entrepreneur: Uncertain Times? Certainly Not! - 03/23/20 09:25 AM
Uncertain Times?  Certainly Not!
 Remaining positive and productive while staying informed.
I certainly am going to work out daily, as usual. Staying healthy is critical. I just won't do it at the gym. (5 mile hikes with my dog have been my exercise of choice 5x week).
I certainly will shower and dress for work each day. I just have a really short commute to my home office across the hall.
I certainly will limit my exposure to sensationalized, fear mongering news. I will stay informed through a balanced and trusted "mutual fund" of resources.
I certainly will work in my business per "usual". I just won't … (45 comments)

entrepreneur: Can I Play With Madness? Staying Positive While Working From Home - 03/20/20 07:56 AM
 "I have no choice but to go through this. But, I can choose how I  go through this and how I'll feel about myself when ZI look back on it." Thomas J. Nelson
Barry Habib is an mortgage industry executive, and Founder and CEO of MBS Highway. Barry, a well known professional speaker and TV commentator on the Mortgage and Real Estate markets offered some fantastic health, financial, mortgage and real estate advice in an emergency Facebook Live yesterday (March 19,2020).   Watch Video Here
I have worked from home on and off for 35 years across 5 careers including the last 1.3 years in real estate. … (35 comments)

entrepreneur: Are You A Good Investment or A Losing Proposition? - 09/12/18 08:50 AM
Good Investment or a Waste of Money; a Loser?
How do you see yourself?
I once heard Brian Tracy talk about the re-investment of profits into yourself, I'll paraphrase and take some liberties here:
"If I asked you to invest $10,000 in a company I saw as a great investment, gave you the prospectus and you did your homework on it discovered it would lose money, you'd pass on it. You'd in effect be saying this is a bad investment, this company is a loser. Simultaneously, if someone that has achieved what you want to achieve or had some level of success you are … (4 comments)

entrepreneur: Business Owners: “BBalance'd and Remember To Breathe” (PFS 007) - 07/29/18 08:46 AM
Business Owners must “BBalance and Remember To Breathe" 
…well, all people in might want to make the healthiest choices for their mind, body and spirit. It allows us to be live longer with less pain while being present for those we love and those we work with as business people. The ability to think clearer, make better decisions and be more of who are; to give the best of us, not what is left of us.
Episode 007 Listen Here
A Podcast, A Blog: brining value for entrepreneurs, business owners and people in sales, like my REALTOR® friends.
You do not need to be “into … (1 comments)

entrepreneur: Are You Winning The Epic Battle of Home Life vs. Work Life? (PFS 004) - 07/01/18 10:28 AM

Rest & Recharge is as important as Listings and Closing Escrows! Last week I produced a podcast on Boundaries, which is a continued effort to remind entrepreneurs, small business owners and Realtors to stop and smell the roses. You get one life, don’t blow it! Two years ago,
I posted a series of blogs regarding balancing work and home, business and personal and the challenges with that and disciplines required for it.
Listen to Episode 004 Here: Boundaries: Balancing Home Life Your Work Life
I very often debate with other agents about the merits of rest & recharge vs. 24/7. Look, you can … (8 comments)

entrepreneur: The White Hats (Postcards From Success 002) - 05/27/18 07:57 AM

 Buffini & Company hosts Peak Experience annually in May. Out of 21,000 members, only 500 get to attend this event and an average of 1500 sit on a waiting list hoping someone drops. 
When you "graduate" Peak Experience, you are now known as a White Hat because you literally are given a white Peak Experience logo-hat to wear and you figuratively wear that hat from this point on; it’s a mindset.  
Listen To "White Hats" Episode 002 Here
The White Hat is a symbol, like in the old Hollywood Westerns;
the good guy wore a White Hat and the bad guys wore black hats.
Here's … (1 comments)

entrepreneur: An Introduction to (Postcards From Success 001) - 05/26/18 08:46 AM
I launched my new Podcast: Postcards From Success!
 Listen Here: To Episode 001 An Introduction to Postcards From Success!
After a year and a half working as co-producer and co-host of the Mail-Right Podcast with my co-producer friend Jonathan Denwood, we decide to split off and take our respective shows in two diverse directions. The Mail-Right Podcast will continue as a tech-based show educating the real estate industry, while I took the Entrepreneurial, Personal Growth & Real Estate Sales focus for Postcards From Success.
I add a little local San Diego flavor to the mix and share from the nuggets of gold I’ve acquired … (1 comments)

entrepreneur: Podcast #139: Designer to the Wealthy & Famous Steven G. - 03/31/18 08:34 PM

