itunes: The White Hats (Postcards From Success 002) - 05/27/18 07:57 AM

 Buffini & Company hosts Peak Experience annually in May. Out of 21,000 members, only 500 get to attend this event and an average of 1500 sit on a waiting list hoping someone drops. 
When you "graduate" Peak Experience, you are now known as a White Hat because you literally are given a white Peak Experience logo-hat to wear and you figuratively wear that hat from this point on; it’s a mindset.  
Listen To "White Hats" Episode 002 Here
The White Hat is a symbol, like in the old Hollywood Westerns;
the good guy wore a White Hat and the bad guys wore black hats.
Here's … (1 comments)

itunes: Podcast #132: Building a Brand and Remaining Relevant - 02/17/18 08:25 AM

We go North with this episode with our interview of award winning Canadian Broker Jordan Boyes is only approaching his 7th year in the business. Having been the overall top producer at Hallmark Realty Ltd. for the last four years he was there he recently broke the all time sales record for the company.
Appearing as the cover story of The Real Estate Magazine in April of 2014, he attributes his success to great communication & availability, constantly staying on top of the market, continuous learning & coaching, great customer service and an extremely high work ethic that he implements throughout the … (0 comments)

itunes: Podcast #131: Are You Getting Quality Leads In 2018? Here's How! - 02/17/18 08:25 AM

On the Mail-Right Podcast Episode #131 we are joined by AJ Wilcox, a self proclaimed Ads Evangelist and founder of B2Linked, an online ad agency that specializes in ads for businesses looking to make B2B connections. is a Certified Ads Partner, which lends credibility to their services, directly from
We discuss the many uses, mistakes people make and tools available on
Why advertise on, don’t you just want to concentrate on Facebook these days?
How to create a robust profile.
Do ads work for all businesses?
How to connect with people properly on
What can a Residential Realtor … (0 comments)

itunes: Podcast #125: The 2017 NAR Conference & Expo in Review - 12/10/17 09:05 AM
We discuss the recent National Association of Realtors Conference & Expo which was recently held in Chicago with Karen Conrad who recently attended conference. What were in Karen’s opinion were the best presentations and speakers.
As a veteran in the real estate business, Karen Conrad has all of the credentials that have backed and built her reputation as a true leader and a success on behalf of her clients throughout the West.
Karen has been a practicing broker-owner for more than 26 years; she is licensed in both California and Nevada, “Every day of my life I strive to exceed my client’s expectations … (0 comments)

itunes: Podcast #123: Coach Kim Ades - Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude! - 11/05/17 10:58 AM
LISTEN On iTunes Here
Kim Ades CEO of Frame of Mind Coaching is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance success through thought mastery. She returned to our Podcast this week to follow up on some great training she offered us on Episode 85. Kim shares some live coaching on co-Host Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor, who went through a one week trial assessment of Frame of Mind Coaching back in March 2017.
An executive coach and popular speaker, Kim works exclusively with highly driven, accomplished executives, leading entrepreneurs and high level professionals in their respective fields. Working with high profile individuals who have already achieved success … (2 comments)

itunes: Podcast #109: PODCAST Getting Lending Right with Jason Gordon - 10/14/17 09:33 AM
Episode #109
iTunes Link
In episode 109, we strike gold with interviewing one of California’s top (relational) lenders:
Jason E. Gordon of AmeriFirst Financial.
 Podcast Episode #109 on iTunes
Jason E. Gordon  has been in the banking and lending industry since 1991, when he began his career at Wells Fargo Bank. After earning his MBA, Jason began working for a start-up mortgage brokerage called Union Fidelity Mortgage. He was soon promotedto a Sales Manager position where he helped the company grow to one of the top producing Mortgage Originators in San Diego County.
Jason is now very proud to be working at AmeriFirst Financial, a full service Direct Lender … (1 comments)

itunes: Podcast # 107: The Title You Never Knew - 08/26/17 08:02 AM
107 Mail-Right Show We Interview Samantha Belzer of Lawyers Title 
In Episode #107, Samantha Belzer of Lawyers Title joins us to not only talk title, but offer her take on the real estate market from a unique perspective. She brings both title and escrow experience to her business and clients and works for one of the more respected National Title-Companies in San Diego, CA. In this discussion Samantha shares her expertise with us on title basics, bestpractices and real estate strategies. After all, she spends all day working with Realtors and she comes from a family of real estate industry professionals; so she’s learned a thing or two … (1 comments)

