the: Maryland Real Estate Information: WHAT IS THE COUNTY TRANSFER TAX? - 06/17/16 02:08 AM
Maryland Real Estate Information:  WHAT IS THE COUNTY    TRANSFER TAX?   
For more information or to browse Maryland homes for sale and real estate... There's more to buying a home than just browsing real-estate listings and picking out the best pictures. Let us help you find your next house. Start by going to   Or call Fernando Herboso 301-246-0001 for faster assistance. … (0 comments)

the: What is the Process When Buying a New Home in Clarksburg MD? - 07/11/14 07:41 AM
What is the Process When Buying a New Home in Clarksburg MD? 
Typically, the process of buying a brand new home in Clarskburg  takes place over time and in several stages. The most important step is to make a decision who you want representing you to make an intelligent choice.
You need guidance to find all the options available in the area, taking some time deciding on your priorities—what you want in a home?  where you want to live? and how much you want to spend?
Is not enough to explore what's currently available among the properties that builders need to sell. You … (0 comments)

the: How To Hire The Top Real Estate Agent in Germantown Maryland - 05/14/14 08:53 AM
How To Hire The Top Real Estate Agent in Germantown Maryland Deciding to sell your Germantown Maryland home?
A big decision now is to determine how to pick the right agent to represent you
Hiring a Realtor® should not be that complicated if you follow certain points
A top real estate agent with the most sales in the area may not be the right person for you.
There were a lot of foreclosures and short sales in the last few years and some agents exclusively represented REO lenders. A complete different way to sell homes than current traditional listing services.
In some … (4 comments)

the: How Pricing Affects The Sale Of Your Home in Maryland - 02/15/14 10:33 PM
A Fresh Approach To Selling : 
Are you looking to sell your home? Do not know how to do it right? Just sit back, enjoy the benefits, and let us do all the hard work!In this highly competitive real estate world, finding good buyers for your home is not as easy as it may sound. You need expert advice and someone compatible to handle all the related aspects. When one wants to move on “SOLD” is the only word that matters.Big, complicated real estate markets like in Maryland, DC & Virginia requires aggressive and fast selling tactics that ensure profitable returns.Over the years, … (1 comments)

the: The Washington DC Auto Show for 2014 ▬ Location & Ticket Information - 01/13/14 12:01 AM
  The Washington DC Auto Show for 2014   This is my only chance to see my passion all under one roof. .outside real estate of course!   The Washington Auto Show for 2014 will be open to the public on January 23 to February 2 and I already got my tickets ready for Friday the 24th   Cars are fascinating to me, as I seem to develop an actual relationship with my own car. . For that reason it's a chance for me to get a close look at the impressive new models that will be featured at the show … (5 comments)

the: What Does $1 Million Buys Today in the Washington Metro Area? - 01/03/14 10:17 PM
What Does $1 Million Buy Today in the Washington Metro area? The answer will of course, vary depending on where you’re looking to buy.  This MAP will give you a comparison What a Million Dollars Buys according to location for the Washington Metropolitan Area
HAVE FUN!       The closer to DC and your 1 million dollars is  barely denting the housing market. A little further and you are seeing some signs of luxury . . .go to Frederick MD 30 some miles north of DC and now you are getting most of the perks!   What Does $1 Million Buy Today in the Washington Metro area? … (1 comments)

the: Should I Put Multiple Offers on the Houses I Like?MD-DC-VA Real Estate - 10/02/13 05:59 AM
Should I put multiple offers on the houses I like? This is a popular question we get most often. .
Buying a house requires a lot of time and effort, but these days it can be dangerous for a buyer that is not aware from the consequences of their actions
This is why you need an agent to help you find your dream home. .
Your agent can help you make the home buying process manageable and help you make the best decisions possible.
So, you like house #1 .. and house #2 Should you put offers on both and see which one … (0 comments)

the: For Sale By Owner MLS Listing Services MD- DC - VA: FSBO INFO - 08/23/13 06:26 AM
For Sale By Owner MLS Listing Services MD- DC - VA: Using the Internet to Sell Your House as an FSBO  For Sale By Owner, or FSBO as is more commonly called , is the process of selling real estate without the representation of a real estate broker or real estate agent; however, it is a time where a homeowner may be the most vulnerable to lose a lot of money and/ or open themselves to legal issues. . was born out from this need. .
Our company will allow you to sell your house on your own PLUZ have the assistance of a professional broker on your side.
Watch this video about … (1 comments)

the: House Values for Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia : - 08/13/13 03:54 AM
Shocking Home Values Report for: 
Maryland Washington DC  Northern Virginia

