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Anyone who reads our main blog, TimandJulieHarris.com knows that we are CNBC fans….specifically, Diana Olick. She is someone who seems to have no sacred cows when it comes to reporting on real estate. She reports the housing news as she sees it…and pays no attention to the long held real estate i...
The foreclosure pipeline will be full for years to come. That precludes any “recovery” in housing valuations as supply will swamp demand. As we have been reporting on this blog the largest waves of foreclosures are coming…and coming now. We will be posting many articles over the next 48 hours th...
Breaking News, Important Announcement. HREU CDPDs and All Realtors are Welcome to Attend this Exclusive FREE Event. Harris Real Estate University is proud to present this exclusive event, featuring  National Association of Realtor’s Jeff Lischer.  Jeff is NAR’s executive in charge of governmental...
If there is a question we get more often than any other it has to be…. “Where are all the REOs…..I see vacant homes everywhere..yet, only a small fraction are listed and for sale…what gives..?” I understand why we get this question…. After all Harris Real Estate University is the nation’s largest...
You are invited to join us for this weeks FREE Harris Real Estate University Superstar Interview with nationally famous business author Diane Kennedy CPA. Julie and I have been avid fans and readers of all Diane’s books. She is one of the nations leading experts on tax planning and wealth buildin...
Short Sales: New Rules, New Guidelines. What Agents Need To Know Now To Survive and Thrive The Greatest Shift In The History Of The Real Estate Industry. This is your…everything you need to know about HAFA resource. You are about to learn exactly what you need to do now… Use this information, lin...

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