san diego county: Reflections on a year of living: All In To Win! - 08/07/16 01:34 AM
From All In To Win MasterMind Summit 2015
The Quantum Leap MasterMind Summit 2016
Ailina & Thomas Nelson MasterMind 2015
For years now, MasterMind has impacted and improved my relationships; starting with with my bride & my son.
Buffini & Company 
Here are my reflections of the last year between Mastermind 2015 and Mastermind 2016 Do we just attend, get fired up and go home to the same routines? No way! In 2015 I attended MasterMind 2015 where we committed to go All In To Win! On certain goals we had procrastinated or new ones we set. During this 3 day event, I listened … (6 comments)

san diego county: The Nelson Network: An introduction to a new blog series. - 07/12/16 12:01 AM
The Nelson Network:
An introduction to a new blog series.
I'm a natural networker that became a Realtor. I've always been a people watcher and although naturally shy, I tend to enjoy large crowds at parties and networking mixers. As a retired DJ who performed at over 2,000 events & weddings, I’ve always thrived of the energy of others, in part because I enjoy listening to their stories. All you have to do is ask questions and then genuinely listen, people will share a lot with you, when they feel listened to and I think most want to share their experiences.
Everyone has … (7 comments)

san diego county: 4th Of July Celebrations: San Diego Style! - 06/24/16 12:05 AM
Thank You For Your Business, Referrals,
Support & (Thank You to Our Military)!
July is a busy month in San Diego, it's when
our weather becomes infamously perfect, we
get invaded by tourists and "Zonies"...
(we annually get an influx of AZ residents that
escape their 115 degrees for our milder 75-85
degrees and we have lots of 4th of July events
that kick off a whole plethora of July events.
A few of Our San Diego Fireworks Events:
Oceanside Fireworks Show
The public is invited to the City of Oceanside Fireworks Show on July 3, 2016 from 6:00 to 10:00 PM. Spectators are encouraged to arrive anytime after 6:00 … (6 comments)

san diego county: Crafty San Diego - 06/05/16 12:42 PM
Crafty San Diego
The Home of Local Craft Beers
Unfortunately, I discovered craft beers in my 40's and not my 20's when I could burn the calories easier. So, I can't enjoy the bounty of over 100 local San Diego beers as often as I'd like, but maybe that's a good thing for my waistline. (I just said that last part in case my wife reads this, but that's between us).
San Diego County literally has over 100 local brewers and thousands of craft beers, lagers, porters, ales, pilsners, IPA's, stouts, etc. This is not a complete list, but it lists many of our popular choices and … (4 comments)

san diego county: Yes, I Do Work CA, NY, FL, HI & Even Canada...Tap Into My Network! - 05/30/16 02:53 AM
Because of the ActiveRain & Buffini & Co communities, I'm connected to agents in all 50 states and even Canada & Mexico! I have personal relationships with many of these agents from years of shared live trainings around the country, Meetups, one on one meetings, referrals & closed shared deals and most importantly; friendships. I also meet many online through our Active Rain Q&A and in my blog comments, as well as on the half dozen Buffini-based Facebook pages I participate in daily.
I was recently reading a post BY SHARON TARA: Why I DID NOT Choose My Friend To List My Home
Her experience in that … (2 comments)

san diego county: 2 bed/ 2 bath Condo in Hillcrest's Atlas 1 Block to Balboa Park - 04/14/16 08:03 AM
Aloha Means Good-BUY!
 For Sale
I enjoy showing this condo because it's so close to some of the local hot spots for dining, cocktails, shopping, walking to Balboa Park and it's a short bike ride of car jaunt to Downtown San Diego, the airport, or even our water front! Check out the website by clicking the link below...


san diego county: Nordstrom Never Panics When Kmart Has A Sale! - 04/06/16 12:41 AM
Mary Jane Harris asked a question today in the Q&A that inspired this thought. Here's what she asked:
Seeing a lot of "cut rate" brokers offering significant discounts to both Sellers and Buyers. They advertise both on TV and two page ads in our newspapers. 
Offerings are from 1-1.5% commission charges to Seller (plus what they are willing to pay the selling agent) and/or rebate of up to 3% of the commission back to the buyer. How are you handling this objection?
To which I responded:
 ”Nordstrom never panics when Kmart has a sale."
Now, that is a clever line I got from Brian Buffini (Buffini & Company) … (20 comments)

san diego county: Housing Supply San Diego 1st Quarter 2016 - 03/28/16 11:46 PM
San Diego is experiencing a low supply and still a fairly high demand as rents continue to increase; making home ownership more affordable than renting in most of our county. Our Pending sales are up 10% from last year (Feb'15-3/5/16 data). The largest gain is where you'd expect it; single family homes priced between: $500K-$750K, where they increased 23.1%. And the over $1,2 million market is experiencing the slowest sales currently.
The overall Median Price is up 5.6% to $469,000 largely due to inventory levels being down by 18.8% from 2015. We are looking at an estimated Single-Family Home Supply of 2.2 months … (2 comments)

san diego county: Dining Out: After 5pm, In La Jolla - 03/20/16 03:21 AM
Dining Out: After 5pm, In La Jolla
Some of my Favorite La Jolla Village & Shores Restaurants to enjoy views, atmosphere drinks & dinner are:
Duke's: The newest edition to Prospect Street, the main drag in La Jolla Village, is Dukes La Jolla, a very trendy Hawaiian Fusion, muti-level restaurant with ocean views. I received advanced notice they were coming because I helped on of the managers find a rental property, as they were moving to La Jolla from Hawaii. Very trendy, upbeat atmosphere, great service on the slower side and the food was amazing…lots of fresh fish dishes to choose from. It's loud … (1 comments)

