usp: PODCAST #119: Follow Up Boss - 10/14/17 09:41 AM
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Episode #119 
In Episode #119 of The Mail-Right Podcast We interview Dave Lawrence Head of Growth at Follow Up Boss. This is a company that focuses on your sales results through a powerful CRM (contact management system) designed to link your email, lead sources and outgoing campaigns into a consistent and automated system.
It eliminates data entry when it comes to calling and texting through Follow Up Boss. It organizes your New Leads, Active Leads, Schedules Appointments and Reengages Inactive Leads!
Watch us here on Youtube with Bonus Material
"We make real estate lead conversion and sales follow up more efficient and automated resulting … (1 comments)

usp: PODCAST #117: The Plan To Save Real Estate and Your Career - 10/14/17 09:41 AM
Episode #117
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"There's no App for what we do, it's time to act like it and communicate our value to the public!"
We interview a man who is very misunderstood in this “bonus” episode of our Mail-Right Podcast:
Greg Hague is known for his STOP ZILLOW Campaign, which is now his movement.
Many of you have heard of this, but may not know the full story. This is about reclaiming our industry as entrepreneurs and agents; an industry we naively gave away over the last 10 years. NAR, CAR and our local boards have their head in the sand, it’s up to us! Too … (0 comments)

usp: PODCAST #114: The Career Compass- Your USP and How To Save Real Estate - 10/14/17 09:39 AM
 Episode #114
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Founding member of Career Compass "Beef" Wellington Pendell shares marketing, branding and USP tips and techniques. How would you like to earn 7% commissions?
Active Rain's own Jason E. Gordon introduced me to "Beef" Wellington and the Career Compass about 4 years ago and then I've developed a nice working relationsip of my own with "Beef" over the years.
THE CAREER COMPASS was founded almost a decade ago by a power team of real estate marketing experts with the goal to bring a level of training and value to California real estate professionals never seen before in the Real Estate Industry.
We … (2 comments)

usp: 2,000 Kitchen Tables - 05/15/17 06:07 AM
Sitting Down At Over 2,000 Tables 
Facing often two opposite-personalities, yet both making a decision.
I've been in sales for over 30 years. I've attended college courses, read hundreds of sales books, taken many years of sales trainings and continuing education and even worked with business coaches. But none of that is unique. Experienced, loyal, organized, good communicator, great negotiator, skilled problem solver; all true, none of it unique.
What is a USP? What is your USP? A USP is your Unique Selling Proposition; those qualities, tools, strategies or guaranteed results you offer that none can duplicate. Better yet, your USP's are your stories, those … (9 comments)

usp: Your Finest Cheapest Service Please - 03/30/17 07:10 PM
Your Finest Cheapest Service Please...
it can feel that way some times can't it?
Dear "valued " Realtor,
You have done a great job staying in touch with us. We have enjoyed your annual client appreciation parties and the occasional pop-bys with great treats and timely information.
Oh wow, and did you ever get us the great deal on this home 7 years ago, (remember when we were first time buyers without a clue?) Well, we have $140,000 in equity according to our Zestimate! Plus, our neighbor sold for $475,000 last week, we're a model match to them, but we have an upgraded garbage disposal, new filters … (7 comments)

usp: Real Estate Is Easy! - 02/15/17 01:54 PM
When the market is hot, Real Estate looks easy.
Maybe real estate is easy and it's people that are hard?
The number of agents goes up too!
(50% of the licenses out there are not Realtors ie. not NAR members. So not all sales agents are Realtors).
Here's the stats:
2013- 1.04 M. NAR agents and 2.08 million total sales people with a license. 2014- 1.10 M.  NAR agents and  2,20 million total sales people with a license. 2015- 1.23 M. NAR agents and 2.46 million total sales people with a license. 2016- 1.70 M. NAR agents and 3.40 million total sales people with a license. "at the end … (48 comments)

usp: It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer... (2 of 2) - 11/13/16 07:36 AM
It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer in a Commoditized World!
(part 1: It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer (1))
For your USP, (Unique Selling Proposition), the answer is not an adjective:
“I’m personable”,    “I make friends out of clients”,     “I’m full-service”, "I’m #1 in ____”    or    “I close 300- deals per year.” "blah, blah, blah". The answer is not your resume' or these features. Because everyone can say: “I’m full service”, “I’m experienced”, “I’m #1 in something”, “I’m friendly”, “I’m blah, blah, blah!”. More importantly, these have nothing to do with the consumers' concerns. The consumer as a priority, … (2 comments)

usp: It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer...(1 of 2) - 11/13/16 07:19 AM
It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer
in a Commoditized World!
(part 2: It SUCKS To Be a Top Producer (2))
Consumers see all sales agents and Realtors alike. They have no way of knowing our differences from the outside looking in; we all do the same thing, the same way, so why pay more fees than necessary if the results are the same no matter who you hire? 
Here’s the problem with that misconception: Not all agents are created equal. Skills, training, experience, personality, commitment, communication skills specifically, tools & tech, areas of expertise, and so on. Also, homes do not have fixed prices, they … (4 comments)

usp: Nelson Notes: (Do you have a ) Purple Cow? - 05/24/16 11:31 PM
Nelson Notes:
Welcome to my notebook, where I share the highlights from my books read and notes taken while in live trainings & on webinars. I feature a lot of the books I’ve read that I recommend as worth your while to read too. Givers gain, so I’m sharing the good stuff, that it may impact and improve your life in some way.
Purple Cow wisdom from Author Seth Godin.
What is the Purple Cow in your business? What is your USP?
I must be something very different, very specific; good customer service is a claim too many can make-why is your customer service the best or … (4 comments)

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