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Climbing Rent June 30, 2015If you haven’t jumped into the housing market yet, you have probably noticed that over the past few years, rent in many areas has skyrocketed. If you live near a major city or a booming metropolis (yes, we are looking at you Silicon Valley), then chances are you are no ...
Living in Harmony with Pets June 26, 2015Living with pets is proven to improve mental and physical health. Pets provide a loyal companion and friend you can always rely on. But before becoming a pet owner, here are some steps to take to ensure you can live in harmony with your new companion. Do y...
The Small Home SurgeJune 24, 2015 Recently, small homes have been all over the news. People downsizing, going green, or switching to a more minimalistic lifestyle are some of the main reasons small homes (homes generally 400 square feet or fewer) have become all the rage. Should you consider one?...
APR vs. Interest Rates: What's the Difference?June 17, 2015 APRs and interest rates are often mistaken to mean the same thing when it comes to loans. Here is where they differ: APRAPR stands for “annual percentage rate.” It is the annual cost a borrower will incur when obtaining a loan including ...
Build a Realistic Budget June 16, 2015We all have something we are saving up for; a goal or a dream of something we hope to one day have or achieve. Whether it will require a small or large investment, it will usually require some form of budgeting to obtain the item. While budgeting and saving c...
Tips to Keep Cool This Summer June 12, 2015You can feel it, blowing in warmer and warmer. The summer creeps up on us and, the next thing we know, we are scrambling to find ways to keep cool during the summer heat or even a heat wave. With the official start of summer just a couple of weeks away, ...
Become a Better Leader Today June 09, 2015The world is full of leaders today. But how do the successful ones stand out? And how do they continue to grow? Check out our five foolproof tips to becoming a better leader today.  Listen – It seems obvious and you hear it everywhere. Listen. Listening a...
What to Know About Buying a Distressed Property June 08, 2015Short sale and foreclosure homes, also known as distressed properties, provide a unique buying and selling opportunity in the housing market. While typically priced lower than regularly sold houses on the market, there are some things y...
Home Maintenance 101 June 05, 2015As a homeowner, you are no stranger to necessary maintenance around your home. Learning the most basic home maintenance skills is a must to keep your bills low and manage your property. Here are some tips for basic around-the-house maintenance: 1. Vacuum clothes ...
Four Tips to Keeping Projects Organized June 02, 2015Sometimes it can feel like you are spinning in circles trying to keep projects moving forward while new initiatives fly at you faster than you can keep up. Are you floundering in a pool or projects? Here are four tips on how to keep organized a...

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