short sales: When a Short Sale Becomes A Better Option in Maryland - 01/05/12 01:09 PM
SHORT SALESWhen a foreclosure is looming. .
a short sale is a better option!
No deficiency short sales being performed in a regular basis. .
call 240-426-5754

Is a short sale an option for me?
Short Sales Short Tales : It Never Happened
Short Sales Short Tales: She Cut The Blinds!
Short Sales Short Tales: Going Back!
SHort Sales - Short Tales:  A FAX RANT
Short Sales - Short Tales :  The Price
Short Sales - Short Tales :  Being Afraid
Short Sales - Short Tales : The Fast Talker

short sales: The Shrinkage Factor for Short Sales In A Pool Of Buyers - 12/16/11 01:54 AM
  Agents, when you call on a listing agent to ask. .How many loans on this short sale? The answer really does not reveal anything to help your buyer(s) make a decision. . There are hundreds if not thousands of (one loan) short sales that where not approved. .and there are thousands of (two loan) short sales that were approved. . Better questions you may want to ask? Have you already send a complete package to the lender PRIOR to putting the property in the market? HAFA Short Sale? . .then asking price is the already approved price? My client wants to write an offer, can you share with me the bank's … (3 comments)

short sales: Really Nice Homes in Northern Virginia - 12/09/11 08:50 AM
Looking for a Really Nice Home in Northern Virginia? Introducing the same access real estate agents have when searching for properties. . no hassle no pressure only really nice homes here. .  

In  Northern Virginia  
Alexandria VA
Annandale VA
Arlington VA
Burke VA
Chantilly VA
Fairfax VA
Falls Church VA
McLean VA

short sales: Nibbling at the bullet and letting Citigroup off the hook… - 11/16/11 12:56 AM
Instead of the government helping the people that needs it the most. . the same lenders are pushing the Government to alleviate their losses with policies paid by helpful  lobbyists inside Washington DC
At the root of this crisis is that there’s a bailout going on FOR THE LENDERS and not the distressed homeowners!
The loan modification nightmare that homeowners are being forced into signing(a pact with the devil), will only extend the agony of the housing crisis.
A great post, bringing a glimpse of what is wrong with the system.

The new HARP 2.0 rules that go into effect soon … (3 comments)

short sales: Strategic Default, Principal Forgiveness and the Specter of Moral Hazards - 11/14/11 12:10 AM
A great article that asks the question most asked by confused homeowners. . the reduction of principal in order to keep a homeowner in a home.
In my opinion, selective principal reduction will not work because all homeowners would want the same thing. .and the banking system would collapse because of it.
As simple as this approach would be, this is how I humbly present to you how to fix the housing crisis in the US right now . . . in just 30 days!
#1 Home underwater?, behind on your payments? lender pays for a full appraisal and determine the … (1 comments)

short sales: Banks offer deals to encourage short sales instead of foreclosures - 11/12/11 12:18 AM
When it comes to short sales, I can tell you that I was there when it all begun. .my first short sale was the most enduring horrific experience that I will never forget. . it seemed that even the bank did not know what a short sale was. .
A few years later.. things have changed
In my area, short sales are on the rise and foreclosures are on decline. 
Finally, lenders realized that we ARE HELPING THEM AS WELL!
Bank of America is testing foreclosure waters with an incentive program for defaulting homeowners to “short sell” their homes instead of enduring … (6 comments)

short sales: Scam or not? Guilty or innocent? Where did all the money go? - 11/05/11 12:57 AM
There are no excuses when schemers prey on homeowners during distressful times . .as such is the case on this post. .
In a world of short sales and foreclosures. . it is sad to see people hurting people for a profit. . whole families being devastated and sometimes. .. it seems that no one really cares. . such as this story.. .
 Scam or not?     Guilty or innocent?     Where did all the money go?
I'm not sure if this is a sad story or simply a story of a man in court that was resisting the banks attempt … (10 comments)

short sales: Two Tips for Writing Offers on Short Sales - 10/30/11 03:07 AM
Short Sales in Maryland
A very good article that depicts why short sales are so frustrating for many participants. It pays to be prepared and it pays to be working with someone that has the experience to take it to completion. .
For MD, DC or VA
Cue the violin music.
This is the tragic (yet typical) story of a buyer’s agent and her buyer who put an offer in on a short sale that ultimately ended up in foreclosure. The buyer showed an interest in living in a home in a specific neighborhood. There were many properties to choose … (7 comments)

short sales: Short Sales Short Tales . . The Hardship Letter - 10/27/11 03:31 AM

"Homeowner's Block: The Hardship Letter" 
Perhaps the most dreaded thing to what a homeowner needs to provide us when we help them with a short sale. . is writing the "Hardship Letter"

I have seen all kinds. .long ones, short ones. .even in different languages that we had to translate verbatim with the help of others.. .but this one took the cake

It was hand written and it took me several minutes to figure it that was written in English. . at least that was what I thought.
Since I knew exactly what my client's hardship was, I decided to send … (3 comments)

short sales: Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) from Obama unveiled on 10/25/2011 - 10/26/11 10:33 AM
Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) from Obama unveiled on 10/25/2011 As a Real Estate professional that works almost exclusively helping people find options when their mortgages are underwater, this new program that has been recently unveiled, will help many homeowners that fall under their strict criteria. . 
Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) OR CHECK THE VIDEO BELOW … (0 comments)

short sales: The New Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) from Obama for Maryland Homeowners - 10/26/11 05:21 AM
The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) has come up with a series of changes in an effort to help more eligible borrowers who can benefit from refinancing their home mortgage. This new program has its limitations and it is not for everyone.

