san diego: San Diego 92117 House For Sale 3 Bed + Bonus Room in Clairemont - 08/25/20 06:04 PM
 Aloha Means Good-BUY!in San Diego's Clairemont Neighborhood4950 Longford Street, San Diego, CA 92117  Central San Diego Proper Living & Lifestylein this Clairemont Home 4950 Longford Street, San Diego, CA 92117
Let's Talk Easy Access to: 
* Major Shopping Centers
* The San Diego Coastline
* 20 minutes to the Airport
* Easy Access to 3 Freeways
* Central to all San Diego attractions.

Price: $590,000 - $610,000
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Bonus Room: 1
Large Backyard
Garage: 0
Square Footage: 1228
Lot: 5,700
Safe Viewing & Private Tours
 You will Love the Lifestyle of Clairemont and this Beautiful House 
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san diego: Take Action: Become Valuable - 08/06/20 07:06 AM
"Try not to become a man *(person) of success
but rather try to become a man *(person) of value."
~ Albert Einstein
*modified for my 2020 audience 😉
Your action for today
is to contact one of your clients or customers
regarding something unrelated
to your product or service
that would add value to their lives.
This has been the single most effective
"secret to my success".
Less than 20% of your competition stays in touch!
Staying in touch between transactions,
  remaining a helpful resource and being a voice of value.
In many cases, becomming friends or
at least friendly-familiar
in the process with my SOLD clients.
This is where … (11 comments)

san diego: Take Action: Love People - 07/30/20 08:29 AM
"We too often love things and use people
when we should use things and love people."
An Unknown Author
Your action for today
is to contact a friend or family member
and tell them you love them.
I'll be calling my son who's 22,
attending Sac State,
working as a security guard for the campus,
and always "too busy" to call Dad.
🎵...and the Cat's in the Craddle and the Silver Spoon...🎶
Design an extraordinary Thursday!
If you missed the previous “Take Action” post:
Take Action: HELP!
More joyful stories, photos, antidotes,
quotes and inspiration found here:
Our Postcards From Success Facebook Page
Our experienced team is Buffini & Company Trained and Coached
and all our properties come with 3D Virtual Tours … (12 comments)

san diego: Beating The Bored Game - 04/14/20 07:09 AM
Beating The Board Bored Game
(with board games and much, much more)!
(Updated Content Added 4/23/2020)
We all are re-learning to pull together and support one another – while also taking care of our families, our friends and ourselves. 
I have assembled a list of ideas and activities* intended to help you connect, reenergize and make a positive difference in the community and in your own home.
#SupportSmallBusiness We (my bride & I) have been shopping local Farmer's Market ytpe stores over big chains and supporting local restaurants with take out and delivery orders over national franchises. 
We have been engaging in these activities over the past month and thought … (23 comments)

san diego: Pause, Plan, Pivot, Proceed! - 03/28/20 01:05 PM
Pause, Plan, Pivot, Proceed!
I’m sharing a philosophy I practice, born of deeply personal events in my life. I’m not preaching at you, nor do I seek converts; I'm simply sharing and I know you can think for yourself...chew the meat and spit out the bones.
I will not buy into the media sensationalized hype, I will not abide negative chicken little people and I will not cower in fear even, though I am aware of the seriousness of this virus and the state of the world. I believe the responsible thing to do is stay home, stay healthy and not hoard supplies. I understand … (26 comments)

san diego: Uncertain Times? Certainly Not! - 03/23/20 09:25 AM
Uncertain Times?  Certainly Not!
 Remaining positive and productive while staying informed.
I certainly am going to work out daily, as usual. Staying healthy is critical. I just won't do it at the gym. (5 mile hikes with my dog have been my exercise of choice 5x week).
I certainly will shower and dress for work each day. I just have a really short commute to my home office across the hall.
I certainly will limit my exposure to sensationalized, fear mongering news. I will stay informed through a balanced and trusted "mutual fund" of resources.
I certainly will work in my business per "usual". I just won't … (45 comments)

