san diego county: The I-Buyer Smoke and Mirrors - 04/30/19 01:12 PM
“Don’t get too comfortable with what you think you know. You have to adapt. You need to plan!” Barry Habib
What home buyers, sellers and REALTORS® need to know about the smoke and mirrors of I-Buyers… my notes from an AMAZING webinar that shines a light on the I-Buyer sites.
I’m sharing my note with you dear reader, not my opinions, taken from this amazing Facebook Live Webinar that was offered on April 17, 2019 by three of the most significant and respected mortgage professionals and REALTOR trainers in our industry.
What is an IBuyers? Glad you asked! An eye buyer is a big … (12 comments)

san diego county: July Fun in the San Diego Sun! - 06/29/18 03:12 PM
July is my favorite summer month in San Diego and here is why:
4th of July Celebrations
All events take place on July 4 unless otherwise noted.  
Other Events In July
San Diego County Fair   June 1-July 4
“How Sweet it Is” Whether it’s sampling chocolate bubbling from a fountain, soaking up the glittery ocean views from atop the Ferris wheel, discovering how nature’s sweet fruits grow and ripen, or enjoying the Fair’s golden-ticket entertainment, your toughest decision will be choosing what to indulge in first! 
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Del Mar Fairgrounds 
Contact: 858-755-1161 /
The CADO   June 16-Aug. 30
An immersive pop-up experience devoted to … (5 comments)

san diego county: There's Luxury in "Them Thar Hills" of San Diego! - 05/01/18 08:45 AM
   Luxury Mission View Estates nestled in the
         Hills of Mission Trails - San Diego, CA                                                                                                                   Walk in to Wow! This house has the 4 "L's"... Location: on a cul de sac
Location: Mission Views Estates
Location: Mission Trails Park
7790 Britt Place, Santee CA 92071 … (5 comments)

san diego county: Podcast #130: Tax Reform 2018: What You Need To Know - 02/17/18 08:25 AM

We are revisited by a show favorite: Rachel Kupin-Ivonovich, Enrolled Agent and founder of Easy Life Management Tax Preparation- located in Carlsbad, CA in San Diego County, but serving an international clientele. (Previous Tax Advice Episodes in 2017 #91 and #106)
We discuss and cut through the confusion of the 2018 Tax Reform Laws What was proposed was covered by the media more than what was passed, so there’s still confusion over the new Tax Laws. Fear Mongering was used by the media in 2017 to get real estate agents and citizens to get in touch with their Senators and … (0 comments)

san diego county: We've Got You Covered (In Sun and Service, Not Snow)! #Better Winters - 01/03/18 05:03 AM
One of the accomplishments I'm most proud of in my Real Estate career is the
business alliance that I formed with my friends in business and in our Buffini & Company coaching...The SoCal Real Estate Connection.
Our Winters are Better Than Yours!
We are a group of professional business owners and  real estate agents; Realtors & Brokers with over 120 years of combined experience. The service we provide is simple; put the client's' needs first and we do that by assigning the agent (or agents) that will best serve the client, based on the area of San Diego County, Riverside County or Orange County, they need to … (2 comments)

san diego county: FAQ #2: Wire Fraud! - 06/06/17 02:33 PM
FAQ: Do you take checks?
FAQ: What is Wire Fraud?
Traditionally, when buyers makes an offer, they include an Earnest Money Deposit or "good faith" deposit to be held by Escrow until they either close escrow and apply it towards the purchase price or cancel and it's refunded (in some, but not all cases). Buyers also send monies at the closing of escrow to pay the balance due, loan or not.
Buyers often ask if they can give me a check to deliver to escrow. "No. We do not handle money at all anymore, where in years past we did." Today we expect all … (3 comments)

san diego county: No More Vacations? Short-Term Rentals Not Permitted in San Diego, CA? - 03/21/17 07:13 AM
Properties advertised on websites like VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) and AirBnB, essentially any rental with less than a 30 day lease, are coming under fire and at the moment, not permitted in San Diego, CA.
As a neighbor I can understand the fight against them, I don't want new vacationers in and out of the house or condo next door every week, it changes the dynamic of living in my home. On the other hand, as a Realtor and investor, holy cow! This is bad! There are some properties in San Diego that make no sense from a cash flow perspective, to rent … (5 comments)

