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We need to create some legislation that allows a buyer's agent to acquire a retainer, much like attorneys.....seriously! Many years ago (so I've been told), buyer clients use to work with a realtor because we were pretty much tied in exclusively to MLS listings via print, in the form of daily or ...
"Tim when you knocked on my door I really do not know why I answered it. I had not made a mortgage payment in over 8 months and I could not even afford to keep the water on.  When you showed me hope that's when everything turned around.  Thank you for your honesty and getting my home sold before ...
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As a real estate professional I have an "image" to uphold and it starts with my car, because first impressions count.  I was recently searching for an Orange County Mobile Auto Detail and came across KG Auto Detail.  I contacted about four Orange County  Mobile Auto Detail and of those four I rea...
Agents Please Update your PROFESSIONAL photo on your business card, website and blog site.  I don't know why, but most agents who are over, lets say their prime, keep their prime pictures as their primary photo.  Look I'm sorry you don't look like you use too, but times have changed and so has, w...
Are You Up for Selling Your OWN Real Estate? As I’m sure you are aware, the real estate industry is experiencing one of its worst down markets in history—at least locally it is.  The last thing you want to do is pay commission to a real estate agent, right?  Not to mention the fact that you’re ne...
As a new agent, 12months into the business I found out that I can not live on referrals alone.  My broker took me to a Tom Ferry event in August of 2009, which I liked, but did not buy into his system.  However, going to this event opened up Pandora's box to real estate coaching programs.  I look...
Every so often, I have a listing celebrate an anniversary. I hate anniversaries. No broker wants to have a listing that doesn't sell for a year. Every year-old listing has a story of old offers they regret not accepting and a journey of chasing the market. Recently, I had a year-old client dismis...


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