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Summer is coming, and it may be a hot one !  That could mean massive electric bills which bust the budget and take away from your fun times.  Here are some tips on how you can curb that electrical use and save big money. Control your use of air conditioning:  People often set the temperature quit...
I've seen some posts that tend to bash part time agents as if they are the root of all evil in the real estate profession.  I guess I find that rather offensive.  After all, who defines "full" versus "part time", and what concrete measures are used to measure the effectiveness of either ?  Here a...
Home owners in South Orange County have beautiful homes, but there in lies a potential costly danger.  This involves a very common practice by plumbing subcontractors when the house was built  I'm referring to the valves, and connecting tubing, used for your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.  The one...
Have you pondered the question: "Should I use Gmail for my real estate business?"  Some people think its a great idea, others oppose it.  I've decided its not the way to go, and I'll share some reasons why I made that decision.  I hope many of you will get involved in this thread and post your fe...
People in Rancho Santa Margarita lead very busy lives, and often fixing a meal becomes a low priority.  That doesn't mean we have no cooks.  Friends meet around the table for some very fine cuisine ... but there are those days where you want to forget shopping, cooking, cleaning, and coordinating...
How is your garden looking these days ?  It really may have a significant effect on your emotions.  It can have you smiling, or depressed.  Unlike so many things we face today, this is something you can actually control with a little effort and a few dollars carefully spent. Many of us have lawns...
I'm often asked by visitors to Open Houses if they should move, or expand their current home.  Of course, as a real estate agent, getting a commission for helping them find a new home, and one for selling their current residence, helps me support the economy.  However, that is not always the best...

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