The most important factor that will affect  my clients is that:
If you are behind on your mortgage payments, this program is not for you…you must be current with your monthly payments to your bank!
The following was taken directly from their official announcement
What is the purpose of this new program?
Eliminating … (4 comments)

short sales: Short Sales - Short Tales: "Hey, You Are Selling It Too Cheap!" - 10/21/11 02:40 AM

"Short Sales and Ignoring Reality" 

When we take a short sale listing, we analyze the surrounding market and all the comparable before we decide on a price. . .
Most of the time, our clients trust our suggestions, because we also have it in black in white. . meaning that we bring all the listings (printed) for the last 6 months as we carefully analyze them with the homeowner being present..
Most of them are shocked at the current prices in their neighborhood and solidifies their decision made going forward with a short sale.
"Our price goal for every short sale … (10 comments)

short sales: Escucha Un Importante Show de Radio COMO EVITAR EL FORECLOSURE - 05/12/11 09:08 AM
Viernes 13 de Mayo 2011
9:00 AM 
No te la pierdas


short sales: Short Sales With Wells Fargo For Maryland Homeowners : Steps To Take - 03/01/11 08:28 AM
Wells Fargo Short Sales Program : : Steps To Take For A Short Sale Approval
Homeowners that are considering a short sale with Wells Fargo should take the right steps to benefit with the latest programs their Bank now offers.
The Wells Fargo Short Sales Program is the latest program that could be relevant whether your short sale gets approved or rejected.
I invite you to watch the enclosed video to inform you of the latest changes for  Wells Fargo Short Sales

Click Video Below
Remember, a short sale is not a right that you may be entitled to  . .it is simple a way for Wells Fargo … (1 comments)

short sales: Paying $150,000 More For A House . . . . With No Choice? - 02/28/11 09:56 AM

Do you realize you were buying your house again and paying over $150,000 more than what's worth? My client was astounded hearing me say that. . Yes, in a loan modification, you are agreeing to a brand new loan. . you are buying your  house again. . but this time you are paying $150,000  more than whats worth!. Swallowing hard. . "I didn't not realize it at that time. " Our clients called on us after a failed loan modification with his lender.  So the question remains. . Who benefits on a successful  loan modification? For those holding out hope … (0 comments)

short sales: Wachovia Bank Short Sales Program For Maryland Homeonwers - 02/17/11 01:25 AM
Wachovia Short Sales Program : : Steps To Take For A Short Sale Approval
Homeowners that are considering a short sale with Wachovia should take the right steps to benefit with the latest programs their Bank now offers.
The Wachovia Short Sales Program is the latest program that could be relevant  whether your short sale gets approved or rejected.
I invite you to watch the enclosed video to inform you of the latest changes for  Wachovia Short Sales

Click Video Below
Remember, a short sale is not a right that you may be entitled to  . .it is simple … (2 comments)

short sales: Riverside California's Best Short Sales Agent. .. No Doubt! - 11/23/10 07:58 AM
If I needed a Realtor in Riverside California to do a short sale. 
There is only person I would need.. 
Richie Alan Naggar
Richie has shown his commitment as a Real Estate Agent in the example below. 
These actions are an example of the true nature of professionalism and the caring attutude he dispalys for his clients.
His decision to put his client's well being above of any monetary gain proves to me that Richie is an elite real estate agent in Riverside California.
Looking to do a short sale?
I would call him instantly. . 
Great Job Richie! 
I have been … (1 comments)

short sales: Don't Be Ashamed Doing A Short Sale. . . - 10/13/10 04:45 AM
In the real world .  the rich and successful often making a decision about doing  a short sale naturally. They seem to be less susceptible to the shame and fear of accused by their peers, friends, neighbors.
The government and the mortgage banking industry has specially created a fear factor to keep underwater homeowners from acting in their financial best interest .
That is a shame because thousands of families are suffering needlessly consuming their savings and decimating their retirement security blankets.
The lenders called on the Government when they saw themselves in trouble. .
.and they all got their  bailouts. … (1 comments)

short sales: Thank You-Thank You- Thank You - 10/05/10 08:38 AM
THANK YOU!! I  would like to share with you how grateful I'm to one of our Activerain Members. This person demonstrates what serving with gratitude is all about. . A trait that very few people have and even understand what is all about. It is that "serving with gratitude" where admired leaders are made She has volunteer and shared valuable information about short sales that can possible increase my productivity to much higher levels. .

THANK YOU Melissa Zavala !!!
Melissa Zavala runs one of the strongest teams in the USA closing short sales for other agents. Any agent … (5 comments)

short sales: Short Sales Maryland: The Realtor's Role in a Short Sale. . . - 09/30/10 03:02 AM
Short Sales in Maryland:
If your mortgage is underwater. .
Perhaps,  the most important step a homeowner has to take when they realize they need help when their mortgage is underwater.
CHOOSING THE RIGHT PERSON TO DO THE JOB A Realtor’s role during a short sale is clearly defined on their fiduciary services to you , the homeowner.
Among the things that a Realtor will do for you, the most important trait you should insist upon is. .
Please check our video:

To see the many options a homeowner has when their mortgage is underwater. . visit:

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