short sale: What Types of Hardship Qualifies For a Short Sale in Maryland ? - 08/31/14 01:22 AM

short sale: Short Sales Agent in Montgomery County MD | Process of a Short Sale - 07/17/13 06:58 AM
Short Sales Agent in Montgomery County Maryland  What is the Process of a  Short Sale? A short sale is born out of a need,  when a homeowner realizes that there is no other recourse. . either let the lender foreclose or ask the lender to approve a short sale
The process of a short sale begins with identification of your current financial situation and the need to make a decision
It is a series of steps one must take carefully
The implications can be overwhelming and being aware of all the risks is prudent from your part. 
It starts with the self- qualification period where you ask these 3 questions. .

"Do I qualify for a short … (0 comments)

short sale: Short Sales 101 : Quick Facts for Maryland Homeowners | HELP - 01/26/13 09:41 PM
Is a Short Sale Right For You? Quick Q & A for Short Sales
1. What Is A Short Sale?
The sale of a property upon agreeable conditions for what is worth and not for what's its owed
2. Why Would A Lender Agree To A Short Sale?
To save money and time, typically a short sale will net the lender more money than a lengthy foreclosure with hired attorneys
3. Why Would A Seller Agree To A Short Sale?
To avoid a foreclosure and possible an deficiency judgment
4. What Must A Seller Do … (3 comments)

short sale: Frederick County Md and Middletown Real Estate Report Homes For Sale - 10/14/12 04:19 AM
Middletown Maryland  Frederick County Maryland and Middletown Maryland  Real Estate Report & Homes For Sale for October 2012  CLICK HERE TO SEARCH FOR MIDDLETOWN HOMES FOR SALE  We hope you that will find the following snapshot of Middletown Maryland Real Estate Market & inventory interesting. These charts  represent the condition of our local market here in Frederick County Maryland and an easy explanation. . Let's Begin. .  Something to note right away. . .these charts represent the state of the market YEAR over YEAR for the last 5 YEARS. Explanation: The first chart depicts the average days you will expect a listing to last when it comes for sale. What Does It Mean? :As you can see, we are at the lowest … (0 comments)

short sale: Should I Change the Carpet if I'm Selling in a SHORT SALE? - 05/28/12 10:19 PM
Question from a buyer agent about one of our short sales using our feedback system CSS  
  The bank is not selling this home.. the homeowner is The bank is only giving the approvalThe homeowner is selling this townhouse because she is experiencing an economic hardshipBecause of it, she will not paint and change carpets for the new buyerThis is a short saleThank you for your consideration, Fernando   Fernando HerbosoBroker - Solutions Finder"Don't Pray For A Miracle. . .expect it!"  Herboso & Associates llc www.Herboso.comOffice 301.968.0555Cell    240.426.5754Fax    888.913.3535My real estate knowledge is always up-to-date. For expertise you can depend on, call me … (5 comments)

short sale: Do You Need a Super Hero to Deal With Your Lender? Short Sales in MD - 05/27/12 11:07 PM
Let Us Help You Avoid Foreclosure in Maryland! Are you struggling to stay in your home due to a hardship and are in peril to losing  it?  Do you need a fresh start and would like to preserve your credit rating? are here to help you find solutions! You have options beyond foreclosure or bankruptcy. .I can assure you of that Contact us get more information about how we may be able to help you make the right decision and if applicable  negotiate a short sale with your lender and possible a complete forgiveness of the deficiency (your bad loan) For almost … (4 comments)

short sale: Short Selling Investment Properties. . . What Are Your Options in Maryland? - 02/08/12 02:03 PM

My phone was ringing. .
"I've screwed up BIG TIME"
A familiar friendly voice told me on the phone.
"Why?" I asked. .
"I broke my own rules on an investment purchase. A mistake that is sucking me dry, I'm on my way for the worst real estate loss I've ever experienced, EVER!"
"Calm down, maybe there is something we can do . . tell me a little more. .all I could say. .
"When I purchased a condo in this building four years ago . .it seemed to be the best investment I could do. The renter paid … (6 comments)

short sale: Surviving The American Dream: The argument for 'Walking Away' - 01/06/12 04:42 AM
Strategic Default? When your finances and your family's future stability matters more than a self imposed constrain that can only mean years of waiting for an equity to appear once again. .
Homeowners in their 50's, 60's don't have the time to wait for a market boom again. . 
Life is too short to ride the storm. .

