negotiating: FAQ #1: Why Work With A Real Estate Agent? - 06/05/17 10:09 PM
I'm often asked why should I work with an agent, why not just buy the house from the listing agent? 
Why not just sell my house on  my own and save the commission?
I first of all recommend you work with a Realtor over an real estate agent and I'll share why in a future FAQ post.
I'll share with you my Top 5 answers to those questions:
Representation: the other agent's priority is the client they represent, not you. The listing agent is loyal to the seller, investor, bank (REO) or developer (new construction). The Guide: you have bought and sold homes in your lifetime as … (4 comments)

negotiating: 2,000 Kitchen Tables - 05/15/17 06:07 AM
Sitting Down At Over 2,000 Tables 
Facing often two opposite-personalities, yet both making a decision.
I've been in sales for over 30 years. I've attended college courses, read hundreds of sales books, taken many years of sales trainings and continuing education and even worked with business coaches. But none of that is unique. Experienced, loyal, organized, good communicator, great negotiator, skilled problem solver; all true, none of it unique.
What is a USP? What is your USP? A USP is your Unique Selling Proposition; those qualities, tools, strategies or guaranteed results you offer that none can duplicate. Better yet, your USP's are your stories, those … (9 comments)

negotiating: Avoiding The Losers and Choosing The Winner - 12/21/16 07:52 AM
I'm asked often about multiple offers and so here's how I handle a couple scenarios; one will be a (mostly) move in ready house with most offers coming from principle owners. The other scenario reflects a tear down or fix n flip investor house.
Mostly Move In Ready Home (minor repairs, subject to cosmetic updates)  in Multiple offers:
On my last property in multiples we had 17 offers. We reply to all offers with the Seller Multiple Counter Document provided by C.A.R.
We countered the Top 3 with a strategy of mostly cleaning up terms, since the offer prices was at or over asking … (0 comments)

negotiating: Safer Streets: You Can "Fight City Hall" - 12/09/16 07:36 AM
Safer Streets: You Can "Fight City Hall" if you are polite, persistent and patient.
And, I didn't do it alone, I got help. 
I recently had a local victory making our streets safer.  I rallied my neighborhood and worked with the San Diego Roads Engineering Office and our local S.D.P.D. to bring an end to near head on collisions and rear-ender accidents on our neighborhood street.
September 22, 2016, I'd finally had enough of our neighborhood's west bound traffic using our east bound turn lane as a short cut to swing into the office park in our neighborhood. Ironically I work in this same … (4 comments)

negotiating: Work We Do,They Never See, But We Need To Promote (Our Value)! - 02/27/16 01:47 AM
The Work We Do That They Never See, But We Need To Promote! (Our Value)
My Journal of just one Escrow, but many could be written about like this one, as Realtors, we do so much for our clients, much of which is unseen and taken for granted; because we're that good. They don't realize many agents do not do what we do and we're too professional or humble typically to call attention to what comes naturally for our level of service.
Jan 29, 2016 - Lead arrives.
Call lead, ask lots of questions.
NorCal Parents needing to buy a condo for their daughter’s … (4 comments)

negotiating: You Want Me To WHAT !?! LOL That's a Good One! - 06/15/12 02:00 AM
Ever been asked that? I'm sure I'm the only one. Some of my retorts have been: "What do you do for a living Mr. & Mrs. Client? Oh I see and how many hours a week? Oh wow, 50. OK so what do you tell your employer when he/she asks you to accept 25 hours of pay for 50 hours of expected effort and results? Oh, you would never agree to that? Hmmm, then can you explain to me why I would?" "Here's my wife's phone number, if she says it's OK, I'll cut it for you." :) "Oh I'm sorry our sale ended last … (8 comments)

negotiating: Win/Win Is For Amateurs and It Kills Deals... Part 2 - 09/20/11 08:59 PM
The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.                                         -- Jim Rohn
I was recently in a meeting with Rain Maker & San Diego Realtor - Jeff Dowler, CRS and I asked him how to get one of my blog posts Featured on Active Rain? He asked me to be patient and keep at it and gave me some great advise that including being topical and speaking on subjects that … (2 comments)

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