goals: Pause, Plan, Pivot, Proceed! - 03/28/20 01:05 PM
Pause, Plan, Pivot, Proceed!
I’m sharing a philosophy I practice, born of deeply personal events in my life. I’m not preaching at you, nor do I seek converts; I'm simply sharing and I know you can think for yourself...chew the meat and spit out the bones.
I will not buy into the media sensationalized hype, I will not abide negative chicken little people and I will not cower in fear even, though I am aware of the seriousness of this virus and the state of the world. I believe the responsible thing to do is stay home, stay healthy and not hoard supplies. I understand … (26 comments)

goals: Uncertain Times? Certainly Not! - 03/23/20 09:25 AM
Uncertain Times?  Certainly Not!
 Remaining positive and productive while staying informed.
I certainly am going to work out daily, as usual. Staying healthy is critical. I just won't do it at the gym. (5 mile hikes with my dog have been my exercise of choice 5x week).
I certainly will shower and dress for work each day. I just have a really short commute to my home office across the hall.
I certainly will limit my exposure to sensationalized, fear mongering news. I will stay informed through a balanced and trusted "mutual fund" of resources.
I certainly will work in my business per "usual". I just won't … (45 comments)

goals: Achieve Your Goals, Once and For All - 07/06/18 06:32 PM
Some of us paid a lot of money to be in this audience for 3 days and network with the best of the best at La Costa Resort, Carlsbad CA.. Here's a peek into Peak Experience from May 2018. Great info in this blog and on the Podcast(Episode 109 link provided below). How many times have you set a goal and then failed to achieve it? It happens to all of us at one time or another. Often, we continue to set the same goal and, as expected, we fail to achieve it again and again. Hey, at least we’re consistent.
The … (3 comments)

goals: The White Hats (Postcards From Success 002) - 05/27/18 07:57 AM

 Buffini & Company hosts Peak Experience annually in May. Out of 21,000 members, only 500 get to attend this event and an average of 1500 sit on a waiting list hoping someone drops. 
When you "graduate" Peak Experience, you are now known as a White Hat because you literally are given a white Peak Experience logo-hat to wear and you figuratively wear that hat from this point on; it’s a mindset.  
Listen To "White Hats" Episode 002 Here
The White Hat is a symbol, like in the old Hollywood Westerns;
the good guy wore a White Hat and the bad guys wore black hats.
Here's … (1 comments)

goals: Conversations With My Son (1) - 02/20/17 08:14 PM
Yes, Wyatt?
What is a goal?
It's the ambitious, hopeful act of planning for a bigger future than your present. And it's a road map to that future. In fact it's a target you aim for.
A target?                                                                            
Yep, see my friend Joe Niego always says "Most Realtors aim for nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy!" Which means without a goal, you have no destination, no … (5 comments)

goals: Creating Your Best Year Ever! - 01/19/17 07:51 PM
Make 2017 your best year ever!
Here are a few ideas to help you get started. • Make excellence your way of being, not perfection• Be on time• Finish what you start• Remember that your diet affects your mood • Plan your week on a schedule, schedule your goals• Do something that makes you feel uncomfortable at least once a week • Write handwritten thank you notes• Know that a problem only becomes a problem when you choose to see it as a problem• Read a book a month, invest in a course every Quarter and attend a workshop semi-annually• Know the top 5 goals you … (4 comments)

goals: What Matters Most: Planning Your Best Year Ever! - 01/01/17 01:03 PM
I perform my Annual Performance Review every 12/26 through 01/02. I typically take from 12/21/-01/03 off every year and spend the first part with family, the latter half with my bride and we plan our best year ever, every year!
We Reflect, Stay Positive, Be Grateful, Exercise, Seek Minimalism, Set Goals That Excite Us, Design Pathway To Accomplishment, Prioritize the "Big Rocks" of Time Blocks, Unplug, Review Best Practices from high achievers we admire and wish to model. Here’s what goes into the planning for each New Year:
Review this past year’s calendar; turn experience into insight-what did I do, not do? What should … (8 comments)

goals: WHY? - 04/20/16 01:51 AM
What is your WHY?
13,000 feet in 60 seconds at 120mph baby!
What drives you?
What do you day dream about becomming?
What creates the fire in the belly? (no, not pepperoni pizza).
If I handed you $10 million dollars, would you still do what you are doing, or make changes?
Jack Canfield told me once, to "act as if" because my behavior today determines my results tomorrow. So I should behave today like I would if I already had the $10 million. This about habits and behavior, not cars and yachts.
What Is Your WHY?
What do you dream about?
What holds your attention?
What's your burning desire?
What are you doing … (2 comments)

goals: What Matters Most (part 2) - 03/27/16 04:25 AM
What Matters Most 
Wisdom from 27 years and 2,000 Weddings as a Mobile DJ.
You know my story & background now, if not, click here first: What Matters Most (part 1)
This is a continuation fo that post. 
What matters most is when you can be used as a blessing in someone else’s life. For me it was executing on all my bride & groom's details to give them the wedding of their dreams. Today it is executing on all my buyer & seller's plans to get them where they want to go in life, lifestyle & home.
2,000 wedding ceremonies and ministers, priests and preachers taught … (9 comments)

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