home manager: Newly Staged in Park City, UT - 10/13/09 08:07 AM
Just in time for Ski season!
Showhomes Park City just staged this $2million dollar new contruction home. This is a beautiful home that had been sitting vacant on the market for almost a year. The home is in a mountain community outside Park City and a year with few showings made the home hard to show. Showhomes' Katja Cain and crew moved in a live in home stager and staged the home to perfection. At an open house to reintroduce the home to Realtors and Brokers last week, over 60 professionals commented on how amazing the home now shows. Take a … (11 comments)

home manager: Newly Staged in LA - 10/05/09 11:55 PM
Showhomes' Beth George emailed over these pics of a home they staged last week. As usual, they did an awesome job and I'm sure this house will sell qiuckly:


This home could be anywhere - the staging is classic and every one of these rooms looks and feels comfortable!
This home has a live in home stager to keep it in perfect show condition every time it is shown.
Great job by the Showhomes Orange County and LA group!
Thomas Scott
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home manager: Couple Helps Distressed Homeowners - 09/28/09 11:06 AM
Carla and Jonathan Cheifetz recently opened a Showhomes franchise in Princeton, NJ after both lost their jobs and became frustrated with the lackluster job market. Jonathan, a former Wall Street executive and Carla, previously the director of a non-profit, both lost their jobs during the economic downturn of 2008. Both looked for new jobs for months before deciding to take their careers in a new direction.
“I was very impressed that Showhomes has been around for 23 years,” Carla says. “It’s an especially effective solution in our Northeast housing market, where many homeowners are incredibly frustrated because their properties have lingered … (7 comments)

home manager: Home Stager Listed as Top Emerging Career in Down Market - 09/27/09 10:23 AM

This article was picked up by Reuters and CNBC last week - business is booming for Showhomes as Home Staging continues to deliver sales results for the Realtors and homeowners who use it:
September, 2009 - NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--While many formerly bright job sectors continue to shed jobs at a record rate, home staging has emerged from the rubble as a top career choice.
CareerBuilder and CNN recently ranked home stager as the No. 1 choice on their “Seven emerging jobs poised for growth” list. It may seem surprising that a real-estate related career is thriving in the current economic … (1 comments)

home manager: Newly Staged in Elmhurst - 09/26/09 12:53 PM
On a trip to Chicago to visit our four Showhomes offices last week, I toured this beautiful $890k home in Elmhurst staged by Showhomes' Laura Johnson. This home, like most staged by Showhomes comes with a live-in home stager who takes care of the home and makes sure it is in show-to-sell condition when it is shown.
Laura amazed our office by staging this home within 24 hours of move-in. This is not a small home and every room in the home is fully staged. When I toured the home and shot these photos, all that remained was to hang some … (6 comments)

home manager: $2.7 Million Home Sells from Staging in 45 Days - 06/10/09 04:21 AM
Beth George, owner of Showhomes LA and Orange County in CA sent me these photos of a home she just staged and helped sell with a live-in Home Manager.
This beautiful, villa style home was listed at $2.7 million and had been on the market for 465 days before the owner hired Showhomes to stage the home. Showhomes' Home Manager moved in and the stagers went to work and the owner accepted an offer in 45 days!
Take a look and let us know what you think. Great work, Beth!


home manager: Company Uses People as Props to Sell Vacant Homes - 06/10/09 04:08 AM
Great article on Showhomes using people as props to help sell vacant homes from FOX news in MN: Strategy producing home sales despite sluggish market A national home staging company is having success in today`s tough real estate market using people as props to help stage and sell large vacant homes. The innovative alternative to traditional staging is dramatically shortening the time to sell and increasing the sales price. Showhomes contracts with homeowners to place people it calls `Home Managers` in vacant homes for sale. Home Managers help stage the home and keep it in show-to-sell condition inside and out so … (1 comments)

home manager: Just Staged In Minneapolis - 03/06/09 03:25 AM
Cindy Montgomery, our top stager and one our Top-Performers each year, sent me these photos of soem homes she staged last week. Cindy is a dynamo with an average of almost 50 homes staged at any given time. Take a look:

We often talk about color and contrast and how contrast, even with the lack of color, can make rooms 'sticky' so potential buyers remember the home and the room. I think these rooms are very sophisticated and I'm sure I would easily remember these rooms if I was a buyer.
What do you think?
Thomas Scott

home manager: Showhomes and Home Staging Featured on Fox National News - 03/04/09 03:50 AM
Showhomes was featured on Fox National news Thursday, Friday and in local markets throughout the weekend. The article, focused on the success using Home Managers to stage big, expensive vacant homes is creating. Selling a home vacant in today's market, even if it is new, is the kiss of death; vacant homes are simply too vulnerable to low-ball offers. With a 5-10 year supply of luxury homes, a home needs every advantage it can get. Using Home Managers is a cost effective and proven method to get an entire home staged and pay for staging at close. Check out the story: … (11 comments)

home manager: Newly Staged in Downers Grove, IL - 03/04/09 03:44 AM
Steve Thomas, owner of Showhomes Naperville, sent me these photos of a tricky room he and his team restaged for a Home Manager in a $700k Downers Grove home.
Here's what they had to work with to start:

Pretty crowded and not what you want to walk into when you first enter the home. THe entertainment center is nice put belongs in another room, the access to the conversation grouping is tight for a Realtor and clients to navigate and there is solid furniture along the wall, especially in the dining room.
He went to work and in short order … (5 comments)

home manager: Staging Sells in Orange County! - 02/13/09 03:19 AM
Staging Sells in Orange County!
Beth George, owner of Showhomes - Orange County is reporting that sales of her homes staged with Home Managers are up. She helped this $1.2 million dollar home in West Huntington Beach, CA sold this month and it's the 2nd one this week to sell!
Best of all, the owners of these homes didn;t have to pay for staging until the homes closed.
Take a look at her expert staging work:

