thomas j nelson realtor: The I-Buyer Smoke and Mirrors - 04/30/19 01:12 PM
“Don’t get too comfortable with what you think you know. You have to adapt. You need to plan!” Barry Habib
What home buyers, sellers and REALTORS® need to know about the smoke and mirrors of I-Buyers… my notes from an AMAZING webinar that shines a light on the I-Buyer sites.
I’m sharing my note with you dear reader, not my opinions, taken from this amazing Facebook Live Webinar that was offered on April 17, 2019 by three of the most significant and respected mortgage professionals and REALTOR trainers in our industry.
What is an IBuyers? Glad you asked! An eye buyer is a big … (3 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Bold Predictions for Real Estate 2019 - 01/04/19 08:51 AM
Bold Predictions for Real Estate in 2019:
The National Market and Our Local San Diego, CA Market
Doom & Gloom? No! The market is looking great and stable! More inventory is coming, prices are stabilizing, and rates are still incredibly low. Good time to buy and sellers can still get a good price as the market is still moving relatively quickly nationally; the economy is strong and unemployment is low.
Prices and units sold are going to about the same (flat) locally in San Diego as 2018 and see a slight increase nationally. San Diego’s price point is higher than the national average to … (14 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: The Truth Behind Mortgage Advertising - Consumer Warning! - 09/26/18 07:13 AM
There is some fantastic information here provided by Jason E. Gordon  and I felt this article should have had more traction, especially in today's market. These are the conversations we need to have with our clients: Realtors and Lenders alike!
The Headlines vs. Fine Print!
~ The Truth Behind Mortgage Advertising ~
The truth behind mortgage advertising is rather simple for those who take the time to understand the facts.  Far too often, Mortgage Advertising is deceptive (and has been that way for decades).  The reason why Mortgage Companies continue to engage in misleading advertising practices is works.  Consumers continue to … (1 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Are You A Good Investment or A Losing Proposition? - 09/12/18 08:50 AM
Good Investment or a Waste of Money; a Loser?
How do you see yourself?
I once heard Brian Tracy talk about the re-investment of profits into yourself, I'll paraphrase and take some liberties here:
"If I asked you to invest $10,000 in a company I saw as a great investment, gave you the prospectus and you did your homework on it discovered it would lose money, you'd pass on it. You'd in effect be saying this is a bad investment, this company is a loser. Simultaneously, if someone that has achieved what you want to achieve or had some level of success you are … (4 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Summer Soldiers: The Reality of Discount Realty (Part 1) - 08/06/18 01:17 PM
The Reality of Discount Realty
"These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." ~ Thomas Paine speaking of REALTORS®, the Winter Patriots!
Without fail, every boon real estate market will experience a boom in discount brokers. The phenomenon is always the same:
Market shifts to a sellers’ market, misleading the public that it takes no skills or experience to sell a home, so why pay for it? We just put a sign on … (0 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Summer Soldiers: The Reality of Discount Realty (Part 2) - 08/05/18 11:42 AM
Continued From Part 1
What drives REALTORS®
What this strategy does is allow REX to double-end or represent both sides of the deal, thus making the 2% they do charge, which is only .5% below the average commission these days paid. We’re seeing many 5.5% - 5% - 4% listings in our San Diego MLS. Again, the fee is negotiable, and I feel the fee offered reflects the skills set of the listing agent; with exception to military discounts, repeat client rewards, similar-etc.
Regarding Buyers: You pay no fees typically with a buyer’s agent from any company as the buyers’ agents are paid by the … (0 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: The Riches in The Niches I'm Finding In RCS-D / San Diego, CA - 07/31/18 09:52 PM
The Riches in The Niches I'm Finding In RCS-D
I feel funny entering my own contest, but some insisted, so here I go...
Ironically, my July Contest: Your Riches Are In The Niches! was my entry in the May 2018 Contest hosted by Debe Maxwell, CRS: ActiveRain Challenges & Contest Ideas - What's Yours? 
We were challenged to come up with a contest premise that would allow us to learn from others in The Rain. I thought to myself, “I have done this at least 5 times during my careers, why not see what others would do?” I was thinking of when I needed … (4 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: This Amazing Remodeled House... is for the Birds! - 07/31/18 08:32 AM
Search current inventory of  Under Priced Homes In San Diego, CA
Listing Details"Birdland Neighborhood" House For Sale in San Diego, CA - Serra Mesa Community2621 Sprig Place, San Diego, CA 92123
Price: $643,314
MLS number: 18004078
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Square Footage: 1050
Call/Text Thomas J. Nelson, REALTOR® at 858-232-8722 to see if this property is still available, answer your questions and arrange a private showing.A wonderful opportunity to own a remodeled home in the Serra Mesa area of West/Central San Diego. Beautifully Updated cul-de-sac house located in the desirable "Birdland" neighborhood of Serra Mesa. Where do we start with the updates? Updated: Kitchen, New Appliances, Remodeled Bathrooms, Windows, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Breaker Panel, Paint, Mature Landscaping, New Water Heater, Fences … (6 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Business Owners: “BBalance'd and Remember To Breathe” (PFS 007) - 07/29/18 08:46 AM
Business Owners must “BBalance and Remember To Breathe" 
…well, all people in might want to make the healthiest choices for their mind, body and spirit. It allows us to be live longer with less pain while being present for those we love and those we work with as business people. The ability to think clearer, make better decisions and be more of who are; to give the best of us, not what is left of us.
Episode 007 Listen Here
A Podcast, A Blog: brining value for entrepreneurs, business owners and people in sales, like my REALTOR® friends.
You do not need to be “into … (1 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: No Guarantees: Passion & Purpose (Revisited - PFS 006) - 07/24/18 07:33 PM