san diego: Are Real Estate Agent Activities Essential Services? - 03/23/20 06:39 AM
We are part of the big three immediate basic needs: Food, Shelter & Clothing. However, in California (and anywhere else in the USA a state's mandatory "shelter in place" order exists). it's important to know the California law does not, so likely your state doesn't either. Mitigate COVID-19 now for the 2.5 weeks we were ordered to and help us return to health and work sooner, otherwise we're looking at longer shelter in place downtimes. Please read her follow up post too: 
CAR Attorney: RE Agent Activities Not Essential Services Does anyone know if real estate agent activities representing sellers and buyers are considered … (15 comments)

san diego: Can I Play With Madness? Staying Positive While Working From Home - 03/20/20 07:56 AM
 "I have no choice but to go through this. But, I can choose how I  go through this and how I'll feel about myself when ZI look back on it." Thomas J. Nelson
Barry Habib is an mortgage industry executive, and Founder and CEO of MBS Highway. Barry, a well known professional speaker and TV commentator on the Mortgage and Real Estate markets offered some fantastic health, financial, mortgage and real estate advice in an emergency Facebook Live yesterday (March 19,2020).   Watch Video Here
I have worked from home on and off for 35 years across 5 careers including the last 1.3 years in real estate. … (35 comments)

san diego: An Open Letter To COVID-19 - 03/18/20 01:53 PM
An open letter to COVID-19   Abundance, Gratitude, Positivity, Inspirational, Resolute, Opportunity, Community, Connection; all words used by the Century Toastmasters today (video meeting) as each member offered up their positive solutions and best practices for today's "new normal COVID-19 world". Allow me to share the "good stuff" we discussed:  These are unprecedented times in the COVID-19 world. We will persevere if we remain calm, generous and resolved to do so, no matter our circumstances.We were reminded today that you have the power to turn this moment in time into a great memory! How?Reinvest in you; brush the dust off your … (32 comments)

san diego: Keep Calm, Wash Your Hands: COVID-19 San Diego And California INFO - 03/15/20 11:44 AM
COVID-19 San Diego And California
 As a business owner #SmallBusinessStrong, husband, father and good neighbor I'm staying positive, calm and keeping informed. The risk of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) for the general San Diego County population remains low. Take precautions, be safe and sane with common sense decisions. It's business as usual for me so far, in fact our real estate market is busier than 2017 when we had seemed to peak. This too shall pass (as did the previous 6 pandemics in the last 17 years). This too shall pass and then how will we remember our actions, behavior, competence … (12 comments)

san diego: Must Have FREE REAL ESTATE BLOG WIDGETS for your blog - 12/11/19 08:33 PM
What a great list of resources to consider for your blog and maybe website too, provided by  MEGAN FAUST!!!

We have all seen the cool blogs on-line with flash animation and all kinds of extra goodies on the sidebar. If you want to add some awesome to your blog or website then take a look at this carefully comprised list of the TOP FREE REAL ESTATE WIDGETS!
You may have heard the word "widget" before but do you really know what a widget is? In simple terms adding a widget (sometimes also referred to as a badge or feed) to your … (6 comments)

san diego: You Get the Talent That You Pay For! - 10/10/19 11:00 AM
You Get the Talent That You Pay For!  
If my work looks easy or I get your home sold in hours not days or weeks, it’s because I’ve spent 21 years (so far) annually training  and weekly working in the trenches to have that talent. You pay me for the knowledge, skills and years invested, not the time it took me to get your result. You Get the Talent That You Pay For.
I Love this Parable, author unknown:
A steam ship engine failed. The ship’s owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure but how to fix the engine.
Then they … (26 comments)

san diego: August San Diego, CA Calendar of Events 2019 - 07/24/19 09:56 AM
August San Diego, CA Calendar of Events 2019
Julian StarFest 2019 When: Thursday through Saturday, August 1-3 • see website for details
Where: Menghini Winery - 1150 Julian Orchards Dr., Julian, CA
Explore the world of astronomy during the 3-day Julian StarFest. See telescopes and view objects in the night sky, vendors, guest speakers, and camping.
The Empire Strikes Back In Concert When: Thursday and Friday, August 1-2 • 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Where: Embarcadero Marina Park - 206 Marina Park Way, San Diego, CA
Star Wars shown on the big screen with John Williams’ unforgettable score from the brassy and foreboding Imperial March to … (7 comments)

