southern home plans: Southern Home Design - Aging In Place - 03/02/11 01:55 AM
Southern Home Design - Aging in Place
My wife and I have spent most of this week dealing with an aging parent's emergency trip to the hospital, so aging is really on my mind. The ability to accommodate Aging in Place is one area where I believe today's southern homes are better than the old ones!
Not to say that people didn't age in place in the old southern homes-just that it wasn't easy. I remember my Great-Grandmother living in her home well into her 90's. What made this possible was that 2 of her children lived on the same block … (0 comments)

southern home plans: Southern Home Design - the Grand Staircase - 02/18/11 02:59 AM
Southern Home Design - the Grand Staircase
As I think about it, one of the features that makes a Southern Home grand is a Grand Staircase. A Southern Home doesn't need a staircase to be southern. In fact, most of the southern homes I remember from my youth didn't have stairs - they were one level (or at least - nearly level). But I can remember the impression that homes with a Grand Staircase made on me - it was like "Wow!"
I can't really put my finger on why - maybe you can help me with this. Part of me … (0 comments)

southern home plans: Southern Home Design - Can Southern Homes be 'Green'? Part 3 - 02/10/11 10:29 AM
Southern Home Design - Can Southern Homes be ‘Green'? Part 3
In my 2 previous posts on this topic, I covered how ‘Green' the old Southern Homes were. As a benchmark, we were using the 9 certification categories of LEED - Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Location & Linkages, Awareness & Education, Innovation in Design, and Regional Priority.  In this post I'll cover the last 3 LEED categories:
On the category of Education & Awareness, does it count that we're still learning from the way they built 100 years ago? And often entire … (0 comments)

southern home plans: Southern Home Design - Can Southern Homes be 'Green'? Part 2 - 02/06/11 09:03 AM
Southern Home Design - Can Southern Homes be ‘Green'? Part 2
When I design Southern Home Plans for my clients, the use of energy and stewardship of natural resourses is always a big consideration. In my last post, I was exploring how the old Southern Home would rate using the 9 LEED certification categories.  Let's continue:
The Southern Home would probably get a zero in Energy & Atmosphere.  That was before we knew about insulation, and the old wood burning stoves were not very efficient at heating water. [They did double as space heaters - even in the summer!] The windows were … (0 comments)

southern home plans: Tim Barron’s Southern Home Blog - 01/28/11 12:20 PM
Recently someone was looking at pictures of a home I had designed, and they commented that it was a "fine southern home". I hear that often, and I take it as a compliment. But I'm not sure that I initially set out to design southern homes - it's really a by-product of being southern and being an architect. I guess it just seeped into my bloodstream and flows out of me into the home plans I draw.
So here's the question that I'd like to explore with you:
                What is it that makes a home "southern"?
I think there are … (4 comments)

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