short sales: Short Sales Maryland: "Save your 401K and Avoid a Foreclosure At The Same Time" - 09/29/10 11:05 AM
Short Sales in Maryland
Many homeowners in Maryland are taking too long making a decision what to when they find themselves with a mortgage underwater . .  .
. .even with a hardship that reduced their income and they are unable to pay for their mortgage.
Check this video and see how to take ACTION to protect any little savings you may have. . .and avoid a foreclosure.
To see the many options available for homeowners and see actual examples of what some homeowners are utilizing to say ADIOS to their LENDERS. . Avoid a … (4 comments)

short sales: Germantown Maryland Homes For Sale 20874 - Real Estate Market Report for Kingsview Neighborhoods in Germantown MD Montgomery County - 08/26/10 02:48 AM
Kingsview-Germantown-Maryland Germantown Kingsview Maryland Homes For Sale 20874

Kingsview in Germantown Maryland

20874 Kingsview in Germantown Montgomery County Maryland
Location! Location! Location! What makes Kingsview Neighborhoods in Germantown great for residents and visitors also makes it great for business. . plus  the near proximity of The Shady Grove Metro and being home of many major businesses located in and around Montgomery County MD 
Kingsview is a community composed of traditional and colonial modern homes with lots of amenities like pools, community centers, parks, shopping centers  nearby and the SoccerPlex, a 19 million dollar unique extravagant center for sports … (1 comments)

short sales: PHH Mortgage Simply The Worst Mortgage Servicing Company In The USA! - 08/20/10 03:23 AM
An Open Letter to PHH Mortgage and PHH Mortgage Solutions You've got to be kidding me!In business, you never burn bridges. . that was my philosophy until we crossed paths and in your case. . I WILL MAKE AN EXCEPTION!This comes directly from your website:
PHH Mortgage::"We have received numerous awards, including Best 100 Places to Work in IT (Computerworld), Top 25 Companies that Care (Jacksonville Magazine), Training Top 100 (Training magazine), and more."
______________________________________________________________________________You’ve to be kidding me!You are in the top 25 companies that CARE? What  a JOKE!This is how you cared for my clients and this … (14 comments)

short sales: Rockville MD Homes For Sale 20851 - Real Estate Market Report for Twinbrook neighborhoods in Rockville MD Montgomery County - 08/20/10 01:43 AM
Twinbrook Homes For Sale Rockville Homes For Sale in Twinbrook and Twinbrook Forest  in Rockville Maryland  20851 Homes For Sale in Twinbrook  in Rockville Maryland  20850

short sales: How To Hire A Realtor To Do Your Short Sale - 08/11/10 06:53 AM

Watch who you hire to do your short sale!
It all begun when one of my buyers agent put an offer on a short sale and slowly we realize that the Realtor did not know how to do short sales.
During my yeas of practice, I’ve seen gross negligence perpetrated on consumers from other agents and professionals. . .but this was just too much!
Our offer was the second offer received on this particular short sale and she did not have a clue what to do with the two offers. .so she told us that she was sending them both … (0 comments)

short sales: Foreclosures Down Because Of An Increase In Short Sales? - 06/19/10 11:59 PM
It is a fact that a foreclosures costs the lender more money than selling it as a short sale. 
More and more lenders are realizing this fact and are willing to negotiate a short pay-off on a loan that is becoming distressed.
It is a sad fact that a lot of homeowners are losing their homes to a foreclosure never having to consider a short sale.

Foreclosures Down Because Of An Increase In Short Sales?
According to reports from RealtyTrac, foreclosures nationwide were down 2% in April compared to April a year ago.  Is it possible that … (5 comments)

short sales: Feeling a little - "Sold Out"... (from Lender to Servicer and to Servicer to Servicer? - 05/19/10 11:23 PM
Great post from Embarcadero Investments.
What is a SERVICER?
Having to deal with them in a daily basis doing short sales. . I know them too well
I don't think this really matters know when your lender actually sold your loan or how many times they will probably do it before you pay it off, because your loan can be sold over and over.... Did you know that?
And I don't think it matter to you if they sold it or not!  But some think that if their lender had not sold them out, they would … (0 comments)

short sales: New HAFA Program Supporting Documentation "The Agreement" - 05/17/10 10:01 AM
New HAFA Program Supporting Documentation READY FOR USE. . 
A Goverment program that can assist homeowners when they have a  "mortage underwater" What is "HAFA" Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative all about?? It is part of the Obama Administration's broad, comprehensive strategy to get the economy and the housing market back on track.  It all started with the making "Home Affordable Program"  offering options for homeowners in distress. They started with an alternative for refinancing mortgage loans through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)  They also offered through the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) an attempt for loan … (0 comments)

short sales: Are Strategic Defaults a Moral Issue? - 05/10/10 11:20 PM
Another great post that outlines the reasons why people may walk away . . 
In a short sale , you sell your house
In a foreclosure, you lose it
According to the Washington Post:
24% of all U.S. homeowners are underwater with their home loan, meaning they owe more than their home is worth. New foreclosures are far outpacing loan modifications. Economic weakness and government debt is what is really ailing the housing market. And, strategic defaults are on the rise. These are homeowner's who still have the capability to pay their mortgage, but for one reason or another, maybe that Joe … (1 comments)