itunes: Podcast #106: Real Entrepreneurs File Taxes in October - 08/26/17 07:45 AM
#106 Of The Mail-Right Real Estate AgentShow:Why Its Important to Start Planning     For Your Taxes in Summer! 
In Episode #106 of The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast we have joining us today our returning guest from episode #091Rachel Teresa Ivanovich, MBA, EA. Of Easy Life Management, an Enrolled Agent Tax Advisor and and one of the top Tax Advisors in San Diego County.
Listen To Episode #106 here on iTunes
Rachel is serving an international clientele of small business owners and their families, including many Realtors and Brokers.
She offers consulting, bookkeeping, tax preparation-representation and workshops…
What is the difference between a CPA and an … (0 comments)

itunes: Podcast #104: The Q&A from Active Rain Discussed part 3 - 07/29/17 10:27 PM

Once in a while my Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Show co-host (and AR member) Jonathan Denwood and I, have a guest cancel last minute on our show. This never really throws us off to much, outside the disappointment of what we'd planned to discuss with that guest and share with our audience, because I always have a list of great questions at the ready, which I pull from Active Rain's top agents' in the AR Q&A section.
Rather than rush to re-book a guest and have a forced interview, we read out some of what I think are the best topical questions of the … (2 comments)

itunes: Podcast #105: Zen Realtors Working In The Clouds?!? - 07/21/17 02:59 PM
Zen Realtors Working In The Clouds?
Greetings dear friends, well maybe it's more like this:
Our wonderful guests on today's show are Brian Walker and Lynn Wheeler who co-manage a top-producing Indianapolis branch office for Indiana’s largest independent real estate firm,the F. C. Tucker Company. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn. They have a combined experience of 34 years in real estate, and have proven leadership records not only within their company, but in the industry at large. They have both served their local board in a variety of capacities, both graduated from the local Real Estate Academy of Leadership, and have both been named Realtor of the Year. Lynn is the … (4 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #103: The 1031 Exchange Explained and Demystified! - 06/28/17 09:49 AM
Podcast Episode #103:
The 1031 Exchange Explained and Demystified
Listen: Stream or Download Here
Whenever I discuss strategies with investors, I know right away how adept they are as an investor by the response I get from dropping the 1031 Exchange into the conversation. They either jump right in on that or they look at me as if I suddenly started speaking Japanese to them. 
The 1031 Exchange is a wonderful tax deferred event investors take advantage of when they sell an investment property and "exchange" it for another, or several other income generating properties:
Houses Condos Commercial Buildings Industrial Facilities Hotels Oil Wells Billboards … (3 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #100!!! We Talk Market-Crash/Bubbles/The Fed and More! - 06/13/17 08:47 PM
We hit a milestone today on The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Show; we completed our 100th Episode and did so in style with a great guest: Author, Broker, Developer, Investor and former FDIC employee, John Agostinelli of the Agostinelli Realty Group, Massachusetts.
We discuss John's banking background, which offered him a firsthand look at how our government handles loans, rates and even how they report inflation rates...let's just say if the government lived in Disneyland, you'd find them in Fantasy Land. 
John Agostinelli founded Agostinelli Realty Group in 1997 and has been focusing on creating value for his clients for over 25 years. Building homes, helping people invest, buy & list their own … (1 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #098: GIRL Power Entrepreneurs with The "IT Girl" - 06/08/17 04:24 PM
Episode #98 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast
GIRL Power Entrepreneurs with
The "IT Girl"
Australia's Jessica Nazarali
Listen: Episode #98
Jessica Nazarali is the Creator and Founder of It Girl Entrepreneur, a company dedicated to providing coaches and online entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create a meaningful career, while living out their best life.
"I help women create profitable, sustainable and scaleable online businesses.
Having left my lucrative corporate career behind to establish several successful online business, it’s my passion to help female entrepreneurs do the same.
My team and I have helped countless women around the world build successful, meaningful and lucrative businesses designed to help as … (1 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #095: Kim Snider-Reverse Your Funnel - 05/27/17 12:58 PM
Episode #95 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast 
Kim Snider has started 14 ventures, ranging from restaurants to a training video site for polo players. Some have been very, very successful. Others … not so much and she's very candid about this. She has made and lost millions and that my friends, is where true education and experience is developed. You can read about it in her book, How To Be The Family CFO. Kim has trained thousands to take control of their own financial future, in her Snider Investment Method workshops.
And, she had the top rated financial radio show in Dallas-Fort Worth for … (2 comments)

