short sale realty: Maryland Homeowners: Who Qualifies Your Hardship In A Short Sale? - 03/14/11 01:19 PM

As a Realtor that does almost exclusively Real Estate Short Sales, often times I get ask the same questions. One of them that comes very often : "Do I think they have a believable hardship to do a short sale? My answer has always been the same. . .I don't know, I don't make the decisions if a short sale has a qualified hardship or not. . It is not for me to take on that role. . All I can do is advice you about the requirements your lender imposes in a short sale and they will make the … (2 comments)

short sale realty: Sample Hardship Letter When A Business Failure Has Occurred . . . - 03/10/11 01:56 PM
Use this as a guide only. . .
When it comes to hardships letters. . preferably you want to handwrite the hardship letter. . .and just  keeping it simple
RE: Sample Hardship Letter When A Business Failure Has Occurred 
(Negotiating for a lower settlement after a ridiculous offer to settle has been initiated by Lender) 
To Whom It May Concern:
On ( DATE) I saw my business (Briefly describe your business here. .ex: in the service industry) start taking a dive and my losses forced me in a financial survival mode.. .  slowly realizing that  I could  no longer make the mortgage payments for (address)
Compounding … (3 comments)

short sale realty: Why Is Your Lender Keep Calling You About Your Mortgage Payments When You Are Doing a Short Sale? - 01/12/11 02:10 AM
Why is your lender keep calling you about your mortgage payments when you are doing a short sale?   You should know this. . .
Often times lenders have several departments and they are not coordinating their notes about your loan and  are only following procedures.
You have to expect their call if you have stopped making mortgage payments. .no doubt about this. . 
When we do a short sale for our clients,  we notify the short sale department about your intentions of doing the short sale on your property and sometimes the loss mitigation department may not beware of this fact.
“Ignoring their phone calls … (3 comments)

short sale realty: Maryland House Short Sales: How to Stop Harassing Debt Collector Phone Calls - 01/11/11 12:39 AM
What to do while doing a short sale and still having to deal with the lender's calling.
This post depicts your rights as a debtor and the reality is that most of this calls are simply bank employees following guidelines put by the banks until they get paid.
I created the following video that will go well with this article
Mountain House CA – If you are facing financial hardship, then paying credit cards and other unsecured debts is your lowest priority. An unsecured debt is a debt where they can’t take away your car or house. A secured debt has something as collateral, such as your car, … (1 comments)

short sale realty: 3 Steps to a SHORT SALE For Maryland Residents - 12/15/10 12:07 AM
3 STEPS to a SHORT SALE Lets begin with  the definition..
What Is a Short Sale?
A “short sale” is a negotiated agreement with your lender to accept less money than they’re owed as full payment for your loan. If you do not have any equity and you can not afford to pay the Realtor and the closing costs, a short sale maybe the right solution for you.. .the lender in most cases will pick up the tab.
The most important step. .loan mod!
You should consider a loan modification if possible at this time.
But under no circumstances accept … (2 comments)

short sale realty: Confessions of a Short Sale Agent: I Already Hate Your Bank - 11/28/10 12:57 AM
At first I imagined the banks to be  extremely overwhelmed with the amount of foreclosures that were looming in the horizon. . .that was 3 years ago.
I patiently waited for them to organize themselves to handle such a monumental task. .2 years later, nothing. .3 years later nothing. . is there any explanation as to why it will take them months to just say YES OR NO TO A SHORT SALE PACKAGE? . . knowing that they will have to make that decision sooner or later?
Confessions of a Short Sale Agent: I Already Hate Your Bank

short sale realty: Is a Short Sale An Option For Me? - 11/24/10 03:24 AM
I invite you to read my eBook about short sales.
It was written about 3 years ago and was downloaded thousands of times on the Internet
What Is A Short Sale?
A short sale is a sale of of a property in which the sale proceeds fall short of the balance owed on the property's mortgage.
It occurs when a borrower cannot pay the mortgage to their property, and the lender decides that selling the property at a moderate loss is better than pressing the borrower culminating in a foreclosure where everybody loses.
It is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation when negotiated … (3 comments)

short sale realty: Solving Your Mortgage Underwater Crisis - 11/17/10 11:10 PM

A Simple Advice Will Do. . . Thanks, 
“Mortgage underwater . . .what to do?" I receive a few phone calls every week from desperate homeowners looking for help. .they want to save their home.My approach has always been the same. I utilize this approach on my personal life as well as in my own business life. . I break down the steps I have to make and. .  at each crossroads,  I choose what my heart tells me to do based on my own life experiences and knowledge acquired on the subject  “Mortgage underwater . . .what to do?" … (2 comments)

An excellent advice from a professional.
Unfortunately, short sales and divorce are more frequent than normal . It is disheartening seeing marriages being dissolved because of the stress that is caused by financial problems.
This foreclosure crisis has been the culprit of thousands of family tearing apart after a short sale or  foreclosure is completed.
It doesn't have to be. 
This information is a must read if a divorce is also part of your plan. .

Although we are years into a dramatic period of real estate deflation, divorce lawyers and judges have not been able to move from traditional solutions to new solutions that work in this recessionary … (0 comments)

short sale realty: Games Lenders Play With Homeowners When Doing Loan Modifications - 10/28/10 04:44 AM
Respect, what a novel idea. . If a lender is unwilling to negotiate a loan modification in good faith , which I might add includes being treated with respect during the application process, then why wouldn't you have the right to use any and all available defenses to protect your family and get rid of a burden that threatens your financial survival?   How to say good bye to your lender when your loan modification has been denied. .
All loans are initiated by the lenders with one single thing in common. To maximize their fees and interest rates … (4 comments)

short sale realty: “Can I Take The Refrigerator and the Oven When Doing a Short Sale?" - 10/26/10 09:24 AM
Short Sales Question
“Can I Take The Refrigerator and the Oven When Doing a Short Sale?"
Please understand that my  advice  can not replace the proper guidance of an attorney and/or an accountant.
We assist qualified homeowners with under-water mortgages and we can provide solutions when they are in distress. I truly appreciate your consideration and I hope our videos in our website can  assist you in making a decision.