short sales: Short Sales Maryland - No Hardship. . . NO SHORT SALE! - 04/26/10 06:58 AM
Short Sales Maryland Why does a Bank deny a Short Sale? Reason #5: No Hardship. . .  NO SHORT SALE! The only reason a lender will agree to a short sale is if they determine that you have a qualified hardship. Understanding your financial hardship plays a major role in the lender's determination of whether or not it will accept it or not. Quite simply, lenders will only accept a short sale if the seller is in hardship. Lenders understands now that homeowners may try to use a short sale as a way to get rid of a property simply because … (1 comments)

short sales: HELP! My loan is with Wachovia and I can no longer pay my mortgage payments . . - 03/22/10 02:32 PM
I'm defaulting on my Wachovia Mortgage Loan. . can you help me?
"Wachovia Bank  Loan Modifications and short sales!”Question: My loan is with Wachovia and I can no longer pay my mortgage payments. . Have you worked with Wachovia before? Answer: Yes and they are one of the few banks that have adjusted to the ongoing crisis To prevent a foreclosure Wachovia advises you the following: "Wachovia wants to help you stay in your home. Work together to see if they  can find a solution based on your situation and product. Here are some of the alternatives to foreclosure that … (3 comments)

short sales: What effect will a short sale -vs- a foreclosure have on my credit? - 02/01/10 01:44 PM
What effect will a short sale -vs- a foreclosure have on my credit? Foreclosure could remain on your credit for up to seven years while a short sale usually gets reported as a “settled debt” and is significantly less damaging on your credit.  With a completed short sale, your FICO score will not be as negatively impacted as it would be with a foreclosure, that has been proven over and over again. . and that fact will help you get into a new home much sooner as well. Herboso & Associates is not a  credit counseling agency, but credit experts in … (5 comments)

short sales: Montgomery Village Homes For Sale in Maryland 20886 - Real Estate Market Report - 11/20/09 10:30 PM
Homes and Condos For Sale in Montgomery Village Maryland 20886
                            Homes and Condos For Sale in                               Montgomery Village Maryland   Weekly Stats FOR ALL Homes for Sale in Montgomery Village
                            Maryland 20886     
Market Report for all the market activity  for the following neighborhoods in:
Montgomery Village 20886
Apple Ridge,Charlene,Christopher Court,ClubsideFairidge, Fairway Island, Goshen Overlook, Holly Pointe Kingspoint, McKendrie,McRory,Meadowgate,Mills Choice,Nathans Hill,Normandie On … (1 comments)

short sales: Gaithersburg MD Homes For Sale 20878 - Real Estate Market Report for the Kentlands Neighborhood in Gaithersburg MD in Montgomery County - 11/03/09 09:41 PM

KENTLANDS Homes For Sale in Gaithersburg  MD  The Kentlands Neighborhood Market Stats All Homes For Sale and Real Estate for  Gaithersburg Maryland 20878 Market Report for all Homes For Sale in The Kentlands in Gaithersburg Maryland 20878 Including Kentlands Gatehouse, Kentlands Ridge, Kentlands Upper and Kentlands Hill District Kentlands Single Family Homes Kentlands Foreclosures Kentlands Townhouses and Condos       and all Kentlands Short Sales !   HELP HERE This  market report below is for the end of October 2009.  This includes all Active Homes including SHORT SALES and FORECLOSURES. I'm including also all homes that are under contract. Here’s what’s happening … (0 comments)

short sales: How much should you pay to do a SHORT SALE in MARYLAND? - 05/22/09 12:06 AM

short sales: Million Dollar Foreclosures and Short Sales in Maryland , DC and Virginia - 03/13/09 02:08 AM
Million dollar Bank Owned Properties in Maryland Virginia DC . . "Foreclosures in MD, DC and Virginia" … (3 comments)

short sales: Short Sales In Maryland - 02/13/09 11:28 PM
A small detail like this could put you in jeopardy when doing a short sale.
Are you, as a seller supposed to sign a HUD-1 in a prepared short sale package?
The answer is a big NO!
We know that our main obligation to you is to properct you . . as such, if you are looking for a person that has the experience to do this well. . you should hire them!   Don't put yourself in a precarious position.. .
. . call us now by dialing 240-426-5754
or visit our website and we will do the … (1 comments)

short sales: Can't Pay your Mortgae Anymore? . . Don't HIDE! - 01/07/09 11:19 PM


short sales: Emmitsburg Maryland Real Estate SHORT SALE - GREAT PRICE! - 12/30/08 11:56 PM
Short Sale Reduced Price
We Need a Buyer Now! 


short sales: Freeland Maryland Real Estate. Pre-Foreclosure - 12/30/08 11:37 PM
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> Short Sale Incredible Price. . need a buyer now!


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