short sales maryland: 4 Reasons Why Short Sales Are On Their Way Out | Short Sales MD 2014 - 03/02/14 12:58 AM
4 Reasons Why Short Sales Are On Their Way Out   Short Sales Maryland 2014   Behind on your mortgage payments on 2014?        
4 Reasons why short sales are on their way out       
  As many know, a short sale is born out of a need when a distressed homeowner realizes that there is no other recourse; either let the lender foreclose or ask the lender to approve a short sale.
Facing foreclosure can be overwhelming and scary, and many people have decided to do something about it to save their credits and not fall into the financial … (3 comments)

short sales maryland: Short Sales 101 : Quick Facts for Maryland Homeowners | HELP - 01/26/13 09:41 PM
Is a Short Sale Right For You? Quick Q & A for Short Sales
1. What Is A Short Sale?
The sale of a property upon agreeable conditions for what is worth and not for what's its owed
2. Why Would A Lender Agree To A Short Sale?
To save money and time, typically a short sale will net the lender more money than a lengthy foreclosure with hired attorneys
3. Why Would A Seller Agree To A Short Sale?
To avoid a foreclosure and possible an deficiency judgment
4. What Must A Seller Do … (3 comments)

short sales maryland: Low Ball Offers and Short Sales Don't Mix. . - 01/07/13 07:48 AM
Question: Can I just send a low ball offer on any short sale. . what difference does it make? 

Any experienced short sale agent knows that the bank is only willing to sell the property at fair market value.
Fair market value is determined by recent comparable sales in the area of the subject property.   
Before the bank accepts any offer on a short sale listing they will order a BPO.
What is a BPO?
A BPO is simply like a mini-appraisal and it is the validation the the banks are seeking for before accepting a short sale.
Sending a low ball offer to the bank will … (9 comments)

short sales maryland: How To Avoid A Deficiency Judgment When Doing A Short Sale - 05/20/12 05:11 AM for Maryland DC and Virginia Short Sales Agent 240-426-5754 How could you assure yourself 100% from a deficiency judgmentafter a foreclosure, a deed in lieu of foreclosure or a SHORT SALE? Before I can tell you how to avoid it 100% You need to know exactly what a deficiency judgment is Very simple.. It is what you signed for as a loan when you originally purchase your property And What the banks gets after the disposing of. . It’s their loss that could become a deficiency judgment It doesn’t matter if they dispose of the property via Foreclosure: At the court steps, it … (3 comments)

short sales maryland: Why Is Your Lender Keep Calling You About Your Mortgage Payments When You Are Doing a Short Sale? - 01/12/11 02:10 AM
Why is your lender keep calling you about your mortgage payments when you are doing a short sale?   You should know this. . .
Often times lenders have several departments and they are not coordinating their notes about your loan and  are only following procedures.
You have to expect their call if you have stopped making mortgage payments. .no doubt about this. . 
When we do a short sale for our clients,  we notify the short sale department about your intentions of doing the short sale on your property and sometimes the loss mitigation department may not beware of this fact.
“Ignoring their phone calls … (3 comments)

short sales maryland: The HAFA Program Works Because Of The Release Of Deficiency Saving The Homeowner - 11/30/10 02:55 AM
The HAFA program, complements HAMP by providing a viable alternative for borrowers  who are HAMP eligible but can not qualify and are  unable to keep their home. It uses borrower financial and hardship information already collected under HAMP. One of the most important steps for your Realtor  is that allows borrowers to receive pre-approved short sales terms before listing the property (including the minimum acceptable net proceeds and acceptable closing costs).
The biggest benefit to you as a homeowner is that borrowers to be fully released from future liability for the first mortgage debt and, if the … (1 comments)

short sales maryland: Is it Immoral, lacking in Integrity to Stop Paying Your Mortgage? - 12/30/09 03:45 AM
Short Sales Maryland
A question being asked frequently by homeowners. . 
 Is it Immoral or lacking in integrity to STOP paying your mortgage?
Perhaps it is fair to put the banks under the same fire. . .
 Is it Immoral or lacking in integrity to give loans recklessly and then seek the help from the Government when you are in trouble?
Are Homeowners being judged unjustly under a complete different set of standards?
Banks continue to be reckless giving bonuses and throwing parties while getting help from the Obama Administration. .  . .with the pretense that they are supposed to been  working with people to help them … (1 comments)

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Short Sales in MD DC and Virginia "Short Sales Maryland" … (1 comments)

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Short sales in MD. . "Short Sales for Maryland " … (0 comments)

short sales maryland: Record Setting Short Sale Approval in Frederick MD - 03/08/09 11:53 PM
Frederick  Short Sales Expert Specialist QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
Q: Are short sale properties selling for any type of “discount” versus the real market value?
Short sale offers must be in line with current market values to produce net proceeds to the investor more than what they would expect to recover through foreclosure. As a result, approved short sale prices average at or near the actual market value.
Q: Why does the short sale process take so long?
In a traditional short sale, the review process doesn’t begin until an executed purchase contract is received.
Acceptable and complete documentation of the borrower’s … (2 comments)

short sales maryland: Bank Owned REO and Short Sale Homes for Sale in Frederick MD - 02/06/09 12:18 AM
We want to be your direct connection with REO Properties, Bank Owned Properties, Short Sales and HUD Properties in Maryland.
Please go here to get started and we will WOW you with our services!

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