Looking up for  the value of any home among hundreds and possible thousands of websites out there is a scary proposition. . The message is being diluted with each form that is filled up and allowing computer paint the value of you house with a broad stroke. .   All the homes remain  the same All the homes are in the same condition All the homes are located in the same type of lot location All the homes have the same quality kitchen, bathrooms with full finished basement with 70's paneling!!!
I was recently listing a home for new client that complained about computer generated house values. . … (0 comments)

the: Short Sale After you've Missed Your Mortgage the Last Three Years? - 07/22/13 01:30 PM
What is the Process of a  Short Sale  After you've Missed Your Mortgage the Last Three Years?   There are not as many short sales as before. . .still many homeowners are now being pushed in doing short sales because the lenders had enough!    Many homeowners quickly found out that a modification was a lengthy process that could keep them inside their houses while waiting for lost paperwork and many reviews.   Lenders were obliging. . Not anymore   We are now  getting many calls from people that have exhausted all their options until now. . And they are being forced to choose.. . As the second call for help … (4 comments)

the: Short Sales Agent in Montgomery County MD | Process of a Short Sale - 07/17/13 06:58 AM
Short Sales Agent in Montgomery County Maryland  What is the Process of a  Short Sale? A short sale is born out of a need,  when a homeowner realizes that there is no other recourse. . either let the lender foreclose or ask the lender to approve a short sale
The process of a short sale begins with identification of your current financial situation and the need to make a decision
It is a series of steps one must take carefully
The implications can be overwhelming and being aware of all the risks is prudent from your part. 
It starts with the self- qualification period where you ask these 3 questions. .

"Do I qualify for a short … (0 comments)

the: New Homes In The Crown Community Gaithersburg Maryland :Crown Downtown - 06/03/13 06:50 AM
New Homes In The Crown Community Gaithersburg Maryland Read Original Article Here Located across from Rio-Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg Maryland. . A new community has formed. .   The Crown community once completed will feature more than 2,200 residential units and 260,000 square feet of retail space.   A walk away from Rio across the street   A quick look at the Crown Progress. . 
  Let's drive around the CROWN. . .climb aboard   The Crown has been segmented in 4 different areas: Crown West Crown East Crown Central Crown Downtown More information about Crown Downtown Crown Downtown This … (1 comments)

the: Short Sales Expert in Prince George County Md : Your Credit Impact - 04/30/13 12:56 AM
Short Sales Expert in Prince George County Maryland  The Credit Impact of a Short Sale There is no doubt that your credit score will be impacted by your decision to do a short sale.

But, what would be the impact if you just let it foreclose?

In this case, your credit rating most likely will be impacted less. .
selling your house as a  short sale . 
than losing your house to a foreclosure

In a short sale you have a much higher chance of your bank waiving/forgiving that balance of what you owe with NO FUTURE implications.  

When this amount could be in the hundreds of thousands … (0 comments)

the: What is the Difference Between Investing in Real Estate and Stocks? - 04/11/13 12:04 AM

Great Stock Picks Here:

the: The Shops At Seneca Meadows in Germantown Maryland - 03/30/13 07:04 AM
The Shops At Seneca Meadows in Germantown Maryland
Construction crews were  projected to complete The Shops at Seneca Meadows in the early part of 2013 ,  Delays are always the case when it comes to big projects such as the Shops at Seneca Meadows entails.
There is still possibility that this will be completely done by the end of 2013, 
my estimated guess is that in 2014 will be the settled and running smoothly

Check this video and catch a glimpse of this project as of April 2013
  Of course Milestone Shopping Center is a short distance away. .
Between these two shopping centers, there will be … (0 comments)

the: What is The Value Of My Home in Clarksburg Maryland? 20871 - 03/28/13 02:28 AM

What is The Value Of My Home in Clarksburg   Maryland? Home  Values Request
What are houses selling for in  Clarksburg  MD? "If accuracy matters to matters to us" Real estate appraisals or home valuations in Clarksburg Maryland  is the process of determining a property's market value.  Real estate professionals are required in giving you an  accurate home valuation for your house.
Real estate transactions vary. .
Every Home in Clarksburg  Maryland is unique depending on your model and location within the city
We understand Clarksburg  and its locations as perceived with its values.  . 4 Top things affecting the value … (1 comments)

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