short sales: Rockville MD Homes For Sale - King Farm - 05/26/12 04:00 AM
Rockville MD Homes  Rockville Real Estate - Homes For Sale Rockville Maryland's luxury premium planned community has to be King Farm. Whether you’re looking for homes for sale in Rockville, Gaitherbug and even Germantown you should take a look at King Farm in Rockville,  We love the area and the lifestyle that is afforded in King Farm, and we look forward to helping you find your dream home, condo or townhouse. Fernando Herboso Herboso & Associates LLC MD, DC and VA 240-426-5754 Search for Rockville MD Homes Here … (1 comments)

short sales: Short Sales: Ignoring Certified Letters From Your Lender. . a NO-NO - 05/24/12 11:15 PM
My Lender Has Sent Me a Certified Letter-Should I Worry in A Short Sale? Reality Estate Oftentimes our clients./ the  homeowner will get a letter either from the bank or an attorneys office with the dreaded  NOD (Notice Of Default) Your lender has an obligation to send you this letter when you stop making your mortgage payments.. . This is regardless if your home is in the market as a short sale or not!’ This  letter is advising you and giving you a formal Notice of Default, which has been filed with the local county recorder’s office. Many of our clients  don’t understand … (3 comments)

short sales: Buying a Home in Maryland? . . Welcome to Harsh Reality! - 05/24/12 11:47 AM  Maryland, DC and VA Really Nice Homes  Looking for a really nice home?   These days, buyers may have the upper hand when it comes to buying, but your time is almost up. Our buyer agents are competing fiercely out there to get a contracts ratified for our buyer clients. even in the surprisingly strong market the shift is slowly being delegated to the sellers. Take for example the Urbana Frederick real estate market. Properties that were out of reach for a lot of people are now becoming affordable to buyers lucky enough to have the cash and credit to make their dreams come true. However, … (3 comments)

short sales: Gaithersburg Maryland Home Search: ALL LISTINGS 20878 - 05/23/12 01:31 PM
What You Should  Do . . .  prior to shopping for your  home in  Gaithersburg MD? When we prepare our clients before a major purchase like buying a home, we prepare them to be ready. Some resist others listen..  The ones that listen get the savings at the end. This is the number one step everybody should take prior to purchasing a much as you want to jump over hops to "Go and See Houses" right away. This is for your own good. OK, maybe you still want to search for a home by yourself. . then at least do this step: The … (2 comments)

short sales: Que es un Short Sale - Venta Corta ? - 05/22/12 11:15 AM Ventas Cortas - Short Sales - El Mapa de DECISION PARA SHORT SALES Que es una venta corta (short sale). ¿Qué es una venta corta? Denominado como un short sale en ingles.La venta corta es el proceso a través del cual un propietario de una vivienda puede vender una casa por menos dinero del que le debe al banco por la hipoteca de la propiedad.Para todas las personas que no pueden continuar pagando las mensualidades al banco existen otras alternativas diferentes a declararse en bancarrota o ir al FORECLOSURE.Una de las opciones existentes es llamada “venta corta”. A veces, para … (3 comments)

short sales: How To Avoid A Deficiency Judgment When Doing A Short Sale - 05/20/12 05:11 AM for Maryland DC and Virginia Short Sales Agent 240-426-5754 How could you assure yourself 100% from a deficiency judgmentafter a foreclosure, a deed in lieu of foreclosure or a SHORT SALE? Before I can tell you how to avoid it 100% You need to know exactly what a deficiency judgment is Very simple.. It is what you signed for as a loan when you originally purchase your property And What the banks gets after the disposing of. . It’s their loss that could become a deficiency judgment It doesn’t matter if they dispose of the property via Foreclosure: At the court steps, it … (3 comments)

short sales: Facebook Account For Sale "Friends Included" - 03/02/12 09:54 PM
Sharing Our Weekly Newsletter. . … (12 comments)

short sales: Filling up your gas tank or paying your mortgage? - 02/24/12 09:17 PM

It is days like today . . .that I'm feeling good to finally got rid of my 9 miles per gallon GAS HOG
It is also days like today  that I wonder. . what was I thinking of? when I first purchased it.
But now she is gone now and I'm feeling much  better.
In the same mentality.
How are you going to be feeling 5 years from now about your underwater mortgage?
Did you ride the storm hoping that things may get better?
The decision you make today, it matters!
It was difficult selling  my Hummer on a down market, … (11 comments)

short sales: Government Mortgage Settlement Questions & Answers, Do I Qualify???? - 02/12/12 03:55 AM
The latest news that could affect underwater homeowners is that the Government reached a settlement with major lender in the tune of 25 billon dollars.
The news is spreading across the internet about this major agreement. .
A lot of criticism and a lot attention is being paid from a political point of view. .
But, what about you?
How does these news affect you if your home in underwater?. Or
If your home is being considered for a Loan Modification. .or
If your home is listed as a short sale right now. . or … (3 comments)

short sales: Short Selling Investment Properties. . . What Are Your Options in Maryland? - 02/08/12 02:03 PM

My phone was ringing. .
"I've screwed up BIG TIME"
A familiar friendly voice told me on the phone.
"Why?" I asked. .
"I broke my own rules on an investment purchase. A mistake that is sucking me dry, I'm on my way for the worst real estate loss I've ever experienced, EVER!"
"Calm down, maybe there is something we can do . . tell me a little more. .all I could say. .
"When I purchased a condo in this building four years ago . .it seemed to be the best investment I could do. The renter paid … (6 comments)

short sales: Que Es Un Short Sale - Venta Corta - Informacion - 02/06/12 01:57 AM
Informacion en Español para dueños de casa que estan retrasados con sus pagos de mortgage.