In Mike Coopers post on the 'Short Sale of Convenience' he touches on what I believe to be an important but controversial subject, strategic default (ending in either short sale or foreclosure).  I was most surprised by the vast majority of comments … (0 comments)

short sale: A Sample Hardship Letter For Short Sales - 12/08/11 05:42 AM
HARDSHIP LETTERS FOR SHORT SALES From time to time, I have to remind our new clients that the hardship letter is a very personal touch and they have to write it themselves .. . It should come from you and NOT A TEMPLATE! This is a reminder I wrote for a new client of ours  a few weeks back. . Perhaps this can also guide you if you are neeidng help. . ___________________________________________________________ Dear Client: Please understand that the hardship letter has to come from you and not a template.   My advice is to wrte a very short letter.. Do not blame the … (10 comments)

short sale: Short Sales and TIME TRAVEL - 12/08/11 03:52 AM

I received this approval today from Bank Of A_____
Notice Date:  December 08, 2011
Account No.:  xxxxx7129 
Property Address: 
This is one of the CONDITIONS. .. 

"Except as noted below, all other terms of the original approval letter will remain the same. The amendments to the original approval
are as follows: 
Closing must take place no later than October 28, 2011 or this approval is void. If an extension is requested and/or
approved, then per diem interest will be charged through closing. "
They … (1 comments)

short sale: SHORT SALE REJECTED! - 12/07/11 02:40 AM
 Bank of America - Message Alert: HAFA OFFER REJECTED
What else is new. .they rejected an offer of $400,000 on a $375,000 HOUSE  . . and their counter-offer is a delusional $450,000?????!!!! Message Inserted (12/06/2011 01:28 PM) On:   xxxxxxxxxxxxx(Address Here) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        Message Inserted (12/06/2011 01:28 PM) On: 23804 xxxxxxxxxxxxx(Address Here) xxxMD HAFA OFFER REJECTED NEED COUNTER TO LIST PRICE OF $450,000, PROVIDE LETTER FROM MID ATLANTIC FCU THAT THEY ARE WILLING TO RELEASE THE LIEN FOR 6% OF UPB AND WAIVE THE REMAINING AMOUNT TO PROCEED, REMOVE FEES FROM 506, 507. CLOSING COST CREDIT CANNOT BE GRANTED IF OFFER IS NOT MEETING MIN … (7 comments)

short sale: a sHORT nEWSLETTER. . aBOUT sHORT sALES - 12/02/11 10:26 AM
a … (4 comments)

short sale: What Is A Short Sale? . .for Kindergartens - 11/30/11 09:37 AM
What is a Short Sale?
It could mean different things to many homeowners. . it depends on your current financial situation, your lender and your hardship .. . 
Here's the simplified version. . .
 What is a Short Sale?
Mortgage Underwater? . .

You are hoping the problem will go away. .

You pay and pay and pay. . .and soon discover. .

