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New York Real Estate. Residential Homes, Vacant Land, Commercial Buildings, Residential Income Properties, Commercial Leases and New Construction. An Experienced agent helping buyers, investors and sellers. Searching the MLS, Loopnet and various other sites for Listings of homes, residential properties, commercial properties and vacant land for sale in New York's Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Bronx Counties. Full service real estate services for home buyers and sellers throughout Southern New York. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT. Foreclosures, short sales, new homes, condos, co-ops, large residential income properties, office buildings and vacant land. "KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE WORK" "Real Estate From The Ground Up"
Property Value Fluctuations Real Estate Market: Changes in the local real estate market can affect property values, and thus, the assessed values. Improvements and Renovations: Upgrades or additions to your property can increase its assessed value. Tax Rate Changes Local Government Decisions: Tax...
Seller concessions in real estate refer to financial incentives or benefits that a seller offers to a buyer to help facilitate the sale of a property. These concessions can take various forms and are often used to make a deal more attractive to buyers, especially in a competitive market or when b...
Understanding Home Equity and How to Use ItHome equity is the portion of your home’s value that you own outright, which increases as you pay down your mortgage and as your home appreciates in value. Here’s a breakdown of what home equity is and how you can use it:Understanding Home EquityWhat is ...
Understanding Property TaxesWhat Are Property Taxes?Definition Property Tax: A tax on real estate, which includes land and the structures on it, imposed by local governments based on the property's assessed value.Purpose Funding Public Services: Property taxes are used to fund local government op...
Clearing land to build a home involves several steps to ensure the process is safe, efficient, and compliant with local regulations. Here's a comprehensive guide:1. Planning and Permits Survey the Land: Hire a professional to survey the property and mark boundaries. Obtain Permits: Check with loc...
Lot 14.2 Wiccopee Road Putnam Valley $169,000 6.0096 AcresThis is a property listing for a plot of land. If you're considering purchasing this lot and want to clear it to build a home, here's how you can proceed:Steps to Clear Land for Building a Home on Lot 14.2 Wiccopee Road, Putnam Valley Init...
Renovations can significantly impact real estate in various ways, from increasing property value to enhancing marketability and improving functionality. Here's a closer look at the power of renovations in real estate:1. Increasing Property Value Boosting Market Value Kitchens and Bathrooms: These...
The impact of a death in a home on sales can vary depending on several factors, including local laws and cultural attitudes. Here are some key considerations: Disclosure Laws: In many jurisdictions, sellers are legally required to disclose deaths that have occurred in a home within a certain time...
Understanding different types of mortgages is essential for making informed decisions about home financing. Here are the main types of mortgages, along with their key characteristics: 6. USDA Loans (United States Department of Agriculture) Eligibility: For rural and suburban homebuyers meeting in...
Understanding different types of mortgages is essential for making informed decisions about home financing. Here are the main types of mortgages, along with their key characteristics:. Fixed-Rate Mortgages (FRMs) Interest Rate: Remains the same throughout the loan term. Term Lengths: Commonly 15,...

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I will be be talking about the land, Commercial, Multi Family and single family home market in upper Westchester and Putnam County. Also my Land Sales. And Real Estate in Yorktown Heights, Westchester County Real estate, Thomas Santore, Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker yorktown heghts ny,
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