san diego county: Live MLS - Homes For Sale Over $1 Million in La Jolla, CA - 03/19/17 10:05 AM
 Active Homes For Sale asking $1,000,000
or more in La Jolla, CA 
Direct Feed from San Diego's Live MLS!
With our hot market, there's still room to negotiate
in this price point!
Please click here for La Jolla Homes Under $500,000
 La Jolla Homes Under $500,000
La Jolla Homes Between $500K-$1,000,000
I have Lived in La Jolla and it's adjacent communities like Regents La Jolla, La Jolla Crossroads,
La Jolla Mesa Estates, etc. since 2003. Let me show you why I'm so passionate about
helping people live and own in this great towne centre & village!

san diego county: FREE Events to Take the Last Step-Recycle! San Diego, CA - 03/12/17 08:49 AM

Two events designed to allow you to responsibly recycle:
Motor Oil
Auto Batteries
Oil Filters
Fluorescent Bulbs/Tubes
Household Batteries
Saturday, March 18, 2017                                                                                                 Saturday, May 13, 2017
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.                                                         … (3 comments)

san diego county: Can You Show Me Other Broker's Listings in San Diego, CA? - 03/10/17 03:51 AM
"Can You Show Me Other Broker's Listings?" is a common question I get. I'm always surprised by two things...
That I always assume my buyers (and sellers for that matter) know this. That they do not realize this. Assumptions are dangerous in sales, especially real estate.
Mr & Mrs. Buyer, I will show you any property on the market, meeting your criteria and budget, for sale through the MLS, websites, off market for sale, new construction, for sale by owner (cooperating) and even ones that are not for sale but I convince to consider selling for you!
Mr & Mrs. Seller, I do invite all brokerages and … (3 comments)

san diego county: Fix & Flippin' Out (part 1) - 03/06/17 06:06 AM
Before you set out to flip that house, do your research before you flip out after the close of escrow on your fix n flip investment plan! San Diego has so many weekend warriors in the fix n flip game these days, They watch a season of Flip That House on HGTV or attend the "It's Easy To Get Rich Quick" 3 Day Seminar and voila, crappy rehabs hit the market with cut corners or goofy choices in materials and workmanship. We also have a few well known professional rehab / fix n flip crews that put out a good product.
In my opinion, we … (3 comments)

san diego county: The Realtor Ripple Effect - 02/22/17 07:18 PM
Have you ever stopped to think about how many people we employ as Real Estate Agents?
We may not fill out all their w-2's but without a Realtor,
they'd have far less work coming through their business.
We are the splash, that starts the ripple effect of commerce and growth for many businesses!
I just answered Donna Foerster's Q&A question about "who is on my team?" 
I was stunned to realize all the folks that make money every time (most of them) I close an escrow.
I have my in house team, my virtual assistant and my go to support professionals...
My Coach My Mentor My Attorney My Buyers Agent … (5 comments)

san diego county: La Jolla, CA: The Jewel of San Diego's Report Card for 2016 - 02/03/17 05:38 AM
Looking back on 2016, La Jolla, CA had a roller coaster rise to new heights. It didn't always feel like a climb, but climb we did and then ended the year with a natural December slow down. Below are the year end stats for 2016 and so far the first time buyer through luxury market La Jolla provides is off to a great start.
La Jolla's Single Family Home Market
La Jolla's Attached Home Market
La Jolla's Market At A Glance
San Diego County's Median Home Prices
San Diego County's "Discounts" range from 1.4% to 7.1% depending on the market you are hunting in.
San Diego County's Inventory shows … (1 comments)

