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Short Sales Expert in Prince George County Maryland  The Credit Impact of a Short Sale There is no doubt that your credit score will be impacted by your decision to do a short sale. But, what would be the impact if you just let it foreclose? In this case, your credit rating most likely will be i...
Short Sales Specialist in Prince George County Maryland  The tax implications of a short sale ? . . The 1099-C after a short sale. .what's that? The IRS sees any money to help you settle a debt as taxable? The same money the lender is writing it off from your loan amount when you sell. This coul...
  Flipping Properties For Profit in Maryland  Want to Flip Properties for a Profit? Here’s What You Need to Know Just finished reading an interesting article about flipping properties as the newest craze of investing in real estate The advice is simple and to the point: EDUCATE YOURSELF!   As si...
Short Sales Expert in Prince George County Maryland  Why do a short sale? . . Is it debt forgiveness what you want?? What about your credit? When can you buy again? Do you have a negative equity in your home? Are you really a homeowner. . or just a mortgage owner? Considering a short sale? -- In...
Short Sale Realtor® in Prince George County Maryland  Obtaining the approval of your short sale … What exactly is an approval? Who gets it? What role does it play on the sale of your house? Would you still owe to the lender after your short sale? Considering a short sale? -- In this video you wi...
Short Sale Specialist in PG County Maryland  Who represents you during your short sale … most importantly.  Who do you choose to speak on your behalf? Considering a short sale? -- In this video you will find important information about the person representing you during a short sale Can a lender...
Short Sale Agent in PG County Maryland  The selling of your house… Considering a short sale? -- In this video you will find important information about the selling of your home during a short sale What are the differences from a regular sale? What are your lender's involvement in the sale of you...
How Much Deposit Should I Pay When Buying a Home?  We embrace  technology and take the steps necessary to provide educational videos for all our clients. An educated buyer provides us with  the foundation towards a successful transaction. We hope that his will help you be prepared for different ...
Short Sale Specialist in PG County Maryland :  The Hardship In Prince George's County MD     If you find yourself, over a period of time, that is getting harder and harder to keep making your mortgage payments,  A Hardship Letter is where you write an explanation. . Why you can not make them any...
Short Sale Agent in PG County Maryland  A Short Sale is the sale of real estate in which the sale proceeds is less than the balance owed on the property's loan. .. and the lender forgiving debt in order for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure. Considering a short sale? -- What is your first step?...

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