san diego county: Work We Do,They Never See, But We Need To Promote (Our Value)! - 02/27/16 01:47 AM
The Work We Do That They Never See, But We Need To Promote! (Our Value)
My Journal of just one Escrow, but many could be written about like this one, as Realtors, we do so much for our clients, much of which is unseen and taken for granted; because we're that good. They don't realize many agents do not do what we do and we're too professional or humble typically to call attention to what comes naturally for our level of service.
Jan 29, 2016 - Lead arrives.
Call lead, ask lots of questions.
NorCal Parents needing to buy a condo for their daughter’s … (4 comments)

san diego county: The 7 Steps To An Unstoppable Business - 02/21/16 02:35 AM
I recently attended a private training at Buffini & Company, hosted by Dermot Buffini (Brian’s brother) and his take on:
The 7 Steps to an Unstoppable Business, which was a spin on the Master Mind Summit 2015 session, that Brian Buffini taught us on originally. It’s always interesting to hear the same subject taught (and interpreted) by two different respected sales trainers. Below, I share the nuggets from my notes:
1. Love what you do for a living. You won’t love every aspect of it, but find what gets you to jump out of bed each morning, excited to “win the day” in your chosen … (6 comments)

san diego county: Aloha Means Good-Buy! (in coastal) Leucadia, CA - 01/07/16 09:21 AM
Property Website & Photo Gallery 
An opportunity to live West of the Hwy 5, under 1 Million and have all the perks of a single family home, gated community and 5 minutes to the coast, shops & restaurants of the sought after beach town of Leucadia in Encinitas, CA (North County San Diego).

san diego county: San Diego Property Tax Assessment & Reassessment 2015 - 10/03/15 10:12 AM
I'm often asked by my buyers, what our property taxes are and how often they go up? Assuming you are buying with help from a Proposition 13, 60 or 90, then it's pretty standard rates: I always quote 1.125% of your purchase price, as that's the highest it'll be on it's own. This is a good ballpark figure to work with. Now if you are in a part of San Diego County that is subject to Mello-Roos Tax (special tax assessment district in a developing area to finance specific public facilities and services needed by that particular area), this will add to … (0 comments)

san diego county: Getting To Know San Diego Proper - 02/15/15 10:11 PM
San Diego is a county of very distinct neighborhoods, micro-climates, micro-real estate markets and neighborhoods' history & personbalities. You really can't talk about San Diego as a whole, unless you're just describing one of the greatest counties in America to live in! We are America's Finest City.
There are many neighborghoods not listed here that, although part of San Diego County, are not part of San Diego proper, as they have incorprated into their own cities, with their own zip codes, post offices, local government, etc., (i.e. Carlsbad & Poway, CA).
Because of where I live, I serve Northern & Northerneastern San Diego. Because … (0 comments)

san diego county: A Bridge (Not) Too Far: Out & About in San Diego - 02/08/15 08:49 AM
I love discovering little tidbit historical facts, especially “local to my neighborhood” facts. It’s funny what you see and discover when you walk instead of drive. Even more so, when you leave your cell phone at home (or at least in your pocket) and keep your eyes open.

I’ve driven over this Sorrento Mesa bridge in UTC, which serves as the Eastgate Mall overpass @ the 805 Freeway (and my shortcut home), at least 2,000 times in the last 11 years of living here, in San Diego as a UTC resident. I never knew the history of it, after … (2 comments)

san diego county: 3 Bedroom w/ Cowles Mtn. Views (Solar) House 92119 - 01/16/15 08:25 AM
Cowles Mountain Views (Solar System) House 92119  
 Property Website: CLICK ME!

san diego county: 1 Bedroom Luxury Loft in Downtown San Diego w/Views! - 09/06/14 05:37 AM
 $1,000 Bonus to agent that brings accepted offer by 09/15/2014!!!

san diego county: Temporary Reduction To Your Assessed Property Value (is a good thing sometimes).... - 03/23/12 08:49 AM
After 3 years & 3 attempts (first two were declined), I finally just secured a reduced assessed value on my home from the SD County Clerks Office; due to our market depreciation from 2006-2009. If you bought property in San Diego (or anywhere), especially between 2004-2009, I recommend it.
I just knocked $38K off my property taxes. Why pay taxes on inflated values from 2007 (in this case) ? 
Remember, just like group insurance, the window to perform this opens and closes once per year, check with your local County Assessor/Recorder/Clerks Office
Need Help in San Diego?
or contact … (1 comments)

san diego county: Life Has Now Been Explained To You... - 03/16/12 12:31 AM
On the first day, God created the dog and said:
‘Sit all day by the door of your house and bark at anyone who comes in or walks past.. For this, I will give you a life span of twenty years.’
The dog said: ‘That’s a long time to be barking. How about only ten years and I’ll give you back the other ten?’
So God agreed.
On the second day, God created the monkey and said:
‘Entertain people, do tricks, and make them laugh. For this, I’ll give you a twenty-year life span.’
The monkey said: ‘Monkey tricks for twenty years? That’s a pretty long time … (0 comments)

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