It was a thrill to turn my "most famous" blog post into a Podcast recently!
                                                                                  Views       Comments     Likes    Clicks
This is the post that earned me my first commission check from my blog!
It went viral and caught fire throughout SoCal Coldwell Banker, my brokerage at the time. 
I closed a $550,000 escrow as a result of a referral that … (2 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Nelson Notes: The Referral of a Lifetime - 07/08/18 09:00 AM
Nelson Notes: The Referral of a Lifetime
Nelson Notes
Welcome to my notebook, where I share the highlights from the books I read and notes taken while in live trainings & on webinars. I feature a lot of the books I’ve read and that I recommend as worth your while to read. Givers gain, so I’m sharing the good stuff, that it may impact and improve your life in some way. It’s A Good Life!
The Referral Of A Lifetime
By Tim Templeton
Originally Penned: 11/07/2007, Updated 7/7/2018
The Referral of a Lifetime
I have read this book at least once per year since I discovered it back in 2003. It’s a … (12 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: My 10 Favorite Real Estate Blogs of 2018 - 07/08/18 07:23 AM
Robert Newman  shared a great list of industry blogs to be aware of.
Robert was a a great guest on my former Podcast: The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show Episode 134 and then took over my co-host seat on that Podcast, after I amicably left in April of this year to launch my new Podcast: Postcards From Success. Robert is very dialed into the tech and SEO world and I recommend you follow his blog.
inboundrem) My dearest rainers,
It's been a minute. Growing a business is time-consuming! But I still make time to read and follow a handful of real estate blogs. … (5 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Achieve Your Goals, Once and For All - 07/06/18 06:32 PM
Some of us paid a lot of money to be in this audience for 3 days and network with the best of the best at La Costa Resort, Carlsbad CA.. Here's a peek into Peak Experience from May 2018. Great info in this blog and on the Podcast(Episode 109 link provided below). How many times have you set a goal and then failed to achieve it? It happens to all of us at one time or another. Often, we continue to set the same goal and, as expected, we fail to achieve it again and again. Hey, at least we’re consistent.
The … (3 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: July Contest: Your Riches Are In The Niches! - 07/01/18 05:11 PM
Riches In The Niches - It’s JULY CONTEST TIME! Topic summary - Pick The Niche That Will Get You Rich!Premise: You get to keep all of your present skills, education and experience, but you have to start your real estate business completely over today. You have no database, no leads, no prior sales; it's ground zero, day one!The Nuts & Bolts - Entries will be judged on what was chosen for your niche, how your niche will be marketed and branded. You must explain what lead you to this choice, the "back story.” Was it a personal reason, a passion?  Did education lead to your new niche?  Experience?  What special … (61 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Are You Winning The Epic Battle of Home Life vs. Work Life? (PFS 004) - 07/01/18 10:28 AM

