thomas scott: Staging With Black and White - 10/18/09 02:19 AM
On field visits to many of the homes we've staged, I've seen some really creative use of Black and White to make rooms both memorable and contrasty. Even in builder-biege rooms, the black and white makes for a sharp and smart look and I find that buyers can easily remember these rooms after looking at homes all day.
They may not like the sharp look for themselves but it jumps out among all the other homes they see that look alike. It's a bold move to increase stickiness of a listing. See for yourself:

Have you experimented … (18 comments)

thomas scott: Home Sales Success in Tampa - 10/15/09 05:24 AM
Linda Saavedra, owner of Showhomes Tampa, emailed me with some pics and an amazing story about her home staging business in Tampa:
Hi Linda,  I just want to thank you for doing a fantastic job with my listing in Tampa which had been on the market for a year and 1/2 before learning about your services.  My listing was a vacant custom built pool home which lacked the warmth and connectability.  I had an almost full price offer within a week of your staging with  the home managers' furnishings, and 25% higher offer than the 2 offers that had come in a week prior to the home … (0 comments)

thomas scott: Newly Staged in Calabasas (LA) - 10/14/09 12:42 AM
Craig Brown of Showhomes LA emailed me these pics of a home they staged yesterday in Calabasas in LA County. This home has a live in Home Stager and after many months on the market, we expect it to sell:

Good job! This house is in the foothills and when vacant was really difficult to show. Even when professionally cleaned, dust settled over everything, sucking the life out of the listing. With a live-in home stager, the home kept in show-to-sell condition long after it is staged and prepped for every showing.
Thomas Scott
Open … (7 comments)

thomas scott: Wow - Home Staging Sold this Home in 2 Weeks After 3 Years on Market - 10/08/09 12:32 AM
Townhouses and condos are hard to sell in tough markets. Unlike single family homes, townhouses and condos swing in price much more rapidly and in today's real estate market there is a glut of unsold inventory. unfortunatley for buyers, much of this inventory is vacant.
Cindy Montgomery emailed me some after photos of this townhouse in Hennepin County, MN that sold in two weeks after sitting on the market for a staggering 3 years:


That's a tough room to stage. Really tall ceilings, not much color to work with and an urban environment than has some noise. Add … (8 comments)

thomas scott: Stunning Dining Room Before and After - 10/06/09 06:30 AM
This Minneapolis dining room staged by Showhomes' Cindy Montgomery is getting RAVE reviews. This is an older, dated home and when vacant, very hard to show. Like many rooms in older, expensive homes, this one had typical lower ceilings, some outdated cabnetry and normal wear and tear.  Take a look:

The homeowner hired Showhomes beacuse we have been selling a lot of homes this year, beating the average time on market by as much as 50%.
Like many vacant homes, showings had really tapered off and few buyers were venturing inside. The ones that did spent very little time in … (14 comments)

thomas scott: Frank Discussion about Selling Homes Today from Experts - 10/02/09 01:33 AM
Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to be a guest on Alice T Chan's Home Staging radio show. Alice is a west coast staging expert who works with tons of Realtors and home stagers helping get better performance. As VP of Operations for Showhomes, I train the largest home staging team in the country and operate with thousands of Realtors in over 50 real estate markets.
   Alice T Chan of the staged home lifestyle and Thomas Scott of Showhomes, America's largest home staging company
Alice called with an interesting question? What does it take to really sell a home in … (1 comments)

thomas scott: Lived In Look - Live In Home Stagers Catch on in Miami, FL - 09/23/09 09:45 AM
Great story on using lived in home stagers from South Florida:
When attorney Alan Shuminer started looking for a house to rent, he came across a listing that he thought was a typo: $2,800 per month for a five-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot home with a pool in High Pines, a high-end area near South Miami.  I thought there was a 1 missing, that it was $12,800, he said. But I called to check.  The price, about one-third the rent the house would normally fetch, was correct. The catch: He needed to have nice furniture, let agents show the house to prospective buyers … (5 comments)

thomas scott: Mobile Marketing? - 09/15/09 04:52 AM
I have been house shopping recently and have been struck by the high number of mobile marketing tactics Realtors are using. Mobile Marketing is a buzzword to catch all of the tools you might use to route traffic to a customer's cell phone. Since our cell phones have almost become our home office, it makes sense that this would work, right?