Great job on a whole house staging!
Staging is producing results even in a really difficult market.
For more … (6 comments)

home manager: Occupied to Sell in Houstonm -Feedback? - 02/13/09 03:05 AM
Occupied to Sell in Houston
Andy Wilson and Teresa Cwick of Showhomes - Houston staged this $595k inner loop townhome staged with a Home Manager this week and emailed photos. I really liked the upscale staging in these photos; this home looks more like a tasteful owner lives here than a staged home and I find it very inviting. The Realtor on this great listing thought the staging looked a bit masculine and wanted it to look more feminie. We'd like to get some feedback from you. What do you think of the staging? What would you change in these … (19 comments)

home manager: Home Staging is a Rich Man's Game - Yeah, If You Wanna Be Rich! - 01/30/09 05:14 AM
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Home Staging is a Rich Man's Game - Yeah, If You Wanna Be Rich! Interesting blog on staging that quotes Showhomes and Thomas Scott:
If you think staging is just a rich man's game... you're right! Home staging - aka getting your home into the best possible show shape so as to trigger an emotional response in the prospective buyer - is the proven way to shore up the value of any property offered for sale. Studies have shown that a staged house sells for 20% more than non-staged homes on properties priced over $200,000 and … (0 comments)

home manager: Upscale Nomads Help Sell Homes - 01/26/09 05:13 AM
Upscale Nomads Help Sell Homes Great article on Showhomes that appeared in the Tampa Tribune this past weekend. Showhomes opened two new locations recently in the Tampa area:

By Shannon Behnken, Tampa Tribune, Fla.
Jan. 25
TAMPA -- Some of Tampa's finest houses need more than impeccable maintenance or discounting to sell in this economic environment.
They may need you.
That is, if you're compulsively neat, have a home's worth of upscale furniture and don't mind moving every few months.
Though most people are familiar with staging a house using fine furnishings and decorations, a new Tampa business thinks the … (1 comments)

home manager: All the Home’s a Stage - 01/15/09 06:28 AM

All the Home’s a Stage
Published: January 2, 2009

Douglas Healey for The New York Times
HOME ‘MANAGER’ Kim Elstein, a Westport gallery owner, in the Fairfield house she lives in to keep ready for showing.

WANTED: Compulsively neat, highly organized people to live in houses being marketed for sale. Must keep house suitable for showing at all times. Dirty dishes, used bath towels and stray newspapers strictly prohibited.
Salary? None. Length of time in house? Unpredictable.
If this description serves only to remind you what a … (0 comments)

home manager: Urban Condo Just Staged in Nashville - 11/21/08 12:06 AM
Just Staged in Nashville
Courtney Edwards emailed photos of another high end condo they staged with a live in Home Manager in Nashville on historic Music Row. This $500k condo has been on the market for a long time and now looks great.
Nashville, like a lot of cities, has had rampant condo development downtown. During the boom, these were selling to buyers and investors at a rapid clip. Today they are stagnant and not moving well. Adding a Home Manager and staging each room gives life to the unit and life to the complex. Buyers need to see that other … (4 comments)

home manager: Luxury Living at Low Price? - 09/03/08 12:57 AM
Luxury Living at Low Price? Reported by: Mallory Hardin, KARK 4 News Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008 @09:26pm CST
National home prices fell last month, a record 15.4 percent, and that's from just one year ago. Arkansas numbers haven't yet been released for July, but numbers haven't been promising this year. So what if you could get a million dollar mansion for just over a thousand? It could be a possibility through a home staging company, but there are a few stipulations. We're told right now, the homes on the market that just aren't selling are the expensive homes. Anything over … (2 comments)

home manager: Staggering Vacancy Rates - 07/02/08 02:47 AM
At Showhomes, we provide a really specialized service for a very specific niche in the real estate market: vacant homes for sale over $500k.
We really pay attention to vacancy rates - what we call the % of vacant homes for sale out of the total number of homes for sale in an area. During the boom, we often specualted that about 1 in 10 higher end homes for sale were vacant or 10%. These days, we are able to do much better and much more specific data analysis usng MLS dumps and spot checks of sample data and the numbers … (6 comments)

home manager: Selling a house? Consider live-in manager - 06/26/08 08:34 AM
Selling a house? Consider live-in Home Manager Wednesday, June 25, 2008 By Ric Romero These days, it's a buyer's market in real estate, and many houses are sitting empty much longer than the owner would like. Here's a new twist that is helping sellers seal the deal more quickly. Most likely you have heard of "home staging," where a professional comes into the home for sale and puts furniture and accessories in just the right places to make the home look better. Well, now home staging comes with a live-in tenant who might help speed up the sale.
Click in the … (2 comments)

home manager: Elvis Has Left the Building and Now You Can Move In - 05/30/08 04:15 AM
Elvis Has Left the Building and Now You Can Move In
Home staging company uses live-in Home Managers to help sell mansions Want to live in a $3.6 million dollar Orange County mansion? Want to reside in a $2 million dollar golf villa on the 4th tee at Marsh Landing in Jacksonville? How about a stately $4 million dollar Lake Forest address in Chicago? What would it cost a month? $10,000 a month? $7500? Try $1800.

There’s only one catch – you have to have beautiful furniture and be willing to move on short notice because these swanky mansions are … (2 comments)

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