short sale md: TAX RELIEF FOR SHORT SALES EXPIRES IN 356 DAYS - 01/11/12 11:40 PM
Perhaps one of the most powerful reasons to do a short sale now rather than waiting. This law could save you thousands of dollars. .
Should you consider and elect to do a short sale, rather do it now than later. . 

The clock is ticking until the expiration of the 2007 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act expires on the last day of December this year.  Previously set to expire earlier, Congress extended the expiration date to end in effective January 1, 2013.  Will it be extended again?  Is it necessary?
The extension should be extended again – but that … (4 comments)

short sale md: When a Short Sale Becomes A Better Option in Maryland - 01/05/12 01:09 PM
SHORT SALESWhen a foreclosure is looming. .
a short sale is a better option!
No deficiency short sales being performed in a regular basis. .
call 240-426-5754

Is a short sale an option for me?
Short Sales Short Tales : It Never Happened
Short Sales Short Tales: She Cut The Blinds!
Short Sales Short Tales: Going Back!
SHort Sales - Short Tales:  A FAX RANT
Short Sales - Short Tales :  The Price
Short Sales - Short Tales :  Being Afraid
Short Sales - Short Tales : The Fast Talker

short sale md: 11 Quick Questions and Answers About Short Sales For Maryland Homeowners - 04/11/11 03:07 AM

1. What Is A Short Sale?
The sale of a property upon agreeable conditions for what is worth and not for what's its owed
2. Why Would A Lender Agree To A Short Sale?
To save money and time, typically a short sale will net the lender more money than a lengthy foreclosure with hired attorneys
3. Why Would A Seller Agree To A Short Sale?
To avoid a foreclosure and possible an deficiency judgment
4. What Must A Seller Do To Prepare For A Short Sale?
Speak to their lender and hire … (3 comments)

short sale md: Why You Shouldn't Default on a USDA Loan - 03/28/11 01:06 AM
A loan modification is a required step before you should try a short sale.
Knowing the rules of your lender and how they operate should give you an edge during the negotiating part. .
An excellent article and a must read if you have a USDA loan.
Why You Shouldn't Default on a USDA Loan (Residential)

Most importantly, try not to default on any loans. If your trying to obtain a loan modification with USDA, your chances of getting one approved are very slim. Why? USDA does not offer a loan modification program like Fannie Mae or … (2 comments)

short sale md: Why Many Realtors Should Refer Their Short Sale Listings To Specialists - 01/27/11 01:02 AM
A lot times, I get questioned by the person giving me a referral. . 
Of course they want to know if their client is in good hands. .
I tell them about my systems, my team and my results. .
Usually  that is comforting to them to take the step. .
and if you client speaks spanish. . 
I will give you two reasons why you should call me with your referral. .
BTW, part of my systems is a complete report every Monday to the client . .and you will be CC on these messages.
For MD , DC or Virginia
Fernando Herboso

If a Realtor … (4 comments)

short sale md: Two Important Short Sale Questions???? - 01/21/11 04:10 AM
Maryland Short Sales

How Much a Short Sale Will Cost Me After All? 
It costs you nothing. . .
When I list a home as a short sale, I recognize my clients are in hardship and they need all the help they can get.
Some of them have fallen trap to the loan MORTIFICATION fiasco and paid some lawyer a lot of money for nothing.
When I do a short sale, I tell my clients we are in the same boat. . .no can guarantee you a successful short sale. 
Read more about how much a short sale should cost you?

short sale md: My Lender Has Sent Me A Certified Letter- Should I Worry About It During My Short Sale? - 01/11/11 03:34 AM
   My Lender Has Sent Me A Certified Letter- Should I Worry About It During My  Short Sale? Ignoring them is not an option!
Oftentimes our clients./ the  homeowner will get a letter either from the bank or an attorneys office with the dreaded  NOD (Notice Of Default)
Did you know that your lender has an obligation to send you this letter when you stop making your mortgage payments.. .
This is regardless if your home is in the market as a short sale or not!’
This  letter is advising you and giving you a formal Notice of Default, which has been … (1 comments)

short sale md: Short Sales En Tu Idioma: El Robo Del Banco Contra Dueños De Casa En Una Modificacion De Prestamo - 12/23/10 11:47 AM
Pregunta: Ud escucho de que las modificaciones de préstamos son la mejor manera de prevenir una ejecución hipotecaria. ¿Es esto cierto?

