cybergreenrealty: Cook with Gas, Save Some Dough! - 09/09/09 04:07 AM
Of all your household appliances, which one do you think uses the most energy?  If you said refrigerator, you're right!  Among the other high-usage appliances, dishwashers, washers, and dryers rank right up there (see the Energy Star web site for more info). In fact, up to one-third of a households total energy consumption occurs in the kitchen and laundry areas.  But what about your gas stove?
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cooking accounts for only 4.4% of a household's total energy consumption (Buildings Energy Data Book).  It's so low, in fact, that Energy Star doesn't even calculate an optimal … (0 comments)

cybergreenrealty: Bad Breath Indoors? Fret Not! - 07/27/09 03:25 AM
I send out a quarterly newsletter to my favorite clients and I thought over the weekend, "Why not post it on here as well"? Each person who reads my posts and subscribes to my blog is also a valued client, so why shouldn't you also get the same benefit, right? So for your reading pleasure, and summer comfort, here's an article* I sent out in my Summer Quarterly newsletter this year. Enjoy! You can easily clean up bad indoor air quality at home with just a few lifestyle changes and adjustments in your air-quality management. According to the American Lung Association, … (2 comments)

cybergreenrealty: Two Recycling Events for Arlington MA This Saturday, July 18, 2009 - 07/13/09 01:54 AM
I wanted to pass this information along to my fellow Arlington, MA and surrounding area residents.  I've copied it from the Town of Arlington's email notice I got this morning:
Two Recycling Collections in Lexington This Saturday, July 18:
Free e-Waste Collection, 9AM-3PM, Lexington High School
The Town of Lexington, in conjunction with Metech, is sponsoring a free household electronics recycling event on Saturday, July 18, between 9AM and 3PM at Lexington High School. The event is open to the general public, including Arlington residents, and no appointments are needed. All electronic items are accepted except major appliances, dehumidifiers, and … (0 comments)

cybergreenrealty: How To Save on Cooling (and Heating) Costs with Landscaping - 06/29/09 11:04 AM
Perhaps the most pleasant economic savings can be derived from judicious and mindful planting of trees and shrubs. The value of traditional plantings serving as windbreaks is well known. Additionally, well-placed deciduous trees can shade a building during hot summer months yet allow warming sunshine to enter a building when warmth is needed in the winter. The summer shading feature of trees is particularly important for the following reason. Most homes are cooled with traditional window- or central- air conditioners using fractional horsepower single-phase electric motors and modern refrigerants (chlorofluorocarbons that are less potent greenhouse gases than their predecessors). The … (2 comments)

cybergreenrealty: What green or eco-friendly changes improve the value of a home? Share your top 3 tips here! - 06/28/09 11:03 AM
Every EcoBroker or NAR Green designee will have a different answer, but here are my favorite top three:
Installation of Energy Star appliances - lighting and appliances account for 27% of all energy used in a residence and account for more than 45% of total energy costs. You can actually show how much is saved in a home by comparing the old utility bills to the new, estimated costs by using the Energy Star ratings and your local utility rates. This shows an ACTUAL value increase in the home. Installation of new, energy efficient windows. Current windows are even more efficient … (5 comments)

cybergreenrealty: MA Residents - Could You Use a 0% $15k Loan for Energy Improvements? - 06/24/09 02:45 PM
From my blog post on 6/24/09:
"If you live in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you may be eligible for a MassSAVE HEAT Loan, providing you with the opportunity to get a 0% loan for the installation of qualified energy efficient improvements in your home. The loan amount can not exceed $15,000 and the term of the loan can not exceed 7 years. To apply for the loan, you must OWN and OCCUPY a one-to-four family residence and obtain a Home Energy Assessment through the MassSAVE program."
For more information, read my blog at CyberGreenRealty's Blog on Wordpress.

cybergreenrealty: Sunny, Bright 2bed, 1ba Condo in Central Square, Cambridge, MA - 06/20/09 02:27 PM
Sunny 2br, 1 bath condo on quiet, green & safe residential street in Central Square Cambridge, MA. Walking distance to MIT, Kendall Sq. Quiet community yet very close to vibrant city life of Cambridge and Boston. Excellent rental potential! Condo has deeded space to build a rear porch, 1 off-street parking space, deeded storage in basement, own washer/dryer. Large yard with shared vegetable garden! Small/friendly 4-unit condo assoc, owner-occupied. Low condo fee. Taxes only ~$600/yr w/resident exemption.  Asking: $317,000
For more info, see my listing on

cybergreenrealty: Arlington, MA Median Listing Prices Up Over Quarter - 06/19/09 03:22 PM
From my CyberGreenRealty blog on 6/19/09:
Despite the perception the market is still languid, the median listing price for single-family and condo properties in Arlington, MA is up 10% over the last quarter (3/19/09 – 6/19/09), to a healthy $439,450. The average listing price is currently $476,684, a 5% increase over the same time period.
To read more and see the data, visit CyberGreenRealty's Blog.

cybergreenrealty: Cambridge, MA Median Home Sale Prices Increasing - 06/18/09 11:18 AM
From my blog on 6/18/2009:
The most recent Cambridge, MA, single family median sales price data show prices have jumped a healthy 12.7% compared to the same period last year. Arlington, MA and Somerville, MA have each experienced small declines in pricing (-5.2% and -6.3%, respectively). But combining all three locations, we find the median sales price has dipped only -1.4% compared to last year.
For more, read my blog at CyberGreenRealty's Blog.

cybergreenrealty: Energy Efficient Mortgages - 06/16/09 01:51 PM
Did you know the average home costs the homeowner about $1,900 per year in utility costs? Of course, this depends on the area of the country, the climate, the number of people in the household, etc., but this is the average cost - yours may be higher or lower. OK, so maybe you already knew that, but did you also know that an energy-efficient home (as rated by a licensed home energy rater) can save you as much as 10-15% per year in utility costs? It's true! By taking some simple steps based on your home energy audit, such as sealing … (0 comments)

cybergreenrealty: What's the "Heavy" on Lead Paint? - 06/15/09 11:18 AM
Did you know that most homes built in the United States before 1978 contain lead? And not just on the walls.... Of course, the walls and window sills are probably your biggest sources of lead in your house, but elevated levels of lead may also be found in:
Lead dust (that paint that's peeling on your window sills breaks down into dust and can be more easily breathed in); Drinking water; Older painted toys and furniture (remember that mantle from your grandmother's house you loved and incorporated into your living room? It just might contain lead paint!); Certain hobbies can expose … (2 comments)

cybergreenrealty: What you should know about Radon in your Home - 06/15/09 11:14 AM
First things first: the recommended EPA radon rating is < 4 pCi/L (4 picocuries per liter). It's important to remember that this is only an endorsement and is not dictated by any existing laws. Radon levels will vary widely from home to home, neighborhood to neighborhood, and even country to country. So it's important to know what the standard is for your area. You can do that by clicking here. that you know what an acceptable level might be, you might be wondering what radon is, after all. In short, it is a radioactive gas released from the natural breakdown … (5 comments)

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