short sale: Bank of America Short Sales-Understanding Reasons for Document Rejection - 04/27/12 08:36 AM
Understanding Reasons for Document Rejection Agents who understand the short sale process can educate homeowners and eliminate delays in offer review. To help agents understand the status of their short sale, please find important information below about the document collection process.
Once a document is uploaded into Equator, an initial review occurs to verify that information on the document, such as the owner’s name, matches data on file for the property. Documents are also reviewed to make sure they are completed appropriately, signed and legible.
If there is a problem with a document, it will be rejected in Equator, … (0 comments)

short sale: Fannie and Freddie Set Timeline Requirements for Short Sales! - 04/22/12 08:57 AM
Fannie and Freddie Set Timeline Requirements for Short Sales
Beginning June 15, real estate agents working with distressed homeowners whose loans are backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should expect to receive a decision on a short sale offer within 30-60 days.
The GSEs issued new guidelines Tuesday that fall under the Servicing Alignment Initiative rolled out last fall and aim to bring greater transparency to the short sale process and expedite decisions related to these pre-foreclosure sales.
Not only is a short sale an effective foreclosure alternative when home retention is no longer an option, but … (1 comments)

short sale: Foreclosure property offering Seller Financing Incentives - 12/30/11 04:58 AM
Contact us for more information on Foreclosure properties offering seller financing incentives, down payment assistance, 100% Financing. Luxury Properties include REO, HUD, Distressed, Pre Foreclosure, Short Sale, and Trade.

short sale: Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program … Are You Eligible? - 12/28/11 08:24 AM
Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program … Are You Eligible? The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) Program is the government’s newest tool to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. HAFA provides incentives for lenders and homeowners to carry out a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Are you eligible? Take this short survey to find out: Question Answer 1. Is the property your principle residence? Yes No Not Sure 2. Is the mortgage a "first lien mortgage" originated on or before January 1, 2009? Yes No Not Sure 3. Is your mortgage delinquent, or is default (missed payments) reasonably foreseeable? Yes No Not Sure … (0 comments)

short sale: How does HAFA help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure? - 12/11/11 06:05 PM
offers homeowners, their mortgage servicers, and investors an incentive for completing a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. With these options, under HAFA, a homeowner leaves their home to transition to more affordable housing and alleviate the mortgage debt they owe. These options are available for homeowners who: 1.Do not qualify for a trial mortgage modification under the Making Home Affordable Program. 2.Do not successfully complete the trial period for their modification. 3.Miss at least two consecutive payments during their modification period. 4.Request a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. The HAFA Program streamlines both of these options to make them … (3 comments)

short sale: FAQ: Who Pays Realtors Commissions when executing a Short Sale or Pre Foreclosure? - 12/11/11 05:49 PM
Homeowners, all commissions paid to the Realtors and associated closing costs are paid by the Bank, you pay no sales commissions!!!
The only repayment I ask once I've successfully executed your short sale, is a WORD OF MOUTH!
I exist on referrals- and offer complimentary & confidential consultations via email or in person.

short sale: Short Sales (Pre-Foreclosure) 101 - 12/11/11 05:40 PM
                                    Short Sales Explained with Tiffany Saunders Completing a real estate short sale is one of the most difficult transactions in all of real estate. It is important to know that the company and team you hire to complete this process for you have expertise in this area.We found it beneficial to make sure our clients know what is going to happen throughout the process. Below are the most common questions that have been asked by our clients. If you are speaking with others and they can't answer the questions below, we recommend seeking another opinion.What is a Short Sale?A … (2 comments)

short sale: Guide for Applying for a Home Loan after Foreclosure or Short Sale - 10/25/11 04:30 PM
Use this handy guide to figure out how quickly you can buy a home after a major financial setback when applying for a loan through FHA, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac.       
Your credit score will take a major hit after a foreclosure, but there are guidelines to follow when you're ready to be a home owner again.   Foreclosures, deeds in lieu, short sales, bankruptcies—they can damage your credit for a long time. But by following guidelines from the FHA, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac, you can become a home owner again if you work to rebuild your credit and … (2 comments)

