Focus -The man with focus wins."
~ Darren Hardy
Want to close more deals?
Make more calls and tolerate less social media.
Less Distractions
Want to accomplish more per week?
Focus on one priority at a time.
Multitasking is a myth, don't tolerate interruptions.
Want to weigh 40lbs less?
Less T.V. more after dinner walks.
Tolerate less inactivity.
Want more romance in the marriage?
Ask her/him about her day; Lean in with interest.
Tolerate less indifference.
Want better relationships?
Less talk, more listen.
Tolerate less lack of attention.
Want to get out of debt?
Less credit, more cash. When you are out of … (0 comments)

california: The Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, CA - 04/25/17 07:25 AM
I open this post with a THANK YOU to ActiveRain Member Jeff Dowler for reminding me to go see this beautiful place in his recent blog post:
Wordless Wednesday: Koi at the Meditation Gardens in Encinitas CA 
I share with you dear readers, this is the power of a blog; Jeff moved me to stop putting this off and so last week my bride and I stole a few hours in the middle of my busy Thursday and went to lunch at Union Kitchen & Tap and then walked one block to this amazing place!
The power of Playing Hooky...
The Joy of  Koi
My bride and I … (2 comments)

california: IL Dolce Far Niente Di Domenica UCSD-La Jolla Style-2 - 04/25/17 07:11 AM
The Sweet Nothing of Sundays
Shhhh, I’m doing Sunday, My Silent Sunday.
No Phone, No Text, No Emails, No Meetings...Silence.
The Sunday Office This Week was UCSD's Challenge Trails
A wonderful Sunday Hike with our dog Peroni.
You feel like you are out in the boonies, without ever leaving the campus of UCSD.
The value of a precious day off:
Recharge Sunday to Take Charge Monday!
Time away from clients; time with family & friends.
Showing up to work Monday with the best of you, not what's left of you.
Time to engage your goals, hobbies and interests.
Time to give back to others; causes and social outreach.
Time to do nothing at all!

california: Hiking The UCSD Challenge Course in La Jolla, CA - 04/25/17 06:55 AM
I love having Sundays off, as one of my favorite things to do is go day hiking.
I don't always go to locally famous trails or big picturesque locations; in fact some times I just head out my front door and see where my "urban trails" lead me. Today, they lead me to the UCSD Challenge Course.
I never knew about his trail and "boot camp" style course, but I'd always caught a glimpse of it from my campus hikes. Today I decide to venture off the path and onto the trail and wow, look what I discovered, all while never leaving UCSD's expansive … (5 comments)

california: Wonderful, Ethical Dual Agency and the 3 Major Benefits To Our Clients - 04/20/17 08:42 AM
Dual Agency: the misunderstood,
beneficial process for our clients to win with!
I'm an 18 year CA Realtor veteran, I'm moral, ethical and work 100% by referral currently. I'm a dual agency advocate in CA, because we've always been that way here and I wouldn't know what other states are like. But, I can still call on and visit all my clients I've closed dual agency deals with, they think I'm great for what I accomplished for them. Some have been multiple deal clients at this point too, despite my "evil plot" to dual agency them at one point. 
One couple regularly double dates with my bride … (50 comments)

california: IL Dolce Far Niente Di Domenica - Renaissance La Jolla Style 2 - 04/02/17 08:54 AM
The Sweet Nothing of Sundays
Shhhh, I’m doing Sunday, My Silent Sunday.
No Phone, No Text, No Emails, No Meetings...Silence.
Yes, it can be done you cellular addicts.
The Sunday "Office" This Week was the Renaissance La Jolla area of  UTC
A wonderful Sunday Walk with my bride Ailina and our dog Peroni.
University Towne Centre is a special place in San Diego, CA
The value of a precious day off:
I Recharge Sunday to Take Charge Monday!
Time away from clients; time with family & friends.
Showing up to work Monday with the best of you, not what's left of you.
Time to engage your goals, hobbies and interests.
Time to give back to others; … (10 comments)

california: Live MLS - Homes For Sale in UTC La Jolla, CA over $1,000,000 - 03/20/17 08:31 AM
Active Homes For Sale asking $1,000,000 or more.
in University Towne Centre
"UTC" a suburb of La Jolla, CA
and San Diego's Golden Triangle
Three Zip Codes meet in the middle of The Golden Triangle:
92037, La Jolla
92121, Sorrento Valley
92122, University City
All three zips "meet" in UTC, so you can literally walk
into 3 different neighborhoods at one intersection!
This area surounds the University of California San Diego Campus
This is a Direct Feed from San Diego's Live MLS!
With our hot market and demand for this area of
San Diego,there's not as much inventory as usual.
$425K average cost of a condo here (Q1 2017)
$800K average cost of a house here (Q1 2017

california: Live MLS - Homes For Sale Over $1 Million in La Jolla, CA - 03/19/17 10:05 AM
 Active Homes For Sale asking $1,000,000
or more in La Jolla, CA 
Direct Feed from San Diego's Live MLS!
With our hot market, there's still room to negotiate
in this price point!
Please click here for La Jolla Homes Under $500,000
 La Jolla Homes Under $500,000
La Jolla Homes Between $500K-$1,000,000
I have Lived in La Jolla and it's adjacent communities like Regents La Jolla, La Jolla Crossroads,
La Jolla Mesa Estates, etc. since 2003. Let me show you why I'm so passionate about
helping people live and own in this great towne centre & village!

california: Live MLS - Homes For Sale Under $500,000 in La Jolla, CA - 03/19/17 01:14 AM
La Jolla, CA 92037 Active Homes For Sale Under $500,000
Direct Feed from San Diego's Live MLS!
With our hot market, there's not many, but they do exist!
Please click here for La Jolla Homes from $500,000-$1,000,000

california: Divorced, Stressed, Broke, Poor Health, but... #1 in Sales! - 03/11/17 02:08 PM
Don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud...
Would it surprise you if I shared I heard a *true story about a very “successful agent” who Grossed $900,000 in 2016, per his 1099, but her Net was only $135,000 and from that $135K, she still needed to pay the taxes on the $900K?
What if I shared, I know of an *agent that Grossed $300,000 in his 3rd year in the industry, (not bad!) but had no money in the bank, no money to pay the IRS and a wife that was barely hanging on due to his absence (whether he was physically home … (77 comments)

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