Steven G. Isn’t your typical interior designer basically he is a straight talker with over 35 years plus experience working with some of the most wealthiest people in South Florida and nationwide. What are some of things you will learn from this interview?
1 – How to service this type of client.
2 – How to build real relationships that will power your real estate career through good and bad times.
Pompano Beach-based Interiors by Steven G. Inc. has been confined the South Florida bazaar and above for three decades, accoutrement autogenous designs for businesses and residences.
Steven Gurowitz, arch executive, began his business alive … (2 comments)

entrepreneur: Podcast Episode #098: GIRL Power Entrepreneurs with The "IT Girl" - 06/08/17 04:24 PM
Episode #98 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast
GIRL Power Entrepreneurs with
The "IT Girl"
Australia's Jessica Nazarali
Listen: Episode #98
Jessica Nazarali is the Creator and Founder of It Girl Entrepreneur, a company dedicated to providing coaches and online entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create a meaningful career, while living out their best life.
"I help women create profitable, sustainable and scaleable online businesses.
Having left my lucrative corporate career behind to establish several successful online business, it’s my passion to help female entrepreneurs do the same.
My team and I have helped countless women around the world build successful, meaningful and lucrative businesses designed to help as … (1 comments)

entrepreneur: Amateurs and Hypocrites Don't Use This, But Professionals Certainly Do - 05/08/17 07:28 AM
Agents FAQ: Do you use a Buyer/Broker Agreement in Your Business?
aka in CA, the Buyer Representation Agreement Exclusive (CAR Zip Forms BRE).
Oh yes, the great debate. I do enjoy this one too. I'm 100% polarized and non-negotiable on this one. It only helps agents and their clients, but somehow many see it as "offensive" and they argue hard for their limitations against using this one...but why? Amateurs and Hypocrites Don't Use This, But Professionals Certainly Do; see they'll lock-in a seller on a Listing Agreement, yet become high and mighty about "never using one" for their buyers...but why? Are there exceptions to this, of … (7 comments)

entrepreneur: Three Trusted Brands, One Big Lesson in Customer Loyalty - 02/28/17 08:13 AM
In order to be a real estate brand, you have to understand what a brand is, what it means to the public and especially your clientele.
When I think of the brands I trust, my go to choices - so to speak, I've learned a lot about creating my own brand through reflection upon why I palce so much value & trust in those I choose to align myself and my business with. Three of non-Real Estate brands I trust and admire are:
Virgin America and the entire Virgin brand represents quality, cutting edge services and products. Richard Branson is a brand genius; … (14 comments)

entrepreneur: Fool's Gold - 02/18/17 07:13 AM
An open letter to myself to stay focused on the fundamentals...
Dear TJ,
Sometimes you suffer from "shiny object syndrome". You just get bored and want to try something new. You are a Free Spirit and routines are boring and shiny objects and new tools are momentarily distracting and even inspires you to think, "if I could just buy this, I'd be able to accomplish that."  But, the truth is, where success begins, is with your habits and the choices you make, not the latest gizmo or paid leads. The man that can't manage $100.00 will never be given the chance to manage $1,000,000 as your Grandpa used to … (45 comments)

entrepreneur: IL Dolce Far Niente Di Domenica San Diego - La Jolla Mesa Estates - 02/12/17 11:20 AM
The Sweet Nothing of Sundays
Silent Sundays in UTC (Universty Towne Centre)
No Phone, No Text, No Emails, No Meetings: Ahhh....Silence.
The Sunday Office
The Sunday Commute
The value of a precious day off:  
Time away from clients; time with family & friends.
Showing up to work Monday with the best of you, not what's left of you.
Time to engage your goals, hobbies and interests.
Time to give back to others; causes and social outreach.
Time to do nothing at all!
The Joy of Doing Nothing, or as my Italian Grandma would say: "il dolce far niente"
The Sweet Nothing!
Whatever relaxing and recharging means to you, this all you need … (3 comments)