itunes: Podcast #92: Matthew Miale The RE Profet: Net vs. Gross - 05/27/17 12:29 PM
Episode #92 of the Mail-Right
Real Estate Agent Podcast 
Matthew Miale is a Keller Williams Top Producer and the founder of which is a software APP designed to help you work within your budget, pay your taxes with ease and even plan for retirement…(if you don’t , who will)?
Watch the Podcast here:
We discuss being bottom-line focused vs. top of the line celebrated. There is a huge difference between Gross Profits and Net Profits and having a budget. Being debt-free vs. going bankrupt when you receive your #1 in Production Awards (yes, it happens). Check out this important discussion with Matt Miale, The RE Prophet!Matthew Miale Phone: 860-539-2255 Mobile: 860-539-2255 Office: 860-313-0700 and … (1 comments)

itunes: Podcast 93: How To Buy the Right Rental Property, Profit and Manage It - 04/29/17 06:50 AM
In this episode we have one of the top rated San Diego based Property Management company's on our show: CEO Neil Fjellestad of FBS Property Management joins us to discuss how to decide on what the right property is for you to invest in, how to analyze it for cash flow and then properly manage it.
Once management becomes part of your business, what are the correct expectations of that company to have, what should they be doing for you? If you self manage, what are the does and don'ts?
Click the link to listen on iTunes, download it anywhere you get your Podcasts and … (2 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #81: The #1 Small Business Guru in The World - 02/20/17 09:15 PM
Because I'm regularly
Blogging on ActiveRain,

this  PODCAST  became my opportunity!
Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently and being 
a prepared guest on  show #57.

Checkout ActiveRain member Jonathan Denwood and myself on our latest episode!
Listen Here:
Episode 81
Episode 81 brought the return of Michael E. Gerber as our guest. This time Michael E. Gerber, the man INC Magazine calls “the world’s #1 Small Business Guru” was live in our studio for this show! We did a simulcast on Facebook Live while we also produced a live broadcast online with an audience of … (0 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #80: Interviewing The Interviewer - 02/20/17 08:48 PM
Because I'm regularly
Blogging on ActiveRain,

this  PODCAST  became my opportunity!
Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently and being 
a prepared guest on  show #57.

Checkout ActiveRain member Jonathan Denwood and myself on our latest episode!
Listen Here:
Episode 80
In Episode #80, our guest flaked out last minute, so my co-host Jonathan Denwood decided to turn the tables on me and interview me on my market plan and overcoming challenges for his 2017 and discuss what other agents may consider doing to “up their game” this year. I also discuss, … (0 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #83: Setting The Stage To Net More! (Staging Homes) - 02/19/17 06:14 PM
Staging & Interior Design
Listen Here:
In Episode 83 we interview one of San Diego's best Home Stagers who’s also an amazing Interior Designer. We discuss the science and the practical facts that once and for all settle the age old debate: To Stage or Not To Stage, which nets more gain? 
Bouteina shares tips and tricks for getting top dollar from your home by creating an experience for the buyers to get emotionally involved in the property, which even in a seller’s market is important for locking in your buyer; commitment to the escrow as much as creating multiple offers.
Bouteina makes a great case … (3 comments)

itunes: Podcast Episode #82: From Super Agents Live Podcast:Toby Salgado - 02/09/17 07:20 PM
Because I'm regularly…
Blogging on ActiveRain,

this  PODCAST  became my opportunity!
Since my guest appearance on episode #57, Mail-Right Real Estate Podcast went through some changes and asked me to be the new co-host of the show!
This co-host opportunity was a result of my posting on ActiveRain consistently 
and being a prepared guest on Episode #57.
Checkout ActiveRain member Jonathan Denwood and myself on our latest episode!
Listen Here:
Episode 82
In Episode 82 we hit the mother-lode (in our opinion) with our guest!

We were thrilled to have Toby Salgado, host of Super Agents Live (Podcast) on our show today! Toby made his first million in real estate, and as he shares, in his bank account, not in equity and did so … (0 comments)

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