short sales realtor: Low Ball Offers and Short Sales Don't Mix. . - 01/07/13 07:48 AM
Question: Can I just send a low ball offer on any short sale. . what difference does it make? 

Any experienced short sale agent knows that the bank is only willing to sell the property at fair market value.
Fair market value is determined by recent comparable sales in the area of the subject property.   
Before the bank accepts any offer on a short sale listing they will order a BPO.
What is a BPO?
A BPO is simply like a mini-appraisal and it is the validation the the banks are seeking for before accepting a short sale.
Sending a low ball offer to the bank will … (9 comments)

short sales realtor: Gaithersburg MD Homes For Sale 20878 - Kentlands Gaithersburg - 08/03/12 06:47 AM

short sales realtor: TO DO or NOT TO DO a SHORT SALE? - 04/22/12 01:21 AM
At the height of the real estate boom, no one predicted that you may find yourself one day asking this question
Should  I do a Short Sale or Not?
It's a hard decision. .but you should never ignore it or refuse to deal with it.
After all, any problem is more manageable once you own it and control it. . 
Otherwise, you empower the lender to decide that for you.
Our chart below will give you some help but. .you should always consult with an expert in distressed properties for assistance because of your particular situation.

The worst step I … (13 comments)

short sales realtor: Short Selling Investment Properties. . . What Are Your Options in Maryland? - 02/08/12 02:03 PM

My phone was ringing. .
"I've screwed up BIG TIME"
A familiar friendly voice told me on the phone.
"Why?" I asked. .
"I broke my own rules on an investment purchase. A mistake that is sucking me dry, I'm on my way for the worst real estate loss I've ever experienced, EVER!"
"Calm down, maybe there is something we can do . . tell me a little more. .all I could say. .
"When I purchased a condo in this building four years ago . .it seemed to be the best investment I could do. The renter paid … (6 comments)

short sales realtor: Why Should You Hire Us When You Are A Distressed Homeowner in Maryland? - 08/24/11 05:55 AM

short sales realtor: The Benefit on Finding The "Right Agent"Doing Your Short Sale - 05/30/11 01:51 AM
Short Sales Maryland For the month of May 2011, Herboso & Associates will post one post per day highlighting the reasons why you should do a short sale before you lose your property to a foreclosure. 31 Reasons WHY YOU SHOULD DO A SHORT SALE BEFOREALLOWING A FORECLOSURE IN YOUR PROPERTY

Day #30 --Reason #30 The Benefit on Finding The "Right Agent"
 Find a very experienced agent:
Your agent matters in a short sale more so that in any other real estate transaction.
Your agent will make or break the deal if they are not knowledgeable with … (7 comments)

short sales realtor: Buying A Short Sale Or A Foreclosure | Buyers Should Consider The Advantages and Disadvantages - 01/05/10 11:06 PM
Short Sales Foreclosures Maryland 
An excellent post outlining the differences of buying a short sale or a foreclosure.
In the Maryland and Northern Virginia area, Foreclosures attract a lot of competition resulting in multiple offer situations. 
In Short Sales you have less competition but you have to understand that it could take longer to process. 
Is up to the buyers needs and requirements.
In today's market, almost half of the homes listed for sale are distressed sales - meaning they are either short sales or foreclosures.  The percentage varies depending on the city and region, but foreclosures and short sales generally make up a large … (3 comments)

short sales realtor: Short Sale Your Property. . Considered a "HOMEOWNERS BAILOUT " - 12/27/08 12:08 AM

short sales realtor: Buying Short Sales with the wrong Realtor and you are IN for a surprise. . - 11/25/08 07:45 AM
Fernando Herboso … (0 comments)

short sales realtor: Short Selling Your Home In Maryland? Goverment Bailout - 10/16/08 12:02 AM
Don't Lose Sleep. .CALL
Fernando’s direct line 240-426-5754

Need immediate help? Call 240.426.5754 right now!
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short sales realtor: A Short Sale Lesson. . . - 10/04/08 04:42 AM
Short Sales For Maryland DC and Virginia
TWO Mortgages. .
The first one accepted a month ago and gave us the OK
The second one was happy. . they were getting $2500, they didn't even do a BPO
The buyer's lender did an appraisal. .
NO GOOD. . it appraised for a lot less
Oh Oh . .
Got the information to the first lender and ask them to drop the price. . we also enclosed a copy of the appraisal for good measure. .
They  came to their senses and say OK
Went to closing but omitted a small detail
The second lien already accepted $2500 … (1 comments)

short sales realtor: Short Sales In Maryland. Are you considering it? - 10/04/08 04:04 AM
Short Sales in Maryland
“DOING A SHORT SALE” has been the latest craze among homeowners that are upside down. In real estate, a short sale refers to the sale of a property in which the sale price is insufficient to pay off all encumbrances and pay the expenses of sale. It tales a lot of convincing to the bank to be able for them to agree to take less that the full amount owed and allow the sale to close.  The incentive for the bank to approve a short sale is to have the property sell before foreclosing the property and incurring … (0 comments)

short sales realtor: SHORT SALES in REAL ESTATE vs SHORT SELLING STOCKS- What's the difference? - 10/01/08 01:30 AM
Short Sales in Maryland
Short Selling Stocks vs Short Sale in Real Estate
What's the difference? 

