real estate business: The Indianapolis Colts Win and So Will I!!! - 01/24/10 12:38 PM
Today the Indianapolis Colts won the AFC Championship Title!!! And they are now Super Bowl bound!!! And, of course, this means my real estate career is about to flourish!!!
Here's how the theory works....It starts with a little nod to the Pittsburgh Steelers who happens to be the team of a very close friend of mine. I'm personally not a fan but I try to be supportive of her team (when it has no impact on the Colts). The 2005-2006 season, Steelers went to the Super Bowl and won. The following season, the Colts went to the Super Bowl, Sunday, February 4, … (5 comments)

real estate business: Won't You Be My Neighbor...Homes for Sale in Rolesville, NC - 12/13/09 11:55 PM
     Don't fret my little Rolesville home owner wannabe's...there are still homes for sale in my amazing town! Ok, it isn't MY town in the sense of me owning it. (Despite my dreams...or hallucinations, whichever you care to think of them as.) But as my previous posts have probably already indicated, I have such a great sense of pride in my little town. This time of year brings it out even more in me. Christmas decorations hung on the street signs. Santa in the Park. Christmas tree lots on every corner.
     Ahhh I digress...but you get the idea. If … (0 comments)

real estate business: Me and My OCD... - 11/12/09 03:54 AM
It had to be done and, by golly, I finally did it!!! As I have posted before, I live in a tiny little town called Rolesville (just outside of Raleigh and Wake Forest). The subdivision I live in is:                                                             
That reads the Village at Rolesville.
Yet I repeatedly hear and see the Villages (all of a sudden plural) OF Rolesville. And it drives me INSANE!!!
Are there more important issues going on in the world, even in my life, yes. But this one had to be addressed when I saw it was incorrectly referred to as the Villages of … (3 comments)

real estate business: Kickbacks are ILLEGAL! So here's the truth behind my referrals... - 11/11/09 06:16 AM
Apparently I get rather entusiastic about my referrals. I've been asked by many, "So how much do you get out of it?". People are shocked when I explain to them that I am not given anything when they use someone I refer - such as the lender or attorney or whoever. It is ILLEGAL to accept anything!!!
But here's what I do get that you can't put a price on....I get the satisfaction of knowing my client is being well taken care of! And yes, I'm also excited to pass something along to someone I have worked with before and had … (10 comments)

real estate business: RE Bar Camp is the Bomb! - 11/06/09 11:38 AM
Just went to my first RE Bar Camp and the first thought that comes to mind when trying to describe it is - WOW!This was such a rewarding experience! A fun way to network with others while learning a wealth of information on how to grow my internet presence and my business.
Everything from Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Blogging....again WOW! Which brings me to my only complaint...instead of having a one day camp, why is this not a whole weekend? There were about 25 different sessions to choose from. Now come on, how in the world were we supposed … (2 comments)

real estate business: Beaing a Realtor...or overstepping and creeping people out... - 10/28/09 02:40 AM
Here's the thing...I am a Realtor. And I LOVE what I do!! And while I don't think I have made the overstepping movement yet, I recently had to catch myself. I was at a yard sale and could not get over the house. Beautiful setting, with a fair amount of land, lots of mature trees....such character to the detail of the exterior of the home. Not only did I want to ask the owners if they were having a yard sale because they were thinking of moving, but I REALLY was dying to see the inside of the home. For those of you … (8 comments)

real estate business: Top 10 Things NOT To Say When You're a New Agent... - 08/18/09 07:03 AM
I was once asked how Veteran agents feel about Rookie agents in their offices...are you willing to help them and offer advice? Or do you resent them and find them annoying? After I got over the shock of someone considering me a Vet...although in a business where most people quit before they hit their two year anniversary, I guess six years can be considered a Vet...I started to tell her my thoughts on it and then offered some suggestions.
Granted, while people aren't exactly clamoring to break in to real estate like they were a few years ago, I thought there still might … (13 comments)


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