san diego county: The 2017 Crystal Ball for San Diego, CA Real Estate - 01/19/17 06:44 AM
Crystal Ball, well maybe not, but sharing predictions based on trends and stats, definitely...
@2017 started out with a burst off the starting line on January 3rd for me in San Diego County. My buyers were anxious to lock down the rising rates and rising home prices before they were priced out of their "ideal" and had to "settle" for what was practical. The sellers wanted to start right away too, no waiting for the "sweet spot" of  March, which traditionally is when the CA Market is full-tilt-boogie busy by. No, they knew buyers were anxious, why wait, January is the new March … (4 comments)

san diego county: De Anza Cove @ Mission Bay, San Diego - 11/27/16 09:03 PM

De Anza Cove Mobile Home Park, which occupies 76 acres of the 120 total prime waterfront acreage situated on the North-East end of San Diego’s Mission Bay has gone from a bustling mobile home park, to ghost town while this year. The residents moved out in 2 separate phases: Jan 13, 2016 phase 1 and by October 2016, phase 2 as agreed to in a $29 million dollar settlement between the City of San Diego and the residents of De Anza Cove.
This battle in the courts began back in 1979, as the City of San Diego has been trying for decades, … (1 comments)

san diego county: Energy and Going Green Rebates in CA - 10/19/16 01:56 AM
Exciting news for yourself, friends or family and clients; as far as home energy upgrades, going green and taking advantage of incentives and rebates up to $ 9000.00 in some areas From Energy Upgrade California and SDG&E , and increase equity value, improve indoor air quality.
Energy Upgrade California and SDG&E's program is an exciting new statewide program that can help homeowners and business owners reduce utility bills, increase energy and water efficiency, jobs for local economy and create a more comfortable Environment .
This Program is funded by :
American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA, also known as Federal Stimulus Funds) /State Energy Program.
Energy Commission-Administered Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants … (2 comments)

san diego county: Celebrating Another Big Goal Achieved! CRS - 10/14/16 01:10 AM

Goal Achieved!
As of 10/04/16, my son's birthday, I'm a member of the Council of Residential Specialists
This is a goal I set for myself in October of 1999 and along the way I took CRS classes and ran my business in such a fashion as to achieve this important designation. I discovered CRS Ninja Training with The Group in Colorado and locally with Master Trainer Walt Frey. I learned top shelf business practices and met some great people due to this training. It's definitely not just the designation, as much as what it stands for to me and what it allows me to … (2 comments)

san diego county: It's A Process: Buying A Home - 09/17/16 12:24 AM
Buying A Home
Its a process to take with a trusted advisor: Your Realtor

You Need A Realtor: Get referrals from happy homeowners to a Realtor. (Did you know not all sales agents are Realtors)? Sales agents are paid by the seller when they close a deal, so buyers do not typically have many if any fees to pay their agent. Interview: Realtors and decide on the best fit for you. Key factors; TRUST! Are they competent? Can they negotiate? Do they know the neighborhoods you plan to hunt in? Do you gel with his or her personality? Do they seem to … (3 comments)

san diego county: America’s Finest City: San Diego, CA - 08/30/16 12:42 AM
America’s Finest City
San Diego, CA
Have you ever heard the story of the tourist that went on vacation and never left? Have you ever fantasized about living in your favorite vacation spot? Well my friends, I’m living that dream the last 14 years! My bride and I vacationed here in San Diego & La Jolla, CA the summer of 2003 and were living here by Thanksgiving! We’ve lived in La Jolla, and San Diego’s University City & Sorrento Mesa; all make up University Towne Centre (UTC as the locals call it).
UTC, my Neighborhood & Office Location
I have stood with my toes … (6 comments)

san diego county: The Sky Is Not Falling, But The Market Is Shifting - 08/24/16 11:43 AM least in San Diego, CA I'm seeing definite signs here.
The Market Shift is starting to reveal itself folks. Mostly above $500K markets are beginning to take longer to sell and price reductions are starting to occur regularly. However, in the under $500K Market: I see the San Diego rental market driving people to try to buy, before they relent to rent, since the monthly payment is less to own a home in most cases, than rent in here (money is still cheap to borrow)!
Properties under $500,000 are still cranking in multiple … (6 comments)

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