Fernando Herboso & Associates are CDPE certified:
Many people are confusing these days about short selling a property vs short selling stocks.
The ban in SHORT SALES in Wall St that has been in the news lately is about SHORT SELLING STOCKS not REAL ESTATE
As you are aware, a short sale in real estate is about a negotiation with a lender in approving a sale of a property for less money than the mortgage amount.
A SHORT SALE for stocks in Wall St. is not a very simple process. In … (0 comments)

short sales realtor: SHORT SALES FOR MARYLAND /FIND Information To DO Short Sales IN Maryland - 09/25/08 02:02 AM
Are you facing foreclosure?
Can’t pay your mortgage payments anymore?
You may have a better way out!
US families are now facing difficult hardships that can turn home ownership from a dream home to a nightmare home. . . The loss of a job, medical expenses, business cut-back or simply an unexpected hike in monthly payments can make your mortgage unaffordable.
Ignoring the situation will not make it disappear; it will only make things worse.
 After all is done and you have exhausted all possibilities to save your home. .. There is an approach that can help you prevent a foreclosure on … (0 comments)

short sales realtor: SHORT SALE for MARYLAND> Are you considering one? - 09/22/08 02:57 PM
Short Sales in Maryland ------Short Sale in MD
For homeowners who are “upside down” meaning that they owe more to the bank than what their homes are worth. . and can no longer make their mortgage payments.
You are really in a precarious situation that could make your life miserable for the next ten years. A foreclosure on your record is a very serious situation and you should try to avoid  it at all costs.
Let us try to help negotiate a short sale with your bank, We are advocating a “short sale.” Because it makes sense instead of a foreclosure.
You may need … (1 comments)

short sales realtor: SHORT SALES FOR MARYLAND /FIND A REALTOR To DO Short Sales IN Montgomery County MD - 08/16/08 07:18 AM
Montgomery County Maryland Short Sales. need to sell or buy a SHORT SALE in Montgomery County MD?
First, let me tell you one thing. . . short sales should be called LONG SALES. . be prepared to have plenty of . . SHORT patience and a LOOOOONG wait

There are many owners in Montgomery County  Maryland that need to sell their homes for less than they owe, hoping that the lenders forgive the difference and a buyer gets a great a deal.
The waiting part is the longest if you are a buyer. .as a seller, the waiting can actually benefit you. You could stay in … (0 comments)

short sales realtor: Short Sale. . should I consider it? - 07/23/08 02:00 PM

When is a short sale an option for you?
Fernando Herboso has created this presentatuiin for you. .
Fernando has aquired the designation of CDPE
"Certified Distressed Property Expert"
Less than 1% of all realtors in th eUnited States have the designation of "CDPE" When you are considering a short sale
and you live in Maryland DC or Virginia
Call Fernando 240-426-5754
Serving Maryland, DC and Virginia
Let the Experts help you

short sales realtor: The Short Sale Option in Real Estate Today. . . - 07/22/08 12:28 AM
Are You  Having Problems Paying Your Mortgage? "If Qualified. .How to Quickly and Easily Solve Your Problem With A Short Sale"
Inside Our FREE Ebook you will discover :
"Is A Short Sale An Option For Me?"
Being Upside Down: When your mortgage exceeds the value of your home, what do to about it!Why doing a short sale  could save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in the long run! Find out if you are a "Short Sale Candidate" We will show you the many reasons why a bank will accept your hardship.Once in the short sale process   - We will show you how to maximize your position with the banks and … (0 comments)

short sales realtor: Is A Short Sale An Option For Me? Short Sales for Md, DC and Virginia/ Short Sale Realty/Realtor Maryland - 07/19/08 06:17 AM
Is A Short Sale An Option For You?
Making clear and concise decisions about your finances, especially when it comes to your own house is very important to us.
Are you having problems making your mortgage payments?
This simple EBOOK should answer many questions that you may have if you are considering a SHORT SALE
The Author:
Fernando Herboso is a CPDE
"Certified Distressed Property Expert"
Less that 1% of Realtors have this designation.
To contact Fernando call 240-426-5754

short sales realtor: SHORT SALES FOR MARYLAND DC AND VIRGINIA /FIND A REALTOR To DO Short Sales/ When is a short sale an option for me?, Short Sale Realty - 07/14/08 04:06 PM
Fernando, When doing short sales, is the seller supposed to sign the HUD-1 presented to the bank?
Are you, as a seller supposed to sign this HUD-1?
The answer is a big NO!
Don't put your client in a precarious position.. .we can advice your clients, friends or family for the best options when it comes to short sales. 
Don't you gamble your short sales referrals. . .we can make it happen!
 . . call us now by dialing 240-426-5754
or visit our website and we will do the rest!  specializing in short sales for Maryland, DC and Virginia.
If you are a Realtor, you may … (0 comments)

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