Respuesta: Aquí les presento una cita textual de la noticia para responder a la siguiente: "45 por ciento de las modificaciones de préstamos terminan costando al dueño de casa un pago mensual más alto.
Eso es con recargos, sanciones y la adición de cantidades pendientes de pago hasta el respaldo de hipoteca sea completada.
En muchos casos se han notado que la cantidad adeudada crece y empuja  hacia arriba el pago mensual para las personas que estaban en … (2 comments)

short sale md: How To Buy A Short Sale While Maintaining Your Sanity? - 12/17/10 03:29 AM

How To Buy A short Sale
If you are the buyer who is instructing a buyer agent to put an offer on a short sale property. .. .a question soon comes up”
How low should your offer price be?
How Low Is Too Low?
Does your Realtor know the answer?
During the process of purchasing a  short sale  property. . you should be assisted by a knowledgeable Realtor that will assure you of the best chances in GETTING that property.
Please watch our video and learn how to prepare an offer that the seller and the lender will not … (4 comments)

short sale md: How To Prepare Your Family When You Are Short Selling Your Property? - 12/15/10 10:26 AM

When we are working with a seller who is doing a short sale and the lender finally approves the contract. . The seller have just a few short weeks to get ready to move out.
Our services take in consideration that you will need a new place to move and we take that responsibility by preparing you for this move,
Take action according to the time frame the lender is giving you. .
During the process of selling your property. . you should be preparing for your move slowly. Make a plan of the steps you have to take and … (0 comments)

short sale md: How a Short Sale Affects Your Credit? - 12/10/10 06:45 AM
MD  Short Sales Expert Specialist QUESTIONS THAT MATTERS How does a short sale affect my credit rating when compared to a foreclosure?” FACT: The effects of Short Sale on your Credit Score is definitely a lot less than a foreclosure. When you miss a payment on your mortgage, obviously this has a definite negative effect on your credit score. . . In a short sale . . this is exactly what affects your credit directly! I presume that you maybe behind on your payments already, the more days you fall behind on your mortgage, the harder the effect on your credit … (3 comments)

short sale md: Our Discreet and Confidential Services For Short Sales In Maryland, DC and Virginia - 12/07/10 03:31 AM
Discreet & Confidential Short Sales Services. . .Behind On your Mortgage Payments? Loan Modification Not Happening?
Perhaps a Short Sale could be your next option. .
If you are a seller contemplating a short sale and you want a discreet listing. . we are the company for you
Our fees are always ZERO to the sellers because in real estate commissions. .the bank pays all fees as part of the negotiation to close the transaction.  If you live in Maryland, DC or Virginia  and are behind in your mortgage payments, or you maybe heading towards a hardship in the … (0 comments)

short sale md: Short Sales Specialists In Maryland DC and Virginia - Expert Help and Guidance - 11/30/10 03:18 AM
Short Sale Specialistsfor Maryland DC and Virginia! Short Sales Maryland, DC and Virginia We list them and . .we close them! If you are thinking about short sales and you are located in Maryland DC or Virginia. . you need to take a look here Short Sale's FIRST STEP CLICK HERE A lot of homeowners are needless suffering the effect of the market dowturn. . If you need assistance right now. . call at 240-426-5754 WE CAN HELP We specialize in Short Sales In Maryland  

Should you take advantage of the new HAFA PROGRAM? Need immediate help? Call 240.426.5754 right now!
For … (0 comments)

short sale md: "Please Don't Tell The Neighbors My House Is For Sale" - 10/13/10 11:17 AM
I decided to do a video about the shame factor. .  when doing a short sale

