making money: The Originators Guide Podcast - Understanding the Roles of the LO and the Processor - 11/01/09 11:20 AM
Confidence is critical when it comes to originating loans. Part of the loan officers confidence comes from having a great working relationship with your processor. Listen as Tim Davis and his processor, Angie describe how the loan officer and processor relationship is critical to loan production and happy clients. We will uncover the roles of the loan officer and the roles of the processor as well as effective communication strategies for higher production. This is a must listen for any originator looking to build their business! … (0 comments)

making money: Now You Can Make High Quality Graphics for Your Flyers or Website - 05/23/08 05:18 PM
You have probably seen great graphics on flyers and websites and wondered, "how did they do that?" Well now I am unveiling one of my closely guarded secrets. If you would like to create graphics like this
then all you need to do is visit my website. I have put a link for you to get this very same software. In fact this software is so easy to use you do not have to be a graphic artist in order to create this type of stunning graphic. Using graphics like this has increased my response rates 300%!!! Most people are visual … (5 comments)

making money: Man I Got Problems...Can you Help? - 08/28/07 04:24 PM
Richard Lewis said, "I have problems flown in fresh daily wherever I am"
Do you have problems? Of course you do, we all have problems. In fact problems are thing thing that keeps us in business. If people didn't have problems, you wouldn't have a job. My wife used to fuss all the time about dust. She would by any new cleaner, broom, swifter, fluffy doomafloggy, anything to eliminate the dust. I got tickled all the time by this because the simple truth was that no matter how long she cleaned, swept, sprayed, begged, and prayed there was always going to be … (5 comments)

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