virtual assistant: Simplifying "Target Market" Definition - 02/09/09 08:33 AM
People chatter about marketing to your intended customers base, but how often do they tell you how to identify such a group of people? A target market refers to a market segment at which your firm directs a marketing program. In essence people tend to be too broad in their definition of a “target market”. For example if the your company is to intrigue the large transportation market the first step is to identify the market segments (or subgroups) within the larger transportation market. Are you looking for air travelers or boat passengers or something else? If you are targeting customer … (0 comments)

virtual assistant: Five Minutes Today or Hours Tomorrow? - 01/22/09 03:35 AM
I keep hearing people pronounce "5 minutes today, saves hours tomorrow". Being the skeptic I am, I decided to investigate the quote and put it to the test to find out how much truth there is to the proclamation. As a background, I am the type of person who gets very excited when introduced to new ideas or concepts then steps back and critiques all aspects of the situation. Good, bad, indifferent. Then I make an analysis and proceed to (what I believe to be) an educated decision. I do this because I am an idealist. That being said I have … (9 comments)

virtual assistant: What is a Virtual Assistant? - 01/13/09 04:05 AM
What is a VA?
We are often approached by individuals asking us to clarify the meaning of a virtual assistant (VA). Here is how we define a VA. The term virtual assistant represents an industry of professional administrative experts. In other words, it is a class of professionals that have bound closely together to form an entire industry based on years of administrative knowledge, best practices and tools to make for the most efficient workspace.
These entrepreneurs have collaborated because they identify and acknowledge the opportunity for advanced practice based on pooling of resources for the purpose of strengthening a reliable … (6 comments)


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