El proceso de un short sale es cuando un dueño de casa vende su propiedad por menos de lo que se debe al banco.
La propiedad se vende por  loque vale y no por lo que se debe al banco.
No deberia perder su casa en un foreclosure. .
El proceso de venta en short sale le da una buema opcion.  y si usted tiene derecho a una venta en corta, comienza con una llamada a nuestras oficinas.  Este le daria una  oportunidad de aprender sobre … (0 comments)

short sales: Really Nice Homes For Sale in Arlington Virginia 22207 - 02/04/12 06:53 AM

A Sample of nice FEATURED Homes for sale In
Arlington Virginia 22207
Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The land that became Arlington was originally donated by Virginia to the United States government to form part of the new federal capital district. On February 27, 1801, the United States Congress organized the area as a subdivision of the District of Columbia named Alexandria County
Given the county's proximity to Washington, D.C., Arlington is headquarters to many departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States, including the Pentagon, the Department … (5 comments)

short sales: Our Newsletter: Compliments of Herboso & Associates 02/03/2012 - 02/03/12 07:08 AM

The Funnies:
(Conversation taken from a social media site)

The first person that text me @ 240-426-5754 the word  "MONEY" gets a $100 OFF Coupon of the settlement fee in conjunction with a real estate  settlement conducted by Village Settlements

"The number one "LOCAL" website to search for homes"

Join Our Team Because the Real Estate industry is becoming more challenging everyday, we seek professionals that understand the industry and are committed to stay ahead of the game At Herboso & Associates llc , we not only provide the best service, but we also have an excellent … (2 comments)

short sales: What Is The Result Of A Strategic Default On Your Mortgage? - 01/31/12 12:27 AM
The least we can do as Real Estate Agents that specializes in short sales is NOT TO JUDGE our clients when it comes to decisions such as this.
Its been a couple years since I wrote and there were a few instances where I was confronted with the contents of my eBook. .nevertheless, it got me a television interview and a couple guest appearances in a radio show.
When it comes to making decisions about your financial future, don't ever self impose a moral obligation on your family.. . survival sometimes requires to make tough decisions. . 
As the turn down is housing drags … (3 comments)

short sales: Pre-Foreclosures in Montgomery and Frederick Counties Available Now! - 01/30/12 06:59 AM
Foreclosures in Montgomery County:

Foreclosures in Frederick County MD


short sales: Villages of Urbana Pre- Foreclosures - Frederick Maryland - 01/27/12 01:47 AM

Villages Of Urbana Foreclosures Urbana, Maryland Homes Urbana is the fastest growing community in Frederick County. Located at the southern edge of the county just bordering Montgomery County, Urbana is ideally located on I-270 midway between Baltimore and Washington, DC, giving easy access to both. Named the "2009 Best Selling Community in Maryland", Urbana not only includes showcases the newest and best that Frederick County has to offer, but also has a brand new three story 25,000 square foot library, several newly installed public swimming pools, plenty of tennis and basketball courts, new shopping centers, and a just opened district park. Urbana … (0 comments)

short sales: Obama's Plan To Help Troubled Homeowners. . . Get in Line. . . - 01/27/12 12:27 AM
After many ineffective programs to help troubled borrowers and after fruitless attempts at budging lenders to bring a solution to this problem. President Obama is proposing a brand new refinance program for borrowers who are current on their mortgages, regardless of who owns their loan. . . more small detail. . This one has to go through Congress. . . .yikes!"I'm sending this Congress a plan that gives every responsible homeowner the chance to save about $3,000 a year on their mortgage, by refinancing at historically low interest rates. No more red tape. No more runaround from the banks," the President announced in … (8 comments)

short sales: Freddie Mac Programa Para Desempleados - Ventas Cortas / Short Sales Maryland Virginia - 01/13/12 03:52 AM
Freddie Mac Programa Para Desempleados
Mortgage Assistance Programs - Freddie Mac

Si usted está desempleado y tiene una hipoteca con Freddie Mac. La noticia no podría ser mejor.
Una venta corta (short sale) sigue siendo una solución sensible cuando su casa está bajo el agua y ud. está desempleado.
Pero no hay necesidad de apresurarse si usted ha perdido su trabajo.
Freddie Mac ha anunciado que los propietarios que se encuentren desempleados pueden solicitar una tolerancia oficial después de que ya faltado algunos pagos. Como dueño de casa, Ud. puede saltar hasta un máximo de 12 meses de pagos de … (4 comments)

short sales: Freddie Mac Unemployment Program - 12 Month Mortgage Assistance - 01/13/12 03:20 AM
Freddie Mac Unemployment program
Mortgage Assistance Programs - Freddie Mac

If you are unemployed and you have a Freddie Mac owned mortgage. The news could not be better.
A short sale remains a sensible solution when your home is underwater and you are unemployed. 
But there is no need to rush  it if you have lost your job.
Freddie Mac has announced that unemployed homeowners who apply for an official forbearance after already missing some payments can skip up to a maximum of 12 months of their mortgage payments. Only after that, if the homeowners are still unemployed … (3 comments)

short sales: TAX RELIEF FOR SHORT SALES EXPIRES IN 356 DAYS - 01/11/12 11:40 PM
Perhaps one of the most powerful reasons to do a short sale now rather than waiting. This law could save you thousands of dollars. .
Should you consider and elect to do a short sale, rather do it now than later. . 

The clock is ticking until the expiration of the 2007 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act expires on the last day of December this year.  Previously set to expire earlier, Congress extended the expiration date to end in effective January 1, 2013.  Will it be extended again?  Is it necessary?
The extension should be extended again – but that … (4 comments)

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