short sale: Short Sale versus Foreclosure-Short Sale Specialist explains the differences - 10/09/11 05:41 AM

short sale: Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program- EXPIRES 7/22/11!! - 07/12/11 03:24 AM
Valuable Information about HUD's *EHLP
MMI is approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to qualify homeowners for HUD's *Emergency Homeowners' Loan Program (EHLP).
The EHLP is designed to provide mortgage payment relief for qualifying homeowners who have experienced a drop in income of at least 15 percent due to circumstances beyond their control, such as unemployment or underemployment due to adverse economic conditions or an illness.
Some highlights of the program include:
The $1 billion initiative is expected to provide help for up to 30,000 homeowners. Applicants who meet the program's eligibility requirements may receive a … (0 comments)

short sale: Search Engines for Listings=70+ - 07/10/11 06:06 PM
 With 70+ search engines and directories submitting my listings I am able to effectively market my listings through strong online presence. Which with today's technology, is imperative! 
The main engines listings are submitted to:

short sale: Short Sale versus Foreclosure-Tiffany Saunders Short Sale Specialist compares the differences - 06/25/11 07:40 PM
Is a Short Sale Really Better Than a Foreclosure?
     With nearly 50% of all real estate transactions involving either a short sale or a foreclosure, many people have asked me if a short sale really is better than a foreclosure.  And the answer is, "YES!' Here are two key items that prove a short sale to be a better option than the foreclosure. 
Underwriters unanimously agree that the word foreclosure on a credit report is as bad as it gets.  If instead, it shows, "Settled as Agreed", which sometimes happens with a short sale, although it is not as good-looking as "paid in full", … (1 comments)

short sale: Success in Short Sales- Wells Fargo Short Sale Closed- 1st & 2nd liens satisfied- Full Release & Commissions - 05/01/11 05:30 PM
Approved! Wells Fargo Short Sale!: Wells Fargo Approved Short Sale- Agent: Tiffany Saunders Re/Max Advantage
Update: This CLOSED as stated on Wed., March 30th 2011-!!
Confirmation received today- Wells Fargo Short Sale with a 2nd Lien Holder Maybe I shouldn't be posting this now, as the closing date is set for 4/4/11 - so if you're reading after that date - I will update! I figured it might be an inspiration to another agent fighting the "battle of incompetancy"-lol! Here's what I've just received today-fingers crossed - the fat lady hasn't finished her song... I was faxed a letter approving the … (2 comments)

short sale: How to Short Sale your property and KEEP Good Credit - 02/23/11 12:03 PM
The #1 question I get is this:I want out of my house (or my rental properties.) But I am worried a short sale will hurt my credit score.I am still current on payments. What should I do?A short sale does not hurt your credit score too bad. Maybe 10 - 50 points on your FICO score, if that. I would say 20 points off is more like it.What hurts a credit score is being in foreclosure,or being late on payments, or both.Foreclosure is very bad on a credit report. So isbankruptcy.But a short sale does not have to show up this … (0 comments)

short sale: CitiMortgage Short Sale Program offered to select RE/Max agents- - 02/16/11 10:00 AM

short sale: Search HOT REAL E$TATE DEALS in your area~Hurry they go QUICK!! - 10/29/10 09:06 AM

short sale: CLOSED AND SELLERE WAS RELEASED OF ALL FUTURE INDEMINITY - Short Sale Opportunity~ $$$ below market value - 03/29/10 05:06 AM
Reduced AGAIN! Bank Approved Short Sale - 4 Bdrm/3.5Bath … (0 comments)

short sale: Bank Approved Short Sale ~ Kansas City, MO - 11/14/09 07:04 PM
Map these properties   Powered by … (0 comments)

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