sellers: Bold Predictions for Real Estate 2019 - 01/04/19 08:51 AM
Bold Predictions for Real Estate in 2019:
The National Market and Our Local San Diego, CA Market
Doom & Gloom? No! The market is looking great and stable! More inventory is coming, prices are stabilizing, and rates are still incredibly low. Good time to buy and sellers can still get a good price as the market is still moving relatively quickly nationally; the economy is strong and unemployment is low.
Prices and units sold are going to about the same (flat) locally in San Diego as 2018 and see a slight increase nationally. San Diego’s price point is higher than the national average to … (15 comments)

sellers: Do Some Dating Before You Propose Marriage! - 09/30/17 12:27 AM
Value Proposition Part 3 of 4
(A September Active Rain Challenge) 
From  Value Proposition Part 3 of 4
Key Point #1: The Q&A and The Orientation from:
Brain Surgery: Do You Hire The Cheap Surgeon or The Skilled Surgeon? 
A valuable component of my Unique Selling Proposition is the Buyer or Seller Orientation Meetings I setup with new clients or returing clients to simply ask them questions and LISTEN to their answers.
By the way, it's important with couples, to have them answer these questions separately and discuss the results. Having a written questionnaire they fill out in separate conference rooms e.g. produces some important and revealing contrast in values that need … (4 comments)

sellers: Solving Castle-$yndrome (Sellers, Let The Market Do The Talking) - 09/29/17 11:47 PM
Value Proposition Part 2 of 4 (September Active Rain Challenge) 
Pricing Advice for a seller is simple once mastered. Because it’s math and numbers do not lie. The challenge is it’s subjective math and sellers suffer from Castle-Syndrome, so their home always breaks the rules because “it’s the best Jerry, the best I tell-ya!” Seinfeld fans know the reference.
I simply use the appraiser’s method for non-investment properties in the residential market:
Subject Property: you must know this property for starters, so tour it and notate it’s location, condition and perks. And you’d better know that market it’s located in ie. you have been in … (1 comments)

sellers: Making Sure Those That Fight For It, Get A Piece of It Too! - 05/08/17 08:18 AM
Our military protects the American Dream.
I help people acquire it.
Since 1999, I'm proud to help those that serve & protect 
the American Dream, live it too!
I passed my test, so I may continue to Serve Those Who Serve us!
I'm proud to say that I've been getting residential real estate training for serving  our active duty and retired Military for almost 14 years now. Because of all the base closures in The Bay Area, I never got to work with many military clients. Moving to San Diego, CA fixed that! 
Over the years I've taken Military Relocation, Military Sensitivity Training: language and lifestyle. I've trained on rank/rate, pay … (5 comments)

sellers: Seller Questionaire - 01/21/17 06:43 AM
Listing Type: House-Condo-Townhome-Twinhome-Manufactured                 Orientation Date:
Current Address:
Listing Address (if different):
Is everyone on title available to meet? Is anyone not on title a decision maker?
Loan Amount still owed:
Monthly Payment: PITI
Mello Roos Tax?
Any Liens?
Loan Type:   VA   FHA   Conventional  Cash
Lender Info:________________________________________________________________________________
Why do you want to sell? Why now?
Where are you going? Buy or rent?
Do you need a Realtor Referral there?
Have you sold … (10 comments)

sellers: Navigation Tips for Today's Market - 01/20/17 09:12 PM
Many people are going to buy or sell real estate this year to take advantage of low rates before they rise and to lock in on a home before the pop up further in price due to the inventory crunch.
Here's a Few Tips for To Consider Before You Begin:
Timing; stop trying to time the market. I see so many people try to anticipate the market or come up with crazy theories on why they should wait.The right time to buy or sell is when you are ready; your life is calling you to do so. Better school district, living closer o that new … (1 comments)

sellers: How Big Is It? - 04/09/16 12:31 PM

AHHHH Yeah! It's BIG!
I just finished reading two well written blogs by Mimi Foster (I recently discovered her blog so I'm on a binge right now, I know). She penned two very well thought out and detailed lists we should be relating to our clients, to validate our fees & value to them. "Not all agents will do this for you, but I will." Mr Seller & Mrs. Buyer. Please check out her blogs from October 2015:
What REALTORS do for Sellers
What REALTORS do for Buyers 
I got me to tyhinking, have you ever stopped to consider how BIG your business is for so many other people … (2 comments)

sellers: San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders - 12/10/15 06:53 AM
San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders
I've included the contact info for utilities in San Diego County below...
San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders: Sellers, leave your utilities on until the close of escrow. The buyer needs to perform inspections and walk-throughs that will require power, gas & water.
San Diego Utilities & Helpful Reminders: When your tenants move out prior to selling or during your marketing or escrow process, remember to transfer your utilities over to you and leave your utilities on until the close of escrow. The buyer needs to perform inspections and walk-throughs that will require power, gas & water.
San Diego Utilities & … (1 comments)

sellers: Castle-sydrome - 10/21/15 10:42 PM
Castle-syndrome or is it SIN-drome?
We've all been there: It's 2015, The house was built in 1975, the second owners still live there and are now wanting to sell. They did a partial remodel in 1993 (the screened in porch, not to the kitchen) and they think it's the best on the block because of the updates and the  unique breeze they get between 4:30pm and 4:45pm every day that none of the neighbors get!
...or something to that affect right? So, how do we get the listing without insulting the homeowner or lying to them? I go to the Market Numbers. I never … (12 comments)

sellers: "Tips" of The Trade: Educating Sellers - 10/24/11 05:21 AM
"Tips" of The Trade: Educating Sellers     
One practice I use in my business to help educate and communicate with Sellers is our MLS system. Well duh! of course I do, we all do right? But are you using it to help you communicate more and debate less with your sellers?
This is a practice my team adopted for every seller back in 2003 to support better "keep in touch" systems and easier ways to arrive at a list … (4 comments)

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