Call me directly for a one and one consultation @ 240-426-5754

Have you read my new eBook yet?  . .its revealing. .
  Fernando Herboso
Broker-Realtor Consultant
“Don’t pray for a miracle. .expect it!”
Herboso & Associates llc Ready to see if a Short Sale is for you? ------------------------------------------------------------ O: 240.898.1848 ext #1 F: 240.898.1848 My real estate knowledge is always up-to-date. For expertise you can depend on, call me when you have questions about … (4 comments)

short sale md: Don't Be Ashamed Doing A Short Sale. . . - 10/13/10 04:45 AM
In the real world .  the rich and successful often making a decision about doing  a short sale naturally. They seem to be less susceptible to the shame and fear of accused by their peers, friends, neighbors.
The government and the mortgage banking industry has specially created a fear factor to keep underwater homeowners from acting in their financial best interest .
That is a shame because thousands of families are suffering needlessly consuming their savings and decimating their retirement security blankets.
The lenders called on the Government when they saw themselves in trouble. .
.and they all got their  bailouts. … (1 comments)

short sale md: Short Sales Maryland: The Realtor's Role in a Short Sale. . . - 09/30/10 03:02 AM
Short Sales in Maryland:
If your mortgage is underwater. .
Perhaps,  the most important step a homeowner has to take when they realize they need help when their mortgage is underwater.
CHOOSING THE RIGHT PERSON TO DO THE JOB A Realtor’s role during a short sale is clearly defined on their fiduciary services to you , the homeowner.
Among the things that a Realtor will do for you, the most important trait you should insist upon is. .
Please check our video:

To see the many options a homeowner has when their mortgage is underwater. . visit:

short sale md: Short Sales Maryland: "Save your 401K and Avoid a Foreclosure At The Same Time" - 09/29/10 11:05 AM
Short Sales in Maryland
Many homeowners in Maryland are taking too long making a decision what to when they find themselves with a mortgage underwater . .  .
. .even with a hardship that reduced their income and they are unable to pay for their mortgage.
Check this video and see how to take ACTION to protect any little savings you may have. . .and avoid a foreclosure.
To see the many options available for homeowners and see actual examples of what some homeowners are utilizing to say ADIOS to their LENDERS. . Avoid a … (4 comments)

short sale md: Note to short sale lenders: 1,000’s of Realtors are trying to help you. Please let us help. - 08/22/10 12:29 AM
Another reason why short sales take so long. . 
The "servicers" don't want to lose their monthly fees from the owners of the loan and it behooves them to string along short sales for as long as they can.
The investor have no idea that their investment have been dragged by these servicers for months and in some case for over a year.. .
meanwhile they have experienced the losses on the following
Paying more for property taxes Property loss of value Damage and theft  
The actual short sale drama below is just one of tens of thousands playing out right now. We can help lenders mitigate their losses. … (4 comments)

short sale md: The Short Sale Package - 08/15/10 01:38 AM
A well prepared  Short Sale Package is probably the most important part of a short sale. Lenders hire gate keepers to screen these packages before a meaningful representative from the lender gets to look at it.
Melissa Zavala makes a great entry on her blog about the short sale package.
What is a short sale package?
If you are a seller who is selling your home in a short sale transaction, then you will need to submit to your mortgage lender (or lenders) a certain number of items in order for the lender to consider you for a short sale.

short sale md: Thinking Short Sale? - 08/01/10 04:04 AM
Short Sales Information Thinking Short Sale?

A short sale could  help you this way:
Stop borrowing money from credit cards and  family members Stop decimating your retirement savings and your kids education money Save your credit rating and possible your job if you are a Government employee Stop being dejected, rejected, stressed and feeling helpless Stops you from falling into a loan modification trap that could only benefit your lender keeping you trapped in a house by “renting it” from your bank because the value will not equal the loan amount in 10 plus years!  
If you at least  considering doing a short sale on your … (2 comments)

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