I'm pretty savy on marketing, social media and technology but I'm old-school when it comes to driving around looking at homes. My wife and I like to grab flyers and keep the flyers as we drive. We make notes … (3 comments)

thomas scott: Company Uses People as Props to Sell Vacant Homes - 06/10/09 04:08 AM
Great article on Showhomes using people as props to help sell vacant homes from FOX news in MN: Strategy producing home sales despite sluggish market A national home staging company is having success in today`s tough real estate market using people as props to help stage and sell large vacant homes. The innovative alternative to traditional staging is dramatically shortening the time to sell and increasing the sales price. Showhomes contracts with homeowners to place people it calls `Home Managers` in vacant homes for sale. Home Managers help stage the home and keep it in show-to-sell condition inside and out so … (1 comments)

thomas scott: Local PR Delivers ROI - Great Webinar on Using PR to drive your Business - 04/01/09 03:02 AM
Local PR Delivers ROI Webinar     
Thanks to everyone who joined our webinar on March 19th discussing “How to Local PR Delivers ROI.”   Kathleen Kuhn of HouseMaster and Thomas Scott of ShowHomes provided valuable insights on the Return On Investment they are yielding via PR campaigns localized for their franchisees.     Some if the areas covered included:  
Comparison of ROI for local PR and ROI from other marketing initiatives    Local news releases that grew to national news stories      Integration of local media outreach and social media tactics    Factors typically used to calculate public relations ROI including: 1. … (0 comments)

thomas scott: No one home: 1 in 9 housing units vacant - 02/19/09 11:57 PM
By Haya El Nasser and Paul Overberg, USA TODAY
A record 1 in 9 U.S. homes are vacant, a glut created by the housing boom and subsequent collapse.
"The numbers are further documentation of the gravity of the housing problem," says Nicolas Retsinas, head of Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. "This inventory is delaying any kind of housing recovery."
The surge in empty houses, condominiums and apartments is creating a wave of problems for communities desperate to shore up property values and tax revenues that pay for services. Vacant homes create upkeep and safety problems that ripple through … (1 comments)

thomas scott: Newly Staged in Portland - Sold in 3 Weeks! - 10/01/08 01:36 AM
Newly Staged in Portland - Sold in 3 Weeks!
Edie Moll from Showhomes Portland, one of our newest Showhomes franchise locations, emailed these photos of a home they staged the first week of September. The comfortable home had been on the market for some time and like lots of new construction, was sitting vacant with little activity and no buyers.
The home went under contract Monday and the offer was accepted yeserday! That's less than 30 days to sell!
Way to go - the clean staging made all the difference!
Here are some photos:



thomas scott: Just Staged in Newport Coast, CA - 09/29/08 04:25 AM
Beth George, owner of Showhomes LA just emailed me these pics of a newly staged $2.5 million dollar home they recently contracted in Newport Coast, CA:

Beth and her crew, Laura Fisher, Faris George and Craig Brown, have been doing a great job producing sales with staging in a truly slow market. Anyone who works in real estate in Southern CA knows what a challenging business it is these days. High quality product like this makes all the difference!
I especially like the vintage dresser in the otherwise modern bedroom. I think adding more personalized … (4 comments)

thomas scott: Showhomes Ranked in Top 100 Fastest Growing Tennessee Companies by BusinessTN Magazine - 08/04/08 02:36 AM

