remax: The Seven Wonders of the World - 12/19/07 03:31 AM

remax: 33 Things to Do (When there's nothing to do) - 12/14/07 01:49 AM
33 Things to Do (When there's nothing to do)
It takes money to make money. We hear it everyday. But does it really? Here's a list of activities one can do to boost business without spending hardly a dollar. I liken to electives. Do not have an appointment scheduled? Perform a few of these items below to continue your growth and opportunity in your business.
Plan and write your schedule for tomorrow Call a friend or client and ask for referrals visit Preview new listings in your farm Preview new home models Review and role play scripts and dialogues Review local news … (13 comments)

remax: Knowledge is Power - 12/12/07 02:51 AM
Distressed Homes Continue to Grow Marketshare
1 to 2  in 10 listings in the MLS are bank repos.  The assault of reposessed homes continues to flood the market and make the resale market tough for traditional owner/sellers.  Short sale offerings now account for 1 in 5 mls listings.  Bank repos and shortsales combined account for more than 30% of the market offerings.  More are coming.  More than 500 reposessed homes were auctioned in the past 2 weeks.  No numbers on the total homes sold, but many of these homes will return to the market to compete.  They will undoubtedly re-enter the market … (0 comments)

remax: November Sinks the Market to a New Low - 12/04/07 05:09 AM
1087 detached homes and condo/townhomes closed in November - a new low for the mls this decade.  The winter season is historically the low point of our market rhythm.  December and January typically chalk the lowest percentage of our annual closings.  Good news?  Listing inventory continues to decline-this past 7 days by 568 listings!  This marks 6 consecutive weeks of declining inventory and a total reduction of 1434 mls listings.  30 year fixed nterest rates today fell to 5.625%.  The lowest in a very long time.  Bad news?  One bank repo auction down, one more this weekend.  In total, more than … (2 comments)

remax: Las Vegas November Median Prices - 12/04/07 05:05 AM
The Average Joe Index.  The greater Las Vegas area real estate values continue to trend down as high inventory, a slower sales season, and bank repos continue to pressure home prices.  Here are this month's numbers;
Home Size          Median         vs Nov 06      vs Peak (mo/yr)1500sf                $236,500        -14.9%           -20.1%  (11/05)2000sf                $297,450        -11.4%           -17.8%  (8/06)2500sf                $338,995        -20.7%           -29.8%  (9/06)  
The Average Joe Median Index measures the values of homes in the sweet spot of the market - where the average Joe can buy.  This index removes the million dollar homes from the fray to reveal what the market is doing for the average homeowner.

remax: Live Inspired - 11/21/07 03:25 AM
***Thanksgiving is the most important holiday of the year for me.  My career in real estate is a result of a literal life-changing event in January 1992 - the sudden death of my father.  The previous Thanksgiving was the last time I saw my dad.  I was supposedly attending Arizona State University at the time and working full time with gemstones.  Due to the demands of retail and the holidays, I had chosen to remain in Arizona for the holiday but my dad would not have any of that.  I flew home Wednesday night and flew back 24 hours later.  I should … (1 comments)

remax: Knowledge is Power! - 11/15/07 03:19 AM
What I'm Watching...
Is there really good news in the market?  Possibly.  Listings on the market continued to decline for the 3rd straight week.  Inventory of homes are down 2.5% in the last 3 weeks.  At the same time new pending sales contract have increased each week for the past 5 weeks. - increasing 10 percent in this time.  More pending sales and fewer available listings lead to lower supply. Currently there is a 25 month supply of homes. There are still some challenges for owners who are occupying the homes they are trying to sell.  One, there is fewer of them.  … (3 comments)

remax: Live Inspired! - 11/15/07 03:14 AM
The Secret of Success
There was once a boy who wanted to seek the secret of success. One day he approached a wise man living up in the mountain. When he found the wise man at the hut, he asked, "Wise man, can you tell me the secret to becoming successful in life?" The wise man was silent for a while. After a moment of silence, the wise man led the young lad to a nearby river. They kept walking into the river until the boy's head was fully submerged in the water. The boy struggled to keep his head above the … (3 comments)

remax: My Dog Can Walk on Water - 11/09/07 05:04 AM
There was a hunter who came into the possession of a special bird dog. The dog was the only one of its kind, because it can walk on water. One day he invited a friend to go hunting with him so that he could show off his prized possession. After some time, they shot a few ducks, which fell into the river. The man ordered his dog to run and fetch the birds. The dog ran on water to fetch the birds. The man was expecting a compliment about the amazing dog, but did not receive it. Being curious, he asked … (4 comments)

remax: Google and Keywords - 11/09/07 03:51 AM
Google has launched a free phone directory assistance line. Here is how it works......
- Dial the phone number 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411)- State the City and State- State the business or business type- The service will find it and connect you, FOR FREE!
All of the other services I have seen require you to send a text message. With upcoming laws changing, soon it will be illegal to send a text message while driving. With this, all you are doing is making a phone call. So your safety isn't compromised. You can find out more at
Thanks to Tyler Lien with RE/MAX Excalibur for … (5 comments)