entrepreneur: Nelson Notes: Are You A Go-Giver? - 01/12/17 05:56 AM
Nelson Notes: The Go-Giver (A little story about a BIG business idea).
Welcome to my notebook, where I share my highlights from the books I read and notes I take. I feature only the books I’ve actually read and that I recommend as worth your while to read and grow from. Givers gain, so I’m sharing the good stuff, that it may impact and improve your life in some way. These are all quotes and excerpts from the author except where *noted.
The Go Giver is a little story about a BIG business idea from a great man known as The Chairman. Give value to others...not … (8 comments)

entrepreneur: Even Steven is a Nearsighted Man with a Selfish Plan - 01/08/17 02:23 PM
Thinking out loud; I propose this thought
that came to mind as I read
The Go-Giver by Burg & Mann this weekend:
Even Steven is a Nearsighted Man with an Selfish Plan...
Have you ever said any of these phrases or thought this way towards a spouse, friend or client?
"Now, We're Even Steven"
"You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours"
"Win / Win"
"50 / 50"
"Fair's Fair"
Amateurs act this way.         Scarcity thinks this way.
Instead of living the score keepers way, which is the subtle trap of win-win mentality, just give 100% to someone today! Truly put their needs ahead of your own and just give of … (14 comments)

entrepreneur: Going Out Of Business: Your Community, Your Country - 12/20/16 07:07 AM
My Soap Box Maybe, Common Sense Definitely: Support Local Small Businesses!
It takes you to start the trend where you live.
There is a movement in this country that is positive, that is proactive and that is out to battle the growing National Debt and outsourcing of jobs. It's called buying local and supporting our small businesses. When you shop/buy local over big box stores, you are doing so much to help your local small businesses thrive and thus battling our national debt and bringing back America to a better state. Too dramatic? I think not and let's look at why...
This country will not repair … (2 comments)

entrepreneur: Nelson Notes: The E Myth (Revisited) - 12/01/16 06:30 AM
Nelson Notes: The E Myth (Revisited)
 My Interview with Michael E. Gerber
Welcome to my notebook, where I share my highlights from the books I read and notes I take. I feature only the books I’ve actually read and that I recommend as worth your while to read and grow from. Givers gain, so I’m sharing the good stuff, that it may impact and improve your life in some way. These are all quotes and excerpts from the author except where *noted.
Revisiting The E-Myth Revisited, I’ve read this book three times so far!
Defining moments are sometimes unclear; when was that exact point where your career … (1 comments)

entrepreneur: Podcast Episode #72: Michael E. Gerber "Beyond The E Myth" - 11/30/16 11:29 AM
Podcast Episode #72: Michael E. Gerber
"Beyond The E Myth"
Blogging on ActiveRain,

lead  to  this  PODCAST  opportunity!

Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be
the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently and being a prepared guest on #57.

Checkout AR member jonathan Denwood  and myself on our latest episode!
What a dynamic episode we share here with our special guest Michael E. Gerber "The World's #1 Small Business Guru". The mega-bestselling author of 29 “E-Myth” books, in The New York Times™, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, FORTUNE, Forbes and Wired. The Wall Street Journal named The E-Myth the #1 business … (0 comments)

entrepreneur: Podcast Episode #57: CRM Technology & Use - 10/26/16 11:52 PM

In this episode, I'm a guest speaking on the importance of a good CRM (Client or Contact or Customer- Relationship Manager) and my CRM of choice: Referral Maker CRM. You have to be able to track your activities, know your numbers and evaluate your results. A good CRM allows you to do all this and more! Also, check out my article on Buffini & Company's Referral Maker CRM 
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain and being a prepared guest on #57.
Checkout jonathan Denwood  and myself on our latest episode!
Listen Here:
Episode #57 on iTunes

entrepreneur: Learning, Living & Working: The Good Life! - 08/11/16 11:38 AM
Learning How To Live & Work:
The Good Life!
Now there are two ways for you to learn from the living the good life; working by referral master and it's FREE!!!
1. The Brian Buffini Show
Available on iTunes
or here:
2.  Buffini is on Youtube.com
click here for-
Buffini & Company Videos
online here:
on ActiveRain, here:
Buffini & Company 
"It's A Good Life, Working By Referral!"
I want to share The Good Life teachings of my mentor and coach, Brian Buffini. He and his coaches and guest speakers have inspired me since 1999. Until a short while ago, the only way to learn from Brian was to see him live or have … (1 comments)

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