Showhomes Ranked in Top 100 Fastest Growing Tennessee Companies by BusinessTN Magazine
Nashville, TN -- Showhomes, America’s largest home staging company and the only nationally franchised homes staging business has been ranked in the top 100 fastest growing and emerging companies in Tennessee. BusinessTN, a statewide business magazine publishes an annual list of the Tennessee based companies with the fastest growth and Showhomes Franchise Corporation, based in Nashville, TN, made the list for the upcoming November 2008 issue.
Showhomes has experienced double-digit growth for the past four years and expects to post double digit numbers again … (4 comments)

thomas scott: Staging Helping Sell New Construction in Nashville - 07/11/08 01:40 AM
We held a Showhomes training class this week in Nashville. We toured a couple of staged homes the Showhomes Nashville office has in the upscale Fairvue Plantation community on Old hickory Lake. Here are some photos of the home:

This home shows really well in an area with almost 5 years of inventory. In talking with the sales agent for the builder, Ernst Builders, she mentioned yesterday that they have been able to sell a few newbuilt homes off of the staging and believes it is what sets their spec homes apart from other builders. This home … (9 comments)

thomas scott: Use of signs inside a home a help or hindrance? - 07/08/08 12:40 AM
We recently had a staged home change hands from  one Realtor to another. THe new Realtor, whom we respect, decided to print out small signs and tape them all over the house so buyers had additional information.
Now our beautifully staged Showhome has over 70 signs plastered throughout. Some signs are nice to have such as 'wired for cable and Internet' or 'Media and Storage closet' - some things about a home are not obvious.
On the other hand, signs taped to the kitchen counters that say 'granite counters' or a sign taped to the glass in the middle of a … (16 comments)

thomas scott: How House Sitters Can Help Sell A Home Faster - 07/08/08 12:30 AM
ABC 13 in Las Vegas ran this piece on Showhomes and the use of Home Managers to help sell high end vacant homes:
How House Sitters Can Help Sell A Home Faster
 July 4, 2008 11:08 PM
These days it is a buyer's market in real estate and many houses are sitting empty much longer than the owner would like.
But now there is a new twist that is helping sellers seal the deal more quickly.
Contact 13's Tricia Kean explains.
Thomas Scott feels right at home in a gorgeous million dollar mansion.
He sold his own house and wanted to hold … (6 comments)

thomas scott: Selling homes by showcasing - 07/07/08 01:02 AM
This article on Showhomes Scottsdale ran onthe 4th of July:

July 4, 2008 Selling homes by showcasing Edward Gately, Tribune Homebuilder Matthew Lupton purchased an older house in a well-established Scottsdale neighborhood for $600,000, demolished all but one wall of it and built a lavish new home with an asking price of nearly $2 million.
With that kind of investment, he wants to make sure potential buyers are wowed by the property and eager to make an attractive offer. He recently began contracting with Showhomes of Scottsdale to "stage" his houses.
Because new houses are usually vacant, potential buyers … (4 comments)

thomas scott: Staggering Vacancy Rates - 07/02/08 02:47 AM
At Showhomes, we provide a really specialized service for a very specific niche in the real estate market: vacant homes for sale over $500k.
We really pay attention to vacancy rates - what we call the % of vacant homes for sale out of the total number of homes for sale in an area. During the boom, we often specualted that about 1 in 10 higher end homes for sale were vacant or 10%. These days, we are able to do much better and much more specific data analysis usng MLS dumps and spot checks of sample data and the numbers … (6 comments)

thomas scott: Benefits of Belonging to a Franchise - 07/02/08 02:18 AM
Natahsa Little, one of our newest Showhomes franchise owners, posted this on her blog today and I think its a great read. Staging associations are a great way to support each other but belonging to a franchise company takes support to a whole new level - at Showhomes, we are all in business together and it shows in this post:
Benefits of Belonging to a Franchise For whatever reason I woke up in a funk this morning.  I was feeling frustrated and stuck. 
My life and business are actually going very well, but I'm a perfectionist; therefore I sometimes find … (0 comments)

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