You get into deeper debt. .by cashing in your 401K

Bank Savings, Your Kid's College Funds. . "The Great Disappearing Act" 
You don’t know what to do?

in desperation … (5 comments)

short sale: Short Selling Investment Properties. . . What Are Your Options? - 11/30/11 09:23 AM
Important information for investors  SHORT SELLING INVESTMENT PROPERTIES  in MD, DC or Virginia Sharing an email to a prospective client with information about short selling investment properties. If it applies to you, this could possible help you as well. . Mr XXXX:   I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a little more information about how you can short sell investment properties and reduce your exposure from the banks while also relieving you of assets that may-be slowly pulling you in a financial crisis. As a broker for Herboso & Associates llc and having listed over 140 short sales in the last 3 years, I have spoken to … (0 comments)

short sale: Short Sales- Short Tales: Our Short Sales Client From Timbuktu - 11/22/11 02:14 AM

"Our Client From Timbuktu"  
As we are ready to yet SAVE another one of our clients from a foreclosure. .
We got the listing, from a client that his brother was also listed in the deed but not in the loan. .
So far so good, except that the brother now lives in Timbuktu
(Not actual place to protect our clien'ts privacy)
My assistant is a jewel and she tackles a problem like Polamalu in a scrambling quarterback
But Geography was not her favorite subject in High School
"Where is Timbactoo?" 
She asked me, 
"I'm not sure if you … (5 comments)

short sale: The Influence Of Short Sales in Montgomery County Maryland - 11/18/11 05:39 AM

The Pulse on the Market for Montgomery County . .
18 Days of SOLD PROPERTIES in MONTGOMERY County Maryland
(November 1st to November 18th)
Let's begin. . .
270 SOLD PROPERTIES during the first 18 days of November 2011
209 were REGULAR SALES. . Non-distressed (Short Sales and Foreclosures)
Let's dissect these numbers a little more in detail. .
Silver Spring Maryland has the most action on the market these days. . .in all … (1 comments)

short sale: La Modificacion De Prestamos Solamente Benefician A Los Bancos! - 11/16/11 04:12 AM
La Modificacion De Prestamos Solamente Benefician A Los Bancos!
Estamos en una epoca de cambio en los Estados Unidos.
Hay una amenaza conta los dueños de casas cuando ellos ya no pueden pagar por sus casas.
Vea este video para ver como ud. puede combatir contra los bancos. .

Si ud vive en Maryland, DC or Virginia. .llame al 240-426-5754 para una consultacion solucion para sus problemas de casa
Fernando Herboso

short sale: HELP: Gaithersburg MD Homeowners Contemplating a Short Sale - 11/15/11 06:25 AM

Want to live near here?
Seach For Homes In Gaithersburg MD Here

Short Sales Help for Gaithersburg MD HomeownersPreparing your family for a short sale. .When we are working with a seller who is doing a short sale and the lender finally approves the contract. . The seller have just a few short weeks to get ready to move out.
Our services take in consideration that you will need a new place to move and we take that responsibility by preparing you for this move.  We take the worry away and we cooerdinate your move according to your … (6 comments)

short sale: WHAT DOES BEING “IN FORECLOSURE” MEAN? - 11/10/11 07:42 AM
A good post that can be generalized for Maryland Foreclosures as well. . 
When you are a distressed homeowner, ignoring letters and inaction hurts you.
I was excited to help a homeowner yesterday for an amazing home. . we were going to do a short sale, while preparing the paperwork with the homeowner, she handed me an "important"paper. .her house was foreclosed 3 days before.. 
The more frustrating interview question I have with potential clients is them telling me if they are in foreclosure because of non-payment of their mortgage.  I have two questions: Are you in foreclosure?; and Have you been … (1 comments)

short sale: Short Sales - Short Tales : "Appraisals Don't Lie" - 11/07/11 07:18 AM

"Appraisals Don't Lie"  
As we were ready to yet SAVE another one of our clients form a foreclosure. .
We got the listing, we got a buyer, we got an approval . .. .and then we got hit with the unexpected 
"Fernando, we got a problem. . The new buyers appraisal did not make it to the agreed sales price. ."
That was a problem, but easily fixed under normal circumstances..  but who says short salesare normal
The steps we take are aggressive and designed to SHOCK and AWE the investor with theses news..
"I know, you were expecting to sell this property but. .it turns out that … (4 comments)

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