  REQUEST A CONSULTATION TO FIND IF THE HAFA PROGRAM IS FOR YOU! We are licensed for Maryland, DC and Virginia … (1 comments)

short sale realty: Why Short Sales Fail And How To Avoid Short Sale Denial - 09/27/10 11:35 AM
Lisa Udy brings a comprehensive explanation why short sales fail or they get denied.
Our experience revolves around these reason plus, in some case we find the SERVICERs wants to prolong the short sale because they are being paid by the investor in a monthly basis. . it behooves them to prolong a short sale as long as possible.
Original Source: Why Short Sales Fail And How To Avoid Short Sale Denial
Short sales are complicated, time consuming, and stressful to all parties involved. Depending on the bank you’re dealing with, it could take up to a year for a final approval on a short sale.
The fact that it takes so long makes it that much more … (1 comments)

short sale realty: Avoid Foreclosure by Saying. . - 09/23/10 10:31 AM
Avoid  Foreclosure  With this eBook you will learn how some people are saying ADIOS to their LENDER and STARTING a new life again. When your mortgage is underwater. . Wen you can't make your mortgage payments anymore. . When your House is worth a lot less. .

short sale realty: Dear Short Sales Investor Offering 9% Commision. . - 09/23/10 01:53 AM

I received your offer as a comment in one of my short sales posts. . 
Short Sale Realtor Needed - Up To 9% Commissions - Residential/Commercial
We, along with our equity partner, purchase Short Sale residential/commercial properties all cash ($50Million+). We buy them with the intention of rapidly reselling them for profit. When we purchase your short sale property this is what we bring to the table… 
* A Pocket-Cash-Buyer for any type of property, at any price. Commercial properties too.
* My short sale negotiator at no charge to you, seller, or lender.
* Complete & transparent disclosure … (3 comments)

short sale realty: Difficult Decisions About Short Sales When Family Members Are Involved. . . - 09/21/10 04:52 AM

Difficult decisions about short sales. What happens when a family member co-signed for the house that is now in trouble? What to do? Relationship killers? Doesn't have to be. . when clarity is predominant and having the right person helping you do the short sale. As such is the case on an inquire we received below. . When a family member cosigned for the loan. .  From: ---------------------To: Fernando@Herboso.comSent: Tue, September 21, 2010 10:40:47 AMSubject: Question  Good morning Mr. Herboso,
I have to put my home in short sale and I wanted to know if you could help.  I live in City , … (0 comments)

short sale realty: Selling Your House For 0 % . . ..really! - 09/18/10 09:02 AM
Can you really sell your home for 0% in Maryland? 

I know that you maybe thinking there is a catch somewhere. . just one

Your home has to be SOLD as a short Sale and you must have a qualified hardship

Our total charge to you is ZERO, NADA, ZIP

The bank will pay for all the  closing costs and also all Realtors commissions.

If you are upside down on your mortgage. .and a loan modification is not a good option for you . .explore a short sale.

A simple solution to a big problem.

Call … (2 comments)

short sale realty: What is an “Arms Length Transaction” in a Short Sale for Maryland? - 09/01/10 07:09 AM
Short Sales Maryland
  Short Sales Information for
Maryland Homeowners
 What is an “Arms Length Transaction” in a Short Sale?
(***hint***~ It will keep you from going to jail. .must see video)

An “Arms Length Transaction” deals in preventing Mortgage Fraud when it comes to short sales.
Mortgage fraud is under the jurisdiction of the FBI and it is punishable by jail.
When doing a short sales, you should be asking the right questions and not expose yourself to a future accusation of a mortgage fraud

More Information About Short Sales:
just click on … (2 comments)

short sale realty: The Short Sale Package - 08/15/10 01:38 AM
A well prepared  Short Sale Package is probably the most important part of a short sale. Lenders hire gate keepers to screen these packages before a meaningful representative from the lender gets to look at it.
Melissa Zavala makes a great entry on her blog about the short sale package.
What is a short sale package?
If you are a seller who is selling your home in a short sale transaction, then you will need to submit to your mortgage lender (or lenders) a certain number of items in order for the lender to consider you for a short sale.

short sale realty: Emotional Rescue For Distressed Families and. . .Realtors - 08/12/10 12:01 AM
When Emotions Get in the Way of Making Good Decisions For Distressed Families Emotions get in the way when making decisions. . that is even more apparent when you are selling your home is a distressed situation. When feelings get in the way of making decisions to protect yourself and your family, it is that much harder to make the right choice. Being focus at this time is critical and emotions are just a cloud that prevents you from seeing the whole picture in a clear manner. Often times the right choice is usually not the simple choice, matters have to … (3 comments)

short sale realty: A Step You Must Take If You Want To Be Considered Under The HAFA Program-SHORT SALES - 08/07/10 01:17 AM
Short Sales MD

A Step You Must Take If You Want To Be Considered Under HAFA
You must make an attempt for loan modification under the HAMP Program
To qualify in principle for HAMP aid, you must meet the following minimum criteria as prescribed by the Federal Treasury:
Your loan must date back to 1 January 2001 at least You must be living permanently in the house You must be able to prove your household’s total income The balance on your mortgage must be under $729,500 You also need to provide to show that you are experiencing genuine financial hardship. … (7 comments)

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