remax: Success Sucks? - 10/11/07 09:37 AM
Or does it? It is a matter of perspective. To the Achieved, success is sweet. To those who have yet to taste, it may suck. Why? It's all the stuff in between the initial desire to be a success and the achievement of that goal or desire. It's hard, not fun, and can just plain suck.
>>Do you think Michael Jordan enjoyed shooting the hours of free throws he did?>>Does Tiger Woods enjoy taking 1000 swings of his driver to change his drive direction by one or two degrees?>>Does a doctor like the cadavers, long hours as in intern, and residency, in … (3 comments)

remax: Millions in a Fish Bowl? - 10/11/07 09:33 AM
Ever walk into a restaurant or service store and see realty business cards pinned to the wall or corkboard?  It is a simplistic means for some exposure. But the problem is the agents that post the cards have no idea if an impression is being made or who is taking the cards.  Here is a spin designed to put the agent in the driver seat and build a database for referral at the same time.
In many restaurants, sandwich shops, golf stores, and specialty stores there are small fishbowls at the register for people to drop business cards to win something of … (0 comments)

remax: What has the Credit Crunch Done to Your Market? - 09/10/07 12:35 PM
The Credit Crunch.  What a difference a few weeks can make.  While the fed tries to determine whether or not the real estate economy is in need of resuscitation, here are some figures in the Las Vegas market to help make a decision.
In just 7 weeks the Las Vegas market has slowed significantly.  Here are some interesting stats from the past 6 weeks (last week of July 2007).  Today's listing inventory (supply) is 21 months.  Six weeks ago was 18.  Combine the growth of inventory over the last 12 weeks, supply has grown more than 6 months.  Supply is determined by … (2 comments)

remax: Market Information - 09/05/07 05:35 PM
Here are comments I submitted to a relo company today when asked to do a second opinion on a home on the market with a very competent agent at CB Premier. 
The subject is a very nice home; well maintained in side and out.  Any buyer could move right into this unit.  Positives are condition, "feel", location in community, and community itself.  Negatives are living room is small and not very functional, backyard privacy is limited and backyard itself.
The financial market has become a train wreck and half the buyers became  renters at the end of July.  The rental market had the best 30 … (4 comments)

remax: Do Today - 09/05/07 05:28 PM
"Procrastination is the fear of success. People procrastinate because they are afraid of the success that they know will result if they move ahead now. Because success is heavy, carries a responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the "someday I'll" philosophy." Denis Waitley
"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them." Denis Waitley
"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps." Confucius
The bottom of the market happened today.  Tomorrow, prices will begin to increase and … (6 comments)

remax: Are You in Your Way? - 08/29/07 03:47 PM
He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery . ~Harold Wilson
I am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded. In fact, if anything, I am the prod. ~Winston Churchill
I dream my painting , and then I paint my dream . ~Vincent Van Gogh
What is the difference? 2 agents in the same company produce dramatically different results. They both have the same goals. One falls miserably short, the other surpasses it by more than 40%. What is the difference in the agents?
They have the … (4 comments)

remax: Shine! - 08/29/07 05:25 AM
A simple message today. What is written below has been incorrectly credited to Nelson Mandela as part of his 1994 Inauguration Speech. It was in fact written by Marianne Williamson, an author.
It is beautiful regardless. Read these words. Change your perspective.
" Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small … (2 comments)

remax: Being Your Best? - 08/29/07 05:22 AM
Lou Holtz is one of the most successful college football coaches in history. He is an accomplished speaker and author as well. Holtz led Notre Dame to the 1988 national championship and remains 11th on the NCAA all-time win list for Division I-A coaches. Holtz took his Notre Dame teams to nine straight New Year's Day bowl games from 1987 through ‘95 and coached the Irish to finishes of sixth or better in the final Associated Press poll in five seasons. I guess you could say he knows how to win. Here are a few choice few quotes from Lou Holtz."Life … (2 comments)

remax: D.R.E.A.M - 08/28/07 05:58 PM
The RE/MAX Broker Owner Summer Conference afforded me the opportunity to meet and be captivated by a man who is a Katalyst for change, Kevin Carroll. You can meet Kevin at Kevin started the rubber bands concept you see people wearing these days on their wrists. Most people credit the Livestrong campaign with starting the wristband motion. They made it mainstream. Kevin started it as a pet project in the Nike Corporation. The bands were created to represent DREAM. It is an acronym for the ingredients for achieving dreams and goals. Read on~
You must have dedication to achieve anything in … (0 comments)

remax: RE/MAX is #1 in Las Vegas - 02/14/07 10:13 AM
RE/MAX, the worlds most productive real estate organization achieved a new milestone for the Las Vegas marketplace, #1 market share.  RE/MAX sold more homes in units (homes sold) and volume (value of homes sold) than any other organization or brand.  Consistent with our number 1 ranking in 35 of the top 100 markets in the US, RE/MAX agents in Las Vegas number less than their competitors but outproduce them.
RE/MAX Advantage is the oldest franchise in Nevada.  Buyers and Sellers, work with the company that gets results.   Contact me for an introduction to a well qualified results oriented professional.


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