san diego: Bold Predictions for Real Estate 2019 - 01/04/19 08:51 AM
Bold Predictions for Real Estate in 2019:
The National Market and Our Local San Diego, CA Market
Doom & Gloom? No! The market is looking great and stable! More inventory is coming, prices are stabilizing, and rates are still incredibly low. Good time to buy and sellers can still get a good price as the market is still moving relatively quickly nationally; the economy is strong and unemployment is low.
Prices and units sold are going to about the same (flat) locally in San Diego as 2018 and see a slight increase nationally. San Diego’s price point is higher than the national average to … (15 comments)

san diego: Are You A Good Investment or A Losing Proposition? - 09/12/18 08:50 AM
Good Investment or a Waste of Money; a Loser?
How do you see yourself?
I once heard Brian Tracy talk about the re-investment of profits into yourself, I'll paraphrase and take some liberties here:
"If I asked you to invest $10,000 in a company I saw as a great investment, gave you the prospectus and you did your homework on it discovered it would lose money, you'd pass on it. You'd in effect be saying this is a bad investment, this company is a loser. Simultaneously, if someone that has achieved what you want to achieve or had some level of success you are … (4 comments)

san diego: Business Owners: “BBalance'd and Remember To Breathe” (PFS 007) - 07/29/18 08:46 AM
Business Owners must “BBalance and Remember To Breathe" 
…well, all people in might want to make the healthiest choices for their mind, body and spirit. It allows us to be live longer with less pain while being present for those we love and those we work with as business people. The ability to think clearer, make better decisions and be more of who are; to give the best of us, not what is left of us.
Episode 007 Listen Here
A Podcast, A Blog: brining value for entrepreneurs, business owners and people in sales, like my REALTOR® friends.
You do not need to be “into … (1 comments)

san diego: Nelson Notes: The Referral of a Lifetime - 07/08/18 09:00 AM
Nelson Notes: The Referral of a Lifetime
Nelson Notes
Welcome to my notebook, where I share the highlights from the books I read and notes taken while in live trainings & on webinars. I feature a lot of the books I’ve read and that I recommend as worth your while to read. Givers gain, so I’m sharing the good stuff, that it may impact and improve your life in some way. It’s A Good Life!
The Referral Of A Lifetime
By Tim Templeton
Originally Penned: 11/07/2007, Updated 7/7/2018
The Referral of a Lifetime
I have read this book at least once per year since I discovered it back in 2003. It’s a … (12 comments)

san diego: My 10 Favorite Real Estate Blogs of 2018 - 07/08/18 07:23 AM
Robert Newman  shared a great list of industry blogs to be aware of.
Robert was a a great guest on my former Podcast: The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show Episode 134 and then took over my co-host seat on that Podcast, after I amicably left in April of this year to launch my new Podcast: Postcards From Success. Robert is very dialed into the tech and SEO world and I recommend you follow his blog.
inboundrem) My dearest rainers,
It's been a minute. Growing a business is time-consuming! But I still make time to read and follow a handful of real estate blogs. … (5 comments)

san diego: Achieve Your Goals, Once and For All - 07/06/18 06:32 PM
Some of us paid a lot of money to be in this audience for 3 days and network with the best of the best at La Costa Resort, Carlsbad CA.. Here's a peek into Peak Experience from May 2018. Great info in this blog and on the Podcast(Episode 109 link provided below). How many times have you set a goal and then failed to achieve it? It happens to all of us at one time or another. Often, we continue to set the same goal and, as expected, we fail to achieve it again and again. Hey, at least we’re consistent.
The … (3 comments)

san diego: Are You Winning The Epic Battle of Home Life vs. Work Life? (PFS 004) - 07/01/18 10:28 AM

Rest & Recharge is as important as Listings and Closing Escrows! Last week I produced a podcast on Boundaries, which is a continued effort to remind entrepreneurs, small business owners and Realtors to stop and smell the roses. You get one life, don’t blow it! Two years ago,
I posted a series of blogs regarding balancing work and home, business and personal and the challenges with that and disciplines required for it.
Listen to Episode 004 Here: Boundaries: Balancing Home Life Your Work Life
I very often debate with other agents about the merits of rest & recharge vs. 24/7. Look, you can … (8 comments)

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