Rest & Recharge is as important as Listings and Closing Escrows! Last week I produced a podcast on Boundaries, which is a continued effort to remind entrepreneurs, small business owners and Realtors to stop and smell the roses. You get one life, don’t blow it! Two years ago,
I posted a series of blogs regarding balancing work and home, business and personal and the challenges with that and disciplines required for it.
Listen to Episode 004 Here: Boundaries: Balancing Home Life Your Work Life
I very often debate with other agents about the merits of rest & recharge vs. 24/7. Look, you can … (8 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: Virtual Listings: Never Set Foot In A House Again! (PFS 005) - 07/01/18 09:42 AM

Have you ever worked with a Virtual Assistant? I started working with one about 4 years ago and now I work with 3. One of my best moves was hiring Talk about a time saver for all things listings! Now, my post title may be exaggerating a bit, but here you are reading about this amazing service that will dramatically cut down on your time spent at listings prepping them for market! Yes, you still go to the listing. Check this out...
I now can provide professional photos, video, drone, Matterport digital 3D floor plans and much more in a one … (4 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: July Fun in the San Diego Sun! - 06/29/18 03:12 PM
July is my favorite summer month in San Diego and here is why:
4th of July Celebrations
All events take place on July 4 unless otherwise noted.  
Other Events In July
San Diego County Fair   June 1-July 4
“How Sweet it Is” Whether it’s sampling chocolate bubbling from a fountain, soaking up the glittery ocean views from atop the Ferris wheel, discovering how nature’s sweet fruits grow and ripen, or enjoying the Fair’s golden-ticket entertainment, your toughest decision will be choosing what to indulge in first! 
Time/Place: See website for schedule. / Del Mar Fairgrounds 
Contact: 858-755-1161 /
The CADO   June 16-Aug. 30
An immersive pop-up experience devoted to … (5 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: 1031 Exchange and Taxes, Oh My! (PFS 003) - 06/01/18 03:55 PM
1031 Exchanges, W-2 Employees, Alimony
and the New 2018 Tax Laws
 LISTEN HERE To Episode 003
Yep, we cover a lot, but keep it short and simple. There's just so much affecting us in 2018 and 2019 due to the new tax laws, we wanted to share some facts and clear up some confusion I know some of my clients have expressed to me. 
Watch Our Episode Here:
This is the first interview show of my new Podcast,
but returning guests from my Mail-Right Podcast:
William L. Exeter 
President and Chief Executive Officer
A member of The Exeter Group of Companies
Office (619) 239-3091 | Toll Free (866) 393-8370  |  Fax (619) … (3 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: The White Hats (Postcards From Success 002) - 05/27/18 07:57 AM

 Buffini & Company hosts Peak Experience annually in May. Out of 21,000 members, only 500 get to attend this event and an average of 1500 sit on a waiting list hoping someone drops. 
When you "graduate" Peak Experience, you are now known as a White Hat because you literally are given a white Peak Experience logo-hat to wear and you figuratively wear that hat from this point on; it’s a mindset.  
Listen To "White Hats" Episode 002 Here
The White Hat is a symbol, like in the old Hollywood Westerns;
the good guy wore a White Hat and the bad guys wore black hats.
Here's … (1 comments)

thomas j nelson realtor: An Introduction to (Postcards From Success 001) - 05/26/18 08:46 AM
I launched my new Podcast: Postcards From Success!
 Listen Here: To Episode 001 An Introduction to Postcards From Success!
After a year and a half working as co-producer and co-host of the Mail-Right Podcast with my co-producer friend Jonathan Denwood, we decide to split off and take our respective shows in two diverse directions. The Mail-Right Podcast will continue as a tech-based show educating the real estate industry, while I took the Entrepreneurial, Personal Growth & Real Estate Sales focus for Postcards From Success.
I add a little local San Diego flavor to the mix and share from the nuggets